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  1. So thanks for your opinion. Seems like my friend got a very special idea of safety and made me a wrong suggestion. after reading your posts and seeing your videos, i decided not to do it - as the dangers seem to be too high.
  2. No, i don´t have time for that, i´ve got an idea and try to get trustful information - and dropzone forum is a good place for trustworth information. mbohu I watched your videos. As i´m a layman i wonder if the turbulances may only lead to panic but are not really dangerous, i´m not sure. In AFF-jumps, the skydiver is hold by the teachers quite loose, the persons could easily tear apart. so my friend told me, the reason why solo first jumps are forbidden is more by actuarial reasons. Can you share that opinion? I won´t do a solo first jump if it isn´t safe.
  3. well, thanks for all the answers. i think that quote resumes best all your thoughts. indeed the reason why i´m looking for this is getting the expected "kick" but not as an end in itself. i just try to deal with some mental problems that i don´t want to elaborate. i´ve been doing this kick-search for longer time with succesfull results so i believe it to be sensible to give a freefall jump a try. otherwise i would totally agree with your concerns. well, great, i will keep that in mind although its out of europe. :) are there any other countries?
  4. Hey folks, im trying to find a possibility to do my first jump solo. So i never jumped before, but I´d like to avoid a tandem jump and also like to avoid the level1/AFF-jump with teachers accompanying me. In other words, I´d like to do my first jump completely on my own. I know this is forbidden in Germany. Is it legal in any country? If so, would you recommend or strictly discourage me from it? Thanks and looking forward for a discussion.