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  1. We will have the Grand Caravan for the boogie. The Porter is going into maintenance for a week. We are going to have a great time as always ! It will be great to see you all again !! Blue Skies, Timber
  2. Blue Skies, "Pelon" You were a lot of fun to hang out with !! I remember our "throw Pelon from the plane jumps" It would take a few seconds to get stable before we could pin you. Vaya Con Dios, Pelon !! Timber
  3. As many of you have met Bob Sinclair you probably realized he is a ledgend and has helped pioneer the sport into what it is. I have the honor of having him as a part of my extended family. He and my Dad have been friends since they met in 1980. Bob keeps on jumping even into his ripe old age at 82 (I believe). Many people have helped take care of our "DZ Vagabond" I say that with pure affection ! Bob has had a run of bad luck. He Broke his leg at Lake Whales recently. He is going to be coming to stay with my Mom and Dad to heal up for awhile. I am going to try and convince him to stay in Pensacola as he only has the Veterans Administration for health care. They are about to open a large VA hospital in the area. Bob is trying to live by a meagar Social Security pension. I am interested in starting a fund to help him buy a decent FEMA trailer so he stay in. Is anyone interested in helping me with this idea ? I don't think Bob will read this thread and I hope to keep this kind of a secret. Thank You and Blue Skies, Timber
  4. My advice to you is to do your 20 years in the military so you can retire at a fairly young age. get as much experience as you can and be as versitle as you can. Get your Tandem, AFF and Senior Rigger Ratings. If you also like to fly also get you Commercial Pilot Single and Multi-engine ratings. You just might be able to earn a megar living. You will probably have to get your own health insurance and retirement program. Not to be a negative person but understand that in the next few years the business of skydiving might be in a bit of a financial crisis. I believe that the FAA will go to the practice of "User Fees" and in fact has already started subcontracting for services. With the price of fuel and insurance (if there is any) I expect to someday be paying $30 a jump. I really admire the DZO 's that keep our sport alive. I don't think any of them had delusions of making a fortune. Just something to think about. Good Luck
  5. My father (Mac) Mckinney and I have many fond memories of Phil. He befriended my Dad on our first trip to Perris. We loved all of his great stories! He was a real character! Blue Skies, Phil
  6. I had just seen a clip on "Inside Edition" that Tiger Woods celebrated his birthday by skydiving in San Diego. He was diving out after a formation. He had a perfect landing ! I know he has done some tandems with the "Knights" He really looks like he is digging our sport and I think that is great ! In what seems to be a world of over paid sports idiots. I really respect Tiger as a role model. He is bright, well spoken and generous. He and his wife are also expecting their first child ! Welcome to our world Tiger ! CONGRATS !
  7. Flew 10 loads in the Porter and did 3 tandem jumps including a sunset jump to the Pink Pony pub in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Pretty nice day,not too cold yet !
  8. Bob my Father and I wish you a speedy recovery !! You are part of our family ! Blue Skies, Timber and Mac McKinney
  9. I got kicked out of junior high school for wearing the shirt " Skydivers Eat Their Dead" ! I loved all of Robs shirts in the 1980's. I also liked the shirt "Be Kind to animals, Screw a skydiver today !" My favorite shirt from Perris Valley it depicted a 10 in out formation. The detail was awesome ! You could make out the Dc-3 on the runway below and even the swimming pool near the "bombshelter bar". I would love to get another one !
  10. Happy Birthday ! It was great to see you in Destin last weekend !! Blue Skies, Timber "Matador" Rodriguez
  11. Spence You can transfer that hotel room in my name Timber Mckinney thanks Pal !! I am looking foreeward to a great weekend !!
  12. Damn Katee ! You making me want to fly down so I can give you your birthday spanking !! Have a great birthday !! See ya soon ! Blue Skies, Timber
  13. I'LL BE THERE !!! It is a beautiful jump ! I'll do some Tandems for you if you want Spence. Blue Skies, Timber
  14. PsycoBobs Dad probably dosn't remember That drunken night in Tijuana after the donkey show. Too much tequila and boiling hormones anything can happen !!
  15. Farewell my Friend ! I miss those wild "Peckerhead Meets" At California City. Joe was raised here in Gulf Shores, Alabama and when I jump the beach this weekend I will make one in his memory. Blue Skies, Timber
  16. We should do Destin at Noriega Point before they build that new condo this summer. We have done it several times before and it is beautiful !! Blue Skies, Timber
  17. I used to do most of my jumps at California City in the Mojave Desert. There was lots of desert and bushes and Cactus. There was also lots of hills and mountains around and some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen ! At night it was dark enough that it seemed like you could see every star in the sky and even watch satellites stream by. Now most of my jumps are at Emerald Coast Skydiving near Pensacola. We have a great view of the Gulf of Mexico. Skydive Santa Barbara also has an awesome view if the Pacific Ocean and the flower fields in the valley. Everything seems more beautiful when your with your friends in freefall !! Blue Skies, Timber
  18. I am crossing my fingers for you Girl !! You have had a rough year and deserve a break. Hopefully you will still be able to come out to Emerald Coast for some beach jumps. Last nights sunset jump was awesome !! Four of us did a perfect "horny Gorilla" and Slim and I flew a two stack down. Take Care Katee, Timber
  19. timber


    Almost all of the skydivers at Emerald Coast skydiving are regular SCUBA divers as well. We are really looking forward to the sinking of the U.S.S. Oriskany this spring off Pensacola. It will be the worlds largest artificial reef. If anyone out there wants to spend a fun weekend with us come on down !! We will jump Saturday and do a sunset beach jump to the Flora-Bama. Sunday we will go diving. My Friend has a 54 ft dive boat for 30 divers. Blue Skies, Timber a.k.a. "Matador"Rodriguez
  20. Congrats Salsa John !! You be careful out there though !! Nice seeing you at Dublin ! Blue Skies, Timber
  21. timber

    Heath Ledger

    Last night on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno: The actor Heath Ledger was wearing a black jacket with skydivers on it. Does anyone know if he is a skydiver ? Not that I am into him or "Brokebutt Mountain" Although I like his wife Michelle Williams. I was just curious !!
  22. Frapper !! It sounds like someone who has bounced !!! Be it known on Friday 13th I am supersticious !! I don't use 'Bounce" in my Laundry !!! and I won't eat "Total" cereal !!!
  23. I had gotten to my 12 jump on the traditional static line method back in 1985. I was only 14 and because I kept rolling over on my back after a five second delay because of the size of the rig. My father decided to take matters in his own hands. He had all of about 250 jumps with no instructor ratings!! He put a rig on me and no AAd and drug me out of a Beech 18 at 13,000 feet. His friends Tom Sitton and Bob Brown flew in to complete a 4-way!! Remind you that I had only been in freefall for 5 seconds on my own!! At 4,000 I was to pullout and throw my pilot chute: but being brainwashed I forgot to let go of the pilot for a few seconds !! My Dad reached over to throw it away when I rememberd !! I broke my arch, went over on my back and watched the pilot chute wrap around my leg!!! Well I opened fine and opened at 3,000 ft and my Dad sucked it down for awhile !!! I never really got off traditional student status. Please don't tell the U.S.P.A. !! Blue Skies, Timber
  24. timber

    Mike Darden

    Hello David ! I frequently get e-mails from Mikey Darden at [email protected] I believe he is still up in Alaska as a guide. Take care my friend ! I think of your son James often. He was a great friend !!!! Blue Skies, Timber
  25. Happy Birthday Squink !!! It is my birthday as well. I spent the doing tandems and even a couple of fun jumps with my friends perfect !!! Blue Skies, Timber