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  1. GreenMachine

    Tracking Suit

    Bought the suit used, have only jumped it 4 or 5 times so far, but finally got a really solid flight out of it. When I landed, guys on the ground said they could me screaming across the sky.
  2. GreenMachine


    Glad you enjoyed your jump & the positive side affects! O0h Yeah --- bicycles beat TV any day
  3. GreenMachine

    Kapowsin Air Sports

    Stopped while on vacation and was blown away with a great experience. Check in was quick & easy with the nicest DZO I have ever met. There twin otter got us up fast, the landing area is large, big indoor packing, and the view from the air is amazing. Most of all the jumpers and staff were super cool and real friendly. I was there 5 minutes and already on load 2 doing a 3-way freefly.
  4. GreenMachine

    hazard pay

    Civilian labor unions that work on military bases have a long list of duties that provide a bump in pay. Once such type is "High Pay" which goes up with altitude.
  5. GreenMachine


    I see 57 votes but no replies... At first I was going to vote slider down because simple is usually more depenable then I realized I have no business voiting since my 7 jumps were slider down, on heading, and none were low pulls. However, I am very curious to hear the rationale for the different popular replies from you experience guys out there. Thanks in advance for the education.
  6. GreenMachine

    razor wire

    I have carefully climbed over it at a corner before also heard using a scrap piece of carpet works well.
  7. GreenMachine

    Thanksgiving BASE

    Happy Thanksgiving Dave. Enjoy your jump!
  8. GreenMachine

    5th Control Line

    Hey Nick, Regarding your reference to CRW dogs and stalling --- is this referring to the practice of intentially stalling your canopy up high to learn where that point is? If so, I suggest that to all jumpers when trying a new wing. Of course I always instruct them the proper way to recover from, at least in the sky, is to slowly raise your arms. First time I intenitally stalled a PD210 and raised my arms too quickly it was kind of ugly.
  9. GreenMachine

    Opinions from experienced TM's wanted

    Disclaimer: I only have 100 tandems. I am tall and usually don't worry about the attire of shorter passengers. However, I would NOT allow a passenger who is close to my height or taller to wear a suit that could outfly mine, especially given my limited experience doing tandems.
  10. GreenMachine

    Thread for pilot chutes? keelpockets?

    Hey Calvin, For what it is worth: I have been reading a series of articles on building your own hot air balloon In there the idea of using glue/expoxy to bind nylon together was mentioned. The author then cited Dan Poynter's Parachute Manual and said that type of seam binding had been tried and tested. The results were that it reduced the strength of the nylon.
  11. GreenMachine

    Jumps from ascending parachutes using base gear

    Hey Chuck/SkymonkeyOne, I was there at Panama City Beach and saw the two freefall jumps made from the parasail that you are talking about. Wasn't there was a twist on the first jump? To give the crowd a scare the announcer acted as if the jumper had accidentally fell out of the harness at first... The jumper was a thin male, with blonde hair, about 30ish. I want to say the annoucer called him 'Johnny Lighting', but it might have been Johnny Utah. At the time I remember thinking it looked low as shit, even over water.
  12. GreenMachine

    Base in a Day

    Congratulations Will --- that is a damn impressive feat to accomplish!!
  13. GreenMachine


    Good Morning Bart, Whenever we are real slow or on a weather hold I end up showing a newbie how to pack. However, if a student wants a dedicated class on the subject I usually offer people to come to my house on a non-jumping day . I think people learn better when there are no distractions AND they write down the steps. My one-on-one classes go like this: I pack my rig and explain every step while they watch, ask questions, and take their own notes of the process. I then allow them to pack my rig as many times as they want to. During this time I will watch, then go do some chores around the house, come back, watch some more, answer questions, etc. If you will be teaching at your DZ then you could probably have one rig per student which would speed things up. As for how many practice packs before you'd let them jump their own pack job.....well in my opinion that would be based on their comfort level. If they understand the prcoess well enough to complete it without any questions and are willing to jump it then chances are they have the basics down. Just be sure to stress the crucial things. Good Luck!
  14. GreenMachine

    Skydive Atlanta

    In search of jumpable weather, I drove 200 slow miles north from Florida to Thomaston,GA getting a very expensive speeding ticket along the way. However, upon arrival I was greeted with the sight of canopies in the air, a professional staff, and real friendly up-jumpers. After the sunset load things continued to rock. The gang sat around on couches drinking beer, eating dinner, and watching jump flicks. The onsite dinner offered was the most delicious & healthy food I have ever had at a dropzone. Plus the staff immediately offered me a spot to crash for the night. Thanks Skydive Atlanta for a great time!! ~Tom Sky~Frogs
  15. GreenMachine

    School of Human Flight

    I had only one tandem jump when I first visited the School of Human Flight. I now have an A license, 62 jumps, and my own gear. Cindy (the DZO), Super Dave (a great instructor), and all of the coaches at the S.O.H.F. have great attitudes and are always willing to help. After visiting some larger dropzones I can really appreciate the friendly atmosphere -- where jumping, fun, and safety are most important. ~Tom Green Machine