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  1. SimonBones

    Angle Flying/Atmonauti

    You don't really need to be proficient at head down flying, but being an experienced head down flyer translates very easily to angle flying where the opposite may not necessarily be true IMO. Angle flying doesn't really help a ton in trying to learn to head down fly, but it certainly doesn't hurt and it helps more than just belly flying! If you want to work on head down flying, then work on head down flying. You don't need angles as a segway. Angle flying never needed to be "adopted" in the United States, it has existed here for a long time. Except everybody just called it steep tracking or flocking and didn't really make a big fuss about it, celebrate it, or give it new fancy names. It seems that a very small group of Europeans pushed to try and call it something new and different, and everyone else came back with, "umm, this is not new and not very different." Much like (most) people don't think of backsliding as a new/different discipline. There are quite a few old threads about this from a few years ago. You can read all about the science behind relative gravitational winds. It's pretty epic. I've done some big angle flying dives on a few east coast DZs including Crosskeys (Punautti), Suffolk, Raeford, CSS, Skydive Carolina, Zhills, and Sebastian. You just see it a bit less and people don't celebrate it as some kind of revolution. It's just a tracky/flocky dive. It's easy to do, and I've taught people with as little as 50 jumps to do it fairly well. With enough practice you can angle fly with almost any track dive if you stay ahead of it. As far as tips, just go fly with folks who are good at it and have them give you some pointers. Reading about it on the internet won't help much. It's pretty easy when you just give it a try with someone setting base if you can already track well. Just stay on head to head level with the base, tuck your head a bit, control pitch with your chest, hang on your thighs, and rudder with your feet. Plan out where you're headed, sort out the exit order just like a track dive, have fun with it, then drink beer at sunset
  2. SimonBones

    Michigan State Vertical Record

    Not according to the USPA website: Good luck!
  3. SimonBones

    Texas Swoopers Meet 1 results

    Thanks for popping my swoop comp cherry Dave! I was definitely overdue to give it a whack. I learned a lot about all the comp rules and point strategies. If only my 3rd Zone Acc attempt would have counted!!!
  4. SimonBones

    Nick Scott-Tomlin

    Nick was such an awesome guy and the news of his passing saddened me deeply. Nick recently took silver in open class artistic freefly at the 2009 USPA Nationals. Nick was one of the first guys to help me start flying on my head in a tunnel when he worked for SVNH and eventually was the one to award me my IBA flyer PRO rating when he achieved his T4 rating. I have very fond memories of us running around naked at the 2008/2009 New Years boogie at Z-hills with many of the Ranch hands. Thanks for all the good times bro.
  5. SimonBones

    CarolinaFest 2010 - Skydive Carolina

    Now well hey wait a minute... did you just say... free beer? It's like you truly know what skydivers want. Brilliant! And wait a minute again, did you say FREE otter loads? Like people don't even need jump tickets? What's the catch? Where are the strings attached? Surely you couldn't mean that skydivers can get on multiple plane loads for FREE for just showing up to a boogie!
  6. SimonBones

    Freefly Money Meet

    Penny and I bought our plane tickets today. Looking forward to it Prepare to have more underwear on your face.
  7. SimonBones

    Post your Quasar II

    How about video!
  8. I'll see you there! I suggest people get on my team. That's the team that will be taking gold. It is also the team that will float all of the kegs before anyone else gets any.
  9. SimonBones

    hanging on hips in HD????

    My personal opinion watching your video, your use of hips seems fine as it seems you have figured out control of the forward and back. Good progression so far, you're heading in the right direction. You seem to be having a heading control issue though that you are constantly fighting. It appears to me to be due to some 'lazy legs'. Your calves should be some of the most valuable control surfaces while flying on your head. Unfortunately, your calves are in the burble of your body for much of the video. A good way to gain more control surface and minimize the heading control battle is to try rotating your heels more outward. Notice that your heels are pointing towards each other for most of the video. This leads to a very bent knee, heels under you position in flying. When you rotate your heels out a little more and take them out of the burble of your body, you give more controlability and stability to your legs. Then you will have a lot more positive input in your flying. It can be a bit difficult at first to really think about getting those calves out there into the relative wind, kind of like an AFF student has to learn the muscle memory of applying legs out. But once you really mentally force yourself to spread'em more, you'll find the head down orientation easier to control. Sometimes people can do this just fine when they're doing solos and have nothing to think about but their body position, but seem to drop their positive muscle inputs the moment someone else starts flying around them. It could just be a matter of getting excited about a dock and forgetting about leg input, I don't know, haven't seen you do solos! Good luck!
  10. The positions of your body don't care whether or not there is a lid covering your face. Makes no difference. Some people have had full faces where their worn and/or cheap visor flips open on them. Most people do not have that problem and if they did, it could happen on their bellies too.
  11. SimonBones

    Brain lock in freefly

    I make funny faces and hand gestures. If I find myself tense and flying sloppy to a formation, I try and find the first person to make eye contact with me and make the goofiest face I can. If I can be so silly and make them laugh, then I laugh too, and I'm not so tense anymore. Or I just flip them the finger. Then I land after laughing my ass off for most of the jump and realize that whether or not the formation built, I still laughed my ass off and had fun. Your biggest obstacle in freeflying will be not being relaxed. If you can find a way to make a serious jump silly to you, you'll do great!
  12. SimonBones

    Team training tunnel and sky

    As much as I love Paraclete and flying in it, I wouldn't recommend it in this situation. It is the most expensive tunnel because you're paying for the size. Great tunnel if you're planning to do 8 way belly or something and split up the price, but all that money for a two way? CO and NH are a bit smaller and a bit cheaper which will be a lot easier for just two freeflyers who don't need the extra space. Over the course of your training year you'll probably save hundreds and hundreds of dollars by training at CO or NH.
  13. SimonBones

    vortex 2 container size

    I don't think it will. My Velo 84 is in the old type 135EVS which has really become a 120EVS. I could probably fit a 90 in mine. I fit a VX93 in it once but it was pretty tight. My guess is that with a 100EVS, you'll be really struggling.
  14. SimonBones

    VFS 100 Way World Record Tryouts at Skydive Arizona

    Just faxed mine off! Got it marked on my calendar
  15. SimonBones

    Dallas this weekend!

    There will be some VRW team tryouts and some head down ways going on at Skydive Houston in Waller if there are any freeflyers in the group. It'd be great to hook up with the Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma gang.