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  1. It’s only a little over 2 hrs. Well worth it.
  2. skydivingchad

    P3 and the future of big ways in America

    That is one of my issues. I am an east coast jumper who cannot afford to travel to CA in order to get big way training. It is difficult to find some on the east coast.
  3. Was the king air that was getting work done the one that bellied in or the other plane? If it was the one that bellied glad to hear the damage wasn't to bad.
  4. skydivingchad

    AFF near philadelphia

    Hey, you're in luck. How about a DZ that is jumping in Collegeville. Kutztown Skydive Center dba Keystone Skydive Center has moved to Perkiomen Airport in Collegeville. My lovely wife Jen aka Peregrinerose on here is an AFF Instructor there, and I'm a Tandem Instructor. I'm sure Jen will pipe in soon enough.
  5. skydivingchad

    Complete Idiot's Guide

    Nice, I love it. I think I can use this. I'll break it out right after I read the instructions on the back of the harness.
  6. skydivingchad

    landing tips

    First off, if your DZ or one in the area offers a canopy course take it. The ones that I have taken or seen will video your landings then debrief you. Along those same lines talk to the instructors where you jump and see if they can video or just watch your landings. Advice from someone in person is sooo much better than getting 10 different responses on here.