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  1. Since the site was reorganized to make it more friendly to mobile users I find it really annoying that a lot of functionality seems to involve hovering over a button or icon. I can’t hover on my iPad, so how am I supposed to access that functionality?
  2. Maybe, time will tell. Now it looks like they are just swapping the temperature problem for a pressure problem. I’m an engineer, so I immediately think about how something can work in the real world. If the underlying physics require a pressire measured in the millions of psi, it is not a practical application. - Dan G
  3. I’m fun at parties. I keep it cool and don’t let the pressure get to me. - Dan G
  4. Maintaining pressure at that level is easy for very small scale lab applications. For practical applications it will be just as difficult and maintaining temperature, and much for of a safety concern. Still neat, but not a great leap toward practical applications, IMO. - Dan G
  5. The other cost is what the DZ does when someone doesn't check in. Now they have to devote resources to finding that person. If the person can't be found right away, they have to devote even more resources, up to and including shutting down operations and calling the authorities. 99.9% of the time it will be someone forgot to check in and left the DZ. Years ago I was on the verge of shutting down a large boogie at my DZ because we couldn't find a wingsuiter who landed off. My buddy and I spent about an hour walking around the area where we believed he landed. We had one of the planes fly over looking, too. Turns out he walked back, threw his gear in his car, and went to lunch. His cell phone battery had died so we couldn't call him, either. - Dan G
  6. Are you claiming to be some sort of military jumper now? This oughta be good. - Dan G
  7. Wombats more than have their shit together, their shit is fully squared away! - Dan G
  8. Yeah, big DZs like Lodi never have maintenance issues. - Dan G
  9. Need to be brief so i can actual post this. Constant, random reloads using Safari. Only on this page. - Dan G
  10. 90sec? Seriously? The red light went off after 90sec of the pilot looking for a hole and you assumed that what he really meant was to turn on the green light? Were you at a special event for deaf and blind skydivers so you were unable to ask if it was okay to exit, or stick your head out and see the clouds? Your story sounds fishy. I suspect you got a punishment that not only fit this event but took into account past behavior. Anyway, if it were my DZ and it was a first time offense? Sit down for the day and talk it over with an instructor. If there was a repeated pattern and failure to take responsibility, then you'd be shown the door and other local DZs would get a call warning them about you. - Dan G
  11. You clearly don't understand what "playing the player" means. Oh wait, I commented on your understanding of the phrase, "playing the player." Was I playing the player? The "ball" in this case was people bitching about USPA without providing ideas to change things for the better. Bill said you were an example of that. He was playing the ball. - Dan G
  12. And the loudest bitchers don't have any actual proposals to fix the problems they perceive. - Dan G
  13. Go watch the iriginal Point Break if you really want to be disappointed in the accuracy and realism. - Dan G
  14. What kind of teeth are you looking for? Examples, please. - Dan G