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  1. Only You Psyco Bob !! I don't know how you get away with half the funny stuff you pull off !! See You tommorrow ! Should be a nice night for a beach jump !
  2. It would either be N117GL the Gulfstream 2 I used to fly. Or N26MA the first DC-3 I jumped from 1985.
  3. I was at the "Viper Room" on the Sunset strip a couple of years ago. Having fun and enjoying Heavy Metal night. This guy started slam dancing next to me and proceeded to give me a "Noogie" It was Steve O I should have kicked his ass but he was there with Manny the animal dude. I could easily could have beat up Steve O but would be no match for Manny. They ended up buying my drinks. I give the guy credit for making himself a millionair by just being a jackass.
  4. Go see David and the other wonderful people at Skydive Santa Barbara. David Hughes used to own Paso Robles and now the DZ in Lompoc. I also used to live in Lompoc :but when the Nearest DZ was Taft or California City.
  5. Since Gold Coast is closed because of flight restrictions. Come over to Emerald Coast this weekend. The Caravan will be there. If we get enough interest maybe Mike can bring the otter over if it back from its engine change. Lets do some formation loads. Blue Skies,
  6. PsycoBob is really really enjoying his second childhood !!!! I have known him since he started jumping at Emerald Coast last year. His enthusiasm for the sport and extra curricular activities made him my favorite students. We have created a monster !!! Happy Birthday Buddy !!
  7. Many, many people owe their lives to the heros such as yourself !! I can't believe they are shooting at the very people trying to save their lives !Hopefully this will all be over with soon ! Take care pal !!
  8. I am getting so sick of Hurricanes !! Just when I get the yard cleaned up: Bam here comes another storm. My exgirlfriend Eileen is a Meteorlologist with the "Hurricane Hunters" She is an increible person. We drifted apart because she was gone all the time and I spend all my free time skydiving. If you want to see a neat website go to www.hurricanehunters.com. I lived in Northridge, Calif and was there for the earthquake. I would rather put up with that every once in a while. Katee let me know when you come to visit your parents and if I can help them with anything ! I believe the worst is over for our area.
  9. So far so good here in Pensacola. Just a few tree limbs down. It is amazing how the weather has changed in just 48 hours. Saturday was a beautiful day for jumping the beach at the Flora-Bama and Pink Pony at Gulf Shores. I am sure Rick Payne is sleeping or drinking off the hurricane just fine. We just got done doing improvements to the drop zone at Emerald Coast I hope it wasn't for nothing ! My thoughts and Prayers go out to my Gold Coast Skydiving friends. Mike Igo let us use his otter last week so we could train or German students and Buddy Blue let us use his Cessna on the other days. Thank you guys sooo much !! I guess Bobo Loco {Psyco Bob} made it home ok. I have seen the pictures and wish I could have gone. Bolas If your out there let me know when you will go again. Blue Skies Everyone ! Timber (Matador Rodriguez)
  10. I was more excited to get my first rig than I was when I bought my first new car !! Take care of it and it will take care of you. Blue Skies,
  11. Hi Katee. greetings from ground zero again !! I am not sure if you had seen it : but a bunch of us from Emerald Coast were on the Weather Channel today. We did a beach jump to the Pink Pony Pub in Gulf Shores. I landed only a few feet from Stephanie Abrams the meterologist . It was perfect tip toe landing with a tandem. She thought that was "Totally awesome " I might take her on a tandem soon. It was truly a beautiful day today !!! I hope everyone out there had an awesome day skydiving as well !! P.S. If anyone knows the where-abouts of Psyco Bob. Send him home !! DON'T Try to apprehend Him as he is probably armed and dangerous..
