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  1. In the last week here in Pensacola It was published in the local paper to please not use the cemetary as a dog park as owners are letting their dogs make messes around the cemetary and it is not picked up. See It never ends even when you are dead you are still getting shit on !!! I want to be creamated and my ashes sent to Masingil so I can be sent to a place I have been trying to get back to since I was born. Actually a ash dive with your friends is every skydivers right !!! Though sad it is a beautiful experience !! Followed by A HUGE Party !! Blue Skies all, Have a happy and Safe New Year !! timber
  2. Billy, I have one and think it is a great investment !! You know I have been rode hard and put away wet !! With over 2,000 tandems and four years on the rodeo circut my back is not in great shape !! I fall asleep and don't toss and turn at all. I wake up and don't want to get out of bed. Especially if I have a beautiful little goddess next to me. You can try one out for 90 days. I hope you and the Family have a wonderful New Year !! Blue Skies, Timber "Matador" Rodriguez
  3. Happy Birthday Danielle !! You are the undesputed Queen of ECSC !! You Work so hard packing and jumping and being our extracurricular activities director at the drop zone. I treasure our friendship !! Lets have a great New Year !!! Blue Skies, Timber
  4. I am glad to hear that Mongo is doing better. He has been an inspiration to many new skydivers over the years. I remember some friends and I with about 100 jumps each would go to Elsinore and have him organize our jumps. He gladly put up with all of our backsliding and zoomie passes you know full contact RW !!! We soon became much better flyers Thank You Mongo !! Blue Skies, Timber
  5. I plan on going !! Due to layoffs at work I might have a whole lot of time to be a skydiving bum again !!! COOL!!!! Blue Skies, Timber
  6. Giving back to the sport and its people is what it is all about my brother !!! There are so many more who I havn't mentioned yet Like Mongo from Elsinore. Bruce Gieky, and Sandy Wambaugh, Bungee Wallace And Rob Harris who left us way early. Blue Skies, Timber
  7. Most of us at Emerald Coast are all for That !! Lets make our family much bigger !! Hopefully the management and staff can work out a plan. Right now there is a difference in training programs ( IAF vs AFF )and Jimmy Horak wants to be the S&TA and director of training. Mike and M.D. would have to come up with an agreement on how to best run the business. I believe if we could all work together we can make one hell of a great drop zone !! I am willing to do all I can to help. Blue Skies, Timber
  8. Make your way over to Jordan. Prince Abdullah and some of his relatives are are licensed skydivers. I had seen a documentery on how his Dad former King Hussain was a pilot and skydiver. Prince Abdullah since now becoming the head of state is now forbidden from jumping because of his responsibilities. So now he flies his blackhawk helicopter for fun. During an interview it showed his nephew and some friends dirt diving and getting ready to get on their Casa the prince looked jealous and said he wish he could go with them. Stay Safe and Hurry Home Pal ! Blue Skies, Timber
  9. I have never heard that one before. I do know that Sacred cows make the best burgers though.
  10. I just visited your website and I have to tell you are a very gifted photographer. There are some awesome pictures there ! I am sure we are in for some great skydiving photos in the future. Blue Skies, Timber
  11. I first started hanging out at the local airport in Lompoc, Calif in 1979 when I was old enough to ride my bike to the airport. I would sweep hangars or wash airplanes to get a ride. My Dad was working two jobs and going to school as well as raising exotic birds so we didn't spend much time together. It wasn't until some guy in Ojai, California jumped out of a plane and met my father that our lives would change. My Dad went to Taft Dz in 1981 and made his first jump. From that day forward my Dad was my hero and best friend as well. There are many people in life that cross our paths and influence our lives. To me Skydivers and Pilots are the people who I most admire. Maybe some of these people have touched your life as well !! Art Armstrong , Lea and Norm Van Pelt who tought my dad how to jump. Bob Sinclair, Jimmy Tyler, Pat Tierney, Howard, Ira, Dan Bardwell & George Meyer Who mentored me when I too young to jump and tought me how to pack and worship skydivers. Theresa Thames and Joan Mahoney my jumpmasters who I still see on occasion. Cathy Conklin (Worth) Judy Norton-Taylor, Laura Maddock and Kate Cooper who were the objects of my pubescent desires ! Jerry White, Ted Beumer and Jimmy Horak of Emerald Coast Skydiving. some of the best tandem instructors around. My dear departed friends John Foster, Mark Cooper and Ian Bellis, Milt Burton, James Layne I miss you !! There are so many others who I have met along the way. Skydivers are my family and my idols. I feel lucky that life as blessed me with their presence. Blue Skies, Timber
  12. This is a Sukhoi SU-80GP. It is currently being developed and is similar to the M-28 Skytruck. It has a tail gate and holds 30+ jumpers. I have no idea when it might be produced and certified in the U.S. It looks like it would be a wonderful jumpship.
