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  1. jonstark

    No Pilot Chute Belly Reserves

    I have two reserve rides. Both were belly mount without pilot chute. One after having a floating ripcord after a five second delay. The second after cutting away a high speed mal with DOUBLE SHOT Capewells. There was no way I was going to try to hand deploy into the mess over my head!
  2. Anyone who disbelieves the dangers or disregards the predicament they are in after exiting an aircraft in flight best remember... Skydiving is an activity where you can do everything right and still die. The air, like the sea, is unforgiving to those who err.
  3. jonstark

    Tall Tales

    I might have had ten jumps when I encountered my first bullshitter. It was so obviously incredible that I didn’t even dispute his claims. It’s often best to acknowledge with a nod, a wow or that’s amazing and walk away. I have had the opportunity to shoot at least one especially arrogant BSer down in flames which felt good. More often than not I just let em bury themselves in their own BS.
  4. jonstark

    Lew Jacobs

    He stopped by Pepperell this summer. We had a good visit. Great to see him after 30 years.
  5. jonstark

    Lew Jacobs

    Lew from Massachusetts? Lew the competitive shooter Lew?!
  6. I happen to know that the entire annual fuel consumption of one of Florida’s busiest DZs is equal to that used in one single day at the St Petersburg airport for Allegiant Airlines alone. Jon
  7. jonstark

    USPA Revoking Memberships?

    Luke Frazier has attempted to defraud several Florida DZs after being convicted of similar crimes. Watch out for him and send him packing if he shows up at your DZ.
  8. jonstark

    Seeking a serious mentor

    Chicken or egg? Show that you’re serious by showing up and jumping a lot while keeping eyes and ears open.
  9. jonstark

    Ban period?

    Depends on whether you are a low time jumper and whether you have heeded advice or admonition in the past. If you’ve been unreceptive to criticism in the past then a verbal warning would accomplish nothing. You made assumptions about the lights being inoperative. You misunderstood or disregarded communication and jumped over who-knows-what. Both pretty egregious errors. Listen up kid! The life you save may be your own. Edit to add... Grounding allows you to eat your humble pie, buy your mea-culpa beer and share your new tribal knowledge with the community. Banning or banishment is far greater punishment usually reserved for those unwilling to understand their repeated failures despite coaching and counseling.
  10. jonstark

    Preventing Hard Openings

    There’s a nugget... “Some unknown dude Yuri.”
  11. jonstark

    Preventing Hard Openings

    Why? I’m intrigued and intend to try it.
  12. About as well as a melon
  13. It seems that nobody remembers when Poppenhager used to train his students for their first jump as a freefall solo. He flew the plane and jumpmastered the student. Jon
  14. Use the old rig to get current. There’ll be lots of time at the dz to look, touch, discuss your next rig. Spend your money on jumps for now. You can move your new Cypres over to a different rig later. Jon