  12. timber


    Emerald Coast Skydiving put on a Skydive Hash a few years back. Kenny Girot is a local jumper and President of a Hash chapter in Destin, FL. All the hashers did tandems and we all went for a little run afterwards. Then the party afterwards was unbelieveable !!! I thought skydivers had the market cornered on crazy: until I met these people !! I would love to do another !!! Blue Skies: Timber "Matador Rodriguez"
  13. I have no problem with a girl that burps in public. If she farts thats even better ! Blue Skies, Timber a.k.a. "Matador Rodriquez"
  14. Your quotes sound exactly like this girl I have been seeing. So now it is clear ! I have my hand on the cutaway handle. Now it's off to Rantoul to have a blast ! See you at the Farm soon. Blue Skies,
  15. For years I have pondered the question: Is it better to have a skydiving significant other or will a whuffo make me happy ? Skydiving is and always will be a huge part of my life. Spending so much time at a drop zone has been the ruin of several relationships for me as well as the start of some great ones. I was wondering what you think ? Blue Skies,
  16. That sounds great !! I'll have to dive that soon. I just started diving a couple of months back. I hope they don't have as much trouble sinking the aircraft carrier Oriskany off Pensacola next year. If they do we get lots of hurricanes to to right it. Diver up /Diver down Timber
  17. "Today is the tommorrow that I worried about yesterday"
  18. Chris Please try and do another Destin beach weekend. Lets try and get a larger aircraft and I will make sure that most of Skydive Emerald Coast comes with me. This might be our last chance before they start building a large condo on Noriega Point. I will fly loads or do tandems if it will help you. Blue Skies, Timber
  19. timber


    Congrats Scrumpot !! May the next few thousand be as great as your first !! It just keeps getting better and better ! Blue Skies ! Timber
  20. Hey Psyco BOB. I just finished getting Slims house boarded up. I am going to ride it out at Dads house in case he needs me. I agree with you when it comes to driving when everyone is freaking out. Until I see you next weekend Stay safe ! P.S. Do you mind if I jump your wife again ? Wishing for Blue Skies, Timber
  21. I know we will all agree that this past weekend has been one of the saddest in recent memory !! I have been around skydiving since the late 70's growing up a drop zone. I have seen some terrible accidents and have lost more than my share of close friends. Skydiving is what we all love to do and we weigh out the risks. We are all a close knit family. I feel a loss everytime some one goes in. I know we can't stop people from swooping and doing hook turns : But please use common sense !! Get pin checks, wear your seat belts on the plane. Most of all watch out for each other we are all friends and family. Blue Skies, Timber
  22. Hello Ham, I did'nt live in Aspen but as a charter pilot. I stayed there often. It will be an expensive place to live. Wonderful restraunts & shopping. Locals are really friendly and it is a beautiful place both in the winter and summer. As you know it is a big skiing resort. In the summer lots of hiking, golfing and paragliding. No drop zones within a few hours drive though ! Blue Skies, Timber
  23. Wow ! There are some pretty good stories here ! I had taken this guy on a tandem jump. I guess he had eaten some nasty greasy Mexican food the night before. After opening I caught this god- aweful smell. He had shit all over himself !! I was gagging and trying not to yak all over his back. I told him " I can't take it anymore and that I was going to pull the student cut-away handle"!! " he yelled "NOOO ! DON'T" !!! Of course it was a no wind day. I slid him in on landing and shit was everywhere !! SOO you want to be a tandem master huh !! Blue Skies All, Timber
  24. SOOO Danielle !! Where is the Hurricane party ?? Don't worry ! I will help you move again If we have to. Maybe all these storms will make condo developers slow down in the taking of our paradise. See ya this weekend, Blue Skies, Timber
  25. I have done the trip from Florida to California and back several times. Stop and do a beach jump at Emerald Coast Skydiving It is between Pensacola and Mobile close to I-10. From the Pensacola , Florida area there is a drop zone for each days drive. From Pensacola to Skydive Houston then Skydive San Antonio. (yuk !! the drive through West Texas). I know for sure you will stop in Eloy. Then it is on to LA. at Perris or Elsinore. If you travel north an Highway 101 stop and see my friends at Skydive Santa Barbara (actually Lompoc, California). Or if you go north on I-5 meet the cool people of Skydive Taft. Enjoy the trip and be drive safe ! Blue Skies, Timber