  13. I have had the privilige of knowing Bob since I was just a young DZ brat at Taft California. He and my dad Mac McKinney formed an enduring friendship. Bob put me out on my first jump in 1985. I always look foreward to running into him on the boogie circuit or when he comes to Pensacola to visit my Dad. It is great to have these two wonderful old farts to hang out with. Bob has so many great stories !! I encourage any new skydiver who has never met him before to spend some time with Bob. (especially the young pretty skygoddesses !! Your welcome Bob !! See if you can beat him in accuracy ! I did: and I felt guilty for taking his money for about 10 seconds. I then remembered how he made me do PLF's until I was black and blue all over !! Bob is a true skydiving gypsy ! He is blessed to have so many wonderful friends all over the country like Mike Mullins and Jay Hughes to name a couple. Blue Skies & Happy Holidays !! Timber Timber
  14. This is what I want for Christmas !!! If everyone on DZ.com Pulls their money together we could get it. I will let everyone make a jump for free !!!
  15. I vote for the C-130 in Costa Rica. I will do the tandems for free !! Blue Skies, Timber "Matador" Rodriguez
  16. I am planning on going to either Zhills or Gold Coast this weekend who wants to go ?
  17. Last I had seen of Joanie was doing AFF at Skydive Santa Barbara. You can call David Hughes at (805) 740-9099. She also might be working at Taft. Blue Skies, Timber
  18. Mike Igo has spent 13 years of hard work in building up this drop zone. Until just recently I am sure that he was the biggest revenue generator on the airport. I think it really sucks the an airport manager and city council can just take away peoples source of income. I am sure they are saying that the airspace is not conducive to skydiving activities when actually they are looking for other tenants so they can profit from a larger tax base. More and more we are seeing public use airports turn away not only skydiving operations but small general aviation aircraft as well. I urge people to support both U.S.P.A. and A.O.P.A. in their airport access funds. I would like to see Gold Coast and Emerald Coast merge operations but it appears this is not likely. Mike has great business sense and I am sure something good will happen for his business. Blue Skies, Timber
  19. Come by anytime Jonny ! We usually jump the beach every weekend at sunset. We might not be the most progressive drop zone but we have a great time !! Blue Skies, Timber
  20. Billy I am so happy for you both congrats I know you will be wonderful parents !! Blue Skies, Timber
  21. Damn PsycoBob we just got home ! What the Hell are you doing on the computer we have a demo in just 9 hours !! Your right though she was pretty cool ! I can't wait to stap her on!! Blue Skies, Timber
  22. I don't know if thats the case. Check out this link.http://www.gasdetection.com/MDS/m032000.html
  23. I believe that D.B. Cooper was actually a guy named Richard Floyd McCoy. Mr McCoy also staged a successful high- jacking and jump getting $ 500,000. He was also a helicopter pilot in the National Guard. The resemblance to the D.B. sketch matches. Mr. McCoy was finally arrested and sent to prison. Sometime later Mr. McCoy escaped from prison and robbed a few banks and died in a shoot out. Blue Skies, Timber
  24. timber

    Blue Angels

    I work at Pensacola Naval Air Station and I see the Blue Angels practice three times a week. No matter how many times I see them I am amazed at the percision and skill. Our group from Emerald Coast Skydiving do the demos at the airshow in Pensacola which is coming up November 10-11.
  25. That is some funny stuff !! Hes got that smile like Buckwheat. I wonder if the guy knows what a celebrity he has become ? See ya around Billy. Blue Skies, Timber