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  1. Since the site was reorganized to make it more friendly to mobile users I find it really annoying that a lot of functionality seems to involve hovering over a button or icon. I can’t hover on my iPad, so how am I supposed to access that functionality?
  2. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    What kind of teeth are you looking for? Examples, please.
  3. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I have no idea what that means, but whatever. You are not listening to other people's points so there is no reason to continue to engage you.
  4. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    What you are suggesting is literally exactly what USPA did. They required retraining for the TIs and punished those responsible. Bill Dause was one of the people responsible.
  5. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    So say what you thin USPA should have done. You've stated they shouldn't have gone after Dause. What should they have done or not done?
  6. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    The accident led to USPA discovering the false licenses. Do you think they should have ignored what they found because the accident could have happened to anyone?
  7. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Yuri admitted in his faacebook post that he let the unrated examiner teach classes and use his signature for issuing ratings. There was no claim of forgery made.
  8. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    If by "an incident" you mean knowingly allowing an unrated person to teach multiple ratings courses at his DZ and then employing those improperly trained jumpers? Yes, every DZO who has that kind of "incident" should be chucked out of USPA.
  9. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    So Bill Dause should have been given a pass because, why? And if you didn't read Yuri's missive on facebook, here's a summary: Sure, I let an unrated guy teach tandem certification courses, but only when I was around. I never said he could do it when I was out of the country. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that he somehow got his hands on a stack of blank ratings forms with my signature on them. Yeah, if you think all the parties were innocent in that debacle I have some nice oceanfront property to sell you right next to the DZ in Eloy.
  10. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    USPA can't win. Punish people for flagrant violations and they get jumped on. Don't hand out enough punishments and they get jumped on. I think they usually do an okay job. Sometimes they fuck up, but they're only human and they don't have the resources to be everywhere at once.
  11. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    You're selling your credibility for a one letter savings. Very efficient. And don't you mean, "my eficency syndrom wont alow me?"
  12. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    "Would" and "should" Stop typing wude and shude.
  13. DanG

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Sure you can. No one is forcing you to jump at a USPA Group Member DZ.
  14. DanG

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    Static line and IAD jumps did not count toward your license when I started in 1995. Not sure when they made the change.
  15. Of course everyone is going to completely change their bodies and legal status just to have a slight competitive advantage over people they weren't competing against in the first place. Haven't you heard of the rash of elite athletes undergoing elective amputations just so they can kick ass at the Paralympics?