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  1. Many years have passed since the accident at Taft! Although I was just a 14 year old kid. I am forever grateful how Lea Van Pelt : Gary Kreibel and Brady Saunders befriended my Dad and taught him to jump. as a result my Dad and I became best friends. I can't imagine my life without skydiving and flying!
  2. Happy Birthday Robby!!! I will drink a "bushwacker for you!!!
  3. The same thing almost happened today with my friend Rick Payne in Slidell today! He was jumping a Strong rig and the right side pin was out. The reserve pilot chute was hanging out slightly. I agree watch you handles!! Especially jumping from a smaller aircraft! The reserve pins can get pushed out by leaning on a seat or bulkhead. Glad to hear it all worked out for you!
  4. I had a young Navy kid who came out to jump with his friends. They must have had fun the night before drinking and eating raw oysters. Exit and freefall was great. As soon as the canopy opened I got a whiff that would make my cat bow its' head in shame!! I was starting to hurl all over my students back!! He said "man I am really sorry!!" "We were drinking and betting each other who could eat the most raw oysters last night!" The guy had SHIT and pissed his pants!!! I told him that "I was going to have to pull the student cutaway handle because I was getting sick!" He cried "NOOO! Please don't!!!" After a few long sickening moments it was time to land. August in Pensacola, Florida is really hot and humid. Of course there was no wind. We had to slide in for landing the guy had shit all down his back! I thought to myself Thank God I put a flight suit on him!! He got to keep It. His friends had a real good laugh!!! I went directly to the shower!! It was sunset at Skydive Santa Barbara. I was with this stunning little Italian lady. We just opened up and turned to the west. Beautiful sunset with High wispy clouds. Just then A large Titian rocket launched out of Vandenburg AFB. What a awesome sight!! Dave Tuller just returned from the war in Iraq! He was now a double amputee. The city of Milton, Florida and a contractor built him a house. Dave had always wanted to jump. I took him on a tandem and landed him in his new front yard with his friends and media! He said that "Serving his Country and being wounded set his life up for a whole new challenge and motivated him like never before!" He is now on the Paraplegic Olympic team. He has also been in several marathons. He is an inspiration!! It was my honor to share our sport with him!
  5. Happy Birthday Bolas! You will be eligible for POPS pretty soon HUH! I will have a "bushwacker" for you this weekend.
  6. I feel cheated!! I lived in California and know many of Howard s friends. Yet never had the pleasure of knowing him. I had seen the pictures of him on the inside cover of Parachutist this month. All I can think of is " A life well lived'!! Blue Skies Howard.
  7. My Dad and I were just talking how we have not gotten a letter from Bob in a while. He is a long time family friend. He put me out on my first jump in 1985. Last I heard he was up in Pennsylvania with his sister. If anyone has seen him lately please post up. Blue skies, Timber
  8. As of right now we will only have a Caravan and a C-182. M.D. the owner has been looking at an Otter from Spaceland. I am not sure if he has confirmed it yet. I hope he does it soon! I know people are trying to make plans with hotels and such. I will update when I know for sure. I look forward to having several "bushwackers " with you all! Blue Skies, Timber
  9. Just received word that Glyn Johnson his girlfriend and son were lost in a plane crash near Slidell, Louisiana last night. Glyn was a tandem master and rigger who loved skydiving. He was a truly unique individual! He was one of the crazy fun loving people that this sport seems to attract. He seemed to have a gift to annoy some with his constant jokes and terrible singing on the way to altitude . You couldn't help but to like him as his heart was in the right place! Glyn had a favorite past time of fighting the FAA and airport manager over airport access issues for skydiving. Without a law degree he gave the opposing attorneys a run for their money and won the case. Glyn recently found out that he had a young son and fully enjoyed his new role as a father. Glyn now had a "mini-me" and they have become inseparable. I will miss ya man! Blue Skies, Timber
  10. I like my Kel-Tec. Try looking at Cheaperthandirt.com
  11. Fly with the angels Scotty! I always enjoyed hanging out with you! Every time I listen to the Frank Zappa tapes you made for me I will think of you!
  12. Nice job on piloting the canopy on that oil tanker!! Next time can you land it at our DZ so I can buy a jumpship! If pirating can bring these thugs this kind of payoff :because the worlds most powerful Navies are run by a bunch of politically correct pussies lets go to work!!
