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  1. In Michigan they now have an adendum to the DUI law which prohibits the operation of a vehicle with any schedule 1 drug in your system. Different substances stay in the body a lot longer than others and hair folicles can show stuff from over 90 days. If it is measured,they treat it the same as a DUI! Be careful out there! Party On!
  2. complete with spelling error Party On!
  3. My memory says 120 feet...but I do things that effect my memory so ................ Party On!
  4. Base jumping is NOT skydiving! Stop confusing the two. Party On!
  5. nice barrel roll on the double wing suit jump! awesome1 Party On!
  6. Cool....glad I was bored at work one day and inquired....Thanks for all the work! I'll be getting my order in soon for all me pals! Rambo Party On!
  7. Rambo

    sold out

    so I got through to the Holiday Inn at 1:04 ET and was told they were sold out This has to be a record. A couple of years ago I called at 7:30 in the morning and still got a room. Oh, well on the waiting list and did get the Quality Inn. Party On!
  8. Don't be dissing on the "real Rambo" I certainly don't want my pretty boy image tarnished here! Rambo ~ 20 plus years Party On!
  9. Nick G. could chime in on some of the early days of base jumpers and skydivers trying to interact...sounded like trying to do a drug deal! Party On!
  10. Shawunga...that scene looks familar! Party On!
  11. nice list Yuri! I'll add ski base as my personal item Party On!
  12. I remember doing CRW at the Freaks in probably 86 with a guy docking 8th backwards, but I think he was South African...that was the year they brought the C130 over packed full of crazy ass hard partying south africans. Party On!
  13. wow...I guess I stirred up al ittle interest for these shirts. I would defintely like to get a few if they go to print. Favorite shirt from the old school days. I wore my last one out! I just got to see a lot of old friends and faces at the Batavia boogie this weekend in upstate NY. My head still hurts! Sick twisted freaks unite! Party On!
  14. anyone know if the old bsbd shirt with the frap hat, beer swillin' skeleton are available anywhere? thanks... Party On!