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  1. Any good TI with lots of Hand-Cam experience will tell you that when shit hits the fan BOTH of his or her hands immediately become totally dedicated to flying/living/pulling/wrestling... Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  2. KL Tower is a famous building in Malaysia: Yes, definitely had a lift, and it was over 24 hours for a Guinness Record attempt that 3 hours of rain unfortunately made basically impossible. Back to SKY jumping, I agree with you guys that 10 out of a Cessna 182 is brutal due to the extra effort getting them out of the plane. Although a lightly loaded 206 with the roll door is awesome. Plus here in Florida, the heat is a factor and the longer the day the more you are tapping into your reserves... damn I sound like an old F$%^ approaching 40 don't I ?? Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  3. I now have 1,712 tandems and like others have said if the wind is clean, from the right direction, and you have shaggers who are willing to run, then jumping in 20ish is dobale but definitely draining. My most tandems in one day: 17 from a Super King Air Most jumps in a day: 21 BASE jumps from the KL Tower Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  4. Bought the suit used, have only jumped it 4 or 5 times so far, but finally got a really solid flight out of it. When I landed, guys on the ground said they could me screaming across the sky.
  5. I also got an email from that dipshit!! ____________________________________________ Hi GreenMachine, On 1-Mar-2008 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => moorepeter26 URL => Name => Peter Moore FromEmail => [email protected] City => Los Angeles Country => United State Comments => Greetings, I am Peter Moore By Name. I will like to make purchase of your Canopy pasted for sale on the internet.canopy Mind you, My Only mode of payment will be by US CASHIER CHECK/MONEY ORDER If still Available for sale and you accept my mode of Payment, Do get back to me with the details below: 1. FINAL SELLING PRICE ? 2. PRESENT WORKING CONDITION ? 3. HOW LONG HAVE YOU OWNED IT ? 4. SEND NEW PHOTOS OF THE ITEM ? Awaiting your quick response towards my inquiry. Regards, Peter M. Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  6. This is all very sad On 05/12/2007 I had the opportunity to visit Skydive Kapowsin. Met the Farringtons, hung out with the regulars, talked BASE with the locals, and enjoyed 5 skydives with Andy, Kerri, and the gang. Everyone was super cool and Mrs. Farrington was the nicest DZO! Fly Free Friends! Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  7. Wow, this thread is a blast from the past
  8. Whatever you do, don't get pulled over in VA! Traffic patrols have long been known as roving tax collectors. But in Virginia, they really are collecting taxes. Starting July 1, an array of traffic offenses, from expired licenses to speeding, come with a "civil remedial fee" attached. That means a motorist convicted of reckless driving (75 mph in a 55 zone would qualify) faces not only a fine of up to $2,500 and a year in jail, but a non-negotiable $350-a-year tax for three years. The law forbids judges from waiving or reducing the fee. Drunken driving? A fee of $1,000 a year for three years, plus fines and court costs. No insurance? That's $300 a year for three years, plus fines. Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  9. would the ACLU be interested in representing our cause Maybe we could get some support from the "Hemlock Society" Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  10. Nice old Skool Reference Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  11. I saw the Jetpack fly once at a swoop event in Panama City Beach, Florida a few years ago. I highly doubt they loan them out since timing is very crucial, once you run out of fuel you're comin' down where ever you are. Plus I think I remember hearing that the fuel for it is kind of pricey. Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  12. The orthopedic surgeon who re-built my right leg after a motorcycle crash did his residency in Arizona and treated many injured jumpers. He told me the most common statement made by his patients was: "I was real tired, but it was gonna be my last jump for the day". Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  13. Hey Dave, Hope all is well and send us an update! After all of that running you will be racing Miles out of the canyon Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  14. I believe "Autoset" is referring to skydiving gear and not BASE, hence my comments are in that vein: The amount of force required to cut-away is not really affected by the width of the riser. The size & shape of the rings has an affect (or Aerodyne would not have modified their middle ring) but I doubt it would be a very noticeable difference during a malfunction. In physics and life there are always trade offs --- think of a motorcycle versus an SUV -- different speeds, cost, consumption of gas, freedom of movement, etc. Or take 2 different body types -- tall and thin works great for long distance running while strong & stocky works better for rugby. If you want to lift a heavy load one can use pulleys to create a mechanical advantage. Well the 3 ring system works like that in reverse. Each ring takes less force than the previous one. Think about it, the rings are metal but the last one is held in place by a loop of fabric, and that is held in place by a thin, yellow, plastic cable. Mini risers are thinner so they have less drag, weigh less, and are probably easier to manipulate under canopy but can break when put under a sufficient load. Wide risers are more stout so they can take more weight/force -- hence they are used on tandem gear, base gear, & student gear. I doubt many experienced skydivers think of mini risers as a fashion statement Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM
  15. Glad you enjoyed your jump & the positive side affects! O0h Yeah --- bicycles beat TV any day Rigger, Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Retired TM