  13. Once Mr. Barak Obama is allowed to steal the election with the likes of ACORN and other radical organizations and other ignorant people. Our country is in serious trouble!!! Mr. Barney Frank has called for a 25% reduction in the Military budget!!! Not to mention the security of our nation from emerging threats but there will be massive layoffs in Military and Defense Contractors. I will undoubtedly be laid off. If Mr. Obama is into redistribution of wealth and will make sure the government will take care of my every need. I guess I will spend more time at the DZ flying and doing tandems!! Oh Wait because of raising taxes on all those small businesses and the price of fuel which will go back up soon and the fact that disposable incomes dwindled my DZ will probably close.!!
  14. When my Dad started skydiving at he old Taft drop zone in 1981 we used to see them film "Fall Guy'' and "Thats Incredible" Episodes on many occasions. The Beech 18 belonged to Spike Yarter. He was a cool ol guy. Sadly the plane crashed in 1982 taking 14 friends. Seeing that clip brings back memories! Thanks for posting that! Blue Skies,
  15. Last year I read two great books on this subject. "The Bluegrass Conspiracy" and "Cowboys Caravan". There are two different view points. We know Cowboy and Andrew were good friends. Cowboys Father seems to down play his sons involvement. I would love to know what really happened! I believe this could be made into a great movie! Just what skydiving needs though another movie about drug running skydivers like "Dropzone" and "Cut Away".
  16. Dr. Michael Savage is not going to be intimidated by these throw backs who hijacked Islam. If interested see Michaelsavage.com
  17. I am going on Thursday and Friday and going to Z-hills on Saturday and Sunday. I am sure we will have a great time!!
  18. Skydivers are the best!! We should rule the planet!!
  19. I am waiting to hear of some huge international incident incited by one Rick Payne and Psyco Bob and a guy with the call sign "Elvis" and a Captain Mike!! I only wish I could be there too!! I will call and have Chuck Norris or Rambo on standby! Blue Skies, Timber
  20. timber

    Apollo 13

    Hey Bolas, don't let Buzz Aldrin hear you say that He might have to whip out the can of "Whip ass" like he did to that guy who asked him to swear on the bible in Beverly hills.
  21. Come to Emerald Coast Skydiving near Pensacola, Fl. We now have a Caravan for the next several months. We do some awesome beach jumps to the Flora-Bama Bar. Most of us are avid scuba divers with boats. We can take you out to dive the aircraft carrier Oriskany. Blue Skies, Timber
  22. I would have planned it better!!!
  23. It is really sad to hear that Cal City will be closing!! I made my first jump there in 1985. This drop zone was a magical place!!! When I was only 13 My Dad "Mac" Mckinney jumped there and I was the DZ bratt. Later when I was in the Navy stationed in San Diego I would drive past Perris and two more hours to get to Cal City it was like coming home!! Van and Alberta, Judy and Bob, Ian Bellis (R.I.P. my friend) Lisa and Kim our DZ babes!! and my many other friends I miss those days!!! I remember there was a "tree party" one year where skydivers caravaned in the middle of the desert to party under a lone tree. The party went into the early morning. I was on the first early load. There were thousands of sheep in this pasture where some drunken skydivers had not yet risen. Van had this huge smile on his face as he proceeded to stampede (buzz) the sheep over these to poor guys. I can only imagine the horror of looking up and trying to focus on the sight of these sheep flying over you!! In some places here in the south some might think that would be heaven!! My friend Doug and I jumped the Blue Angel Demo today in Pensacola, Florida and we raised a toast to all of you in Cal City!!! Blue Skies, Timber
  24. I worked at Van Nuys Airport for several years doing line service and most recently as a pilot on a Gulfstream 2. Most of my friends are in that movie. My friend Dan Cruthers flies that plush BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) My other friend Dan Dupree just passed away and he flew Corsairs on the show Baa Baa Black Sheep. Van Nuys is such a wonderful place to just hang out ! We had many hangar parties with the likes of the Golden Knights, Sean Tucker, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Treat Williams, Jewel.and many other celebrities. The Mix of airplanes is really something to see as well. You can see everything from the worlds largest rubberband powered airplane to awesome corporate jets.
  25. Bob is doing much better! He has gotten his cast off a few weeks ago and drove his van up to see his sister in Michigan. I think he plans on staying up there as his sister has terminal cancer. I expect he will come back to Florida shortly. My dad did a great job of playing nurse maid to Bob. I see what a true friend is! I know Bob really appreciated it! Blue Skies, Timber Blue Skies,