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  1. Flight to PNS: Check ESTA: Check Rental car: Check Phoenix X Condo: Check Gear: Check Physical fitness for surviving excessive cunsum of BUSHWHACKERS: Check X - 20 days....can't wait!
  2. Hi, because skydivingmovies.com is still offline I try to search via this forum. I'm lookin for one or several short video(s) wich is showing the main disciplines of our favorite sport (FS, FF, CP, CReW, WS). Reason is that i want to give a dissertation for my school class. So if you have a short footage of one, a few or all disciplines together, please contact me! Thank you and blueS, Alex
  3. ECSC is more than nice, especially the beachjumps to the BAMA You definitively have to visit for the Memorial Day Beach Boogie!! Awesome beachjumps and great party! Would be nice to meet some other Europeans thru the boogie....and don't forget to bring Inga for a tandem First Bushwhacker is on me ;-)
  4. Hey Dana, Joannis me fly in to PNS on wednesday night (09:00pm). So we beach on thursday noon and Seville thursday night - warm up for the BAMA!!! Join us?!?
  5. Hey girlz, let's do that jump!!! Can't wait for the Boogie too!!! Less than two month left until enjoying Bushwackers at the Beach... During Easter we've to freeze while flying in Klatovy /CZ
  6. maybe some more news right now??? It's time for a 9week call! Can't wait for so much fun! Wondering if there are any Ecsc-homegrow skydivers who are interested to jump to pensacola-Beach on thursday 05/27. Just before this rainbow-happening will begin. Jump, land on the beach and hang around at bamboo willie's or s.e.?!
  7. Thank you very much! I thiink thats a perfect translation!!!
  8. Thank you very much for your votings!but we still need more, because bigger is better ;-) if you want to learn more about the groom and his background, take a look about the history of the" Cross of Honour for Bravery", Klick here And scroll down: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badge_of_Honour_of_the_Bundeswehr?wasRedirected=true
  9. Hey folks, support the skydive Wedding! My buddy and comrade is in a challenge to win a honeymoon-trip to Barbados by weddix.de. He is an enthusiastic skydiver, Master Sergeant in the SF (Airborne) and one of the very few owners of Germanys Medal of Honour for his duty in AFG. Support him for the most romantic proposal with your vote here: http://www.weddix.de/vote/umfragen/deutschlands-romantischter-heiratsantrag-2010.html Go for "Heiraten? - Im freien Fall" Found out more about the proposal and see pics, klick here: http://www.weddix.de/community/2010-deutschlands-romantischter-heiratsantrag/2010-deutschlands-romantischter-heiratsantrag-8.html (in German) Thanks and blue skies!!!
  10. Hell yeah!!! Some Germans are planning to join the Boogie this year again I did my first jump and my USPA-A at ECSC. So this year I hope to celebrate my #1000 at the BAMA!!! See ya guys at the beach!!!
  11. I'll bring my Phantom to the Boogie but I'm still a WS-newbie with only a few flights ... ...I also will bring some German Schnaps again
  12. Hell yeah!!! Can't wait for that stuff also....!!! Bolas fmmobley Hille80 Hushpuppy iluvtofly PopsJumper PsychoBob RastaRicanAir(with the water gear I accidentally stole 2 years ago)& Natalie rlucus skychas Sletzer wayneflorida Flo, Lou (firsttime BAMA-jumper )
  13. Flights are booked, condo at Phoenix X is reserved Can't wait to taste the first bushwacker after a awesome sunset-jump to the Bama! Spacelands Otter was a blast last year! Would be great to jump out of that rocket again! See you in 5 weeks!