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  1. What does portrait aspect mean? The long dimension of the screen is vertical, i.e. tall but not very wide. The other possibility is "landscape", which means the long axis is horizontal, i.e. more wide than tall. Computer printers use the same term for the orientation of a sheet of paper.
  2. It wouldn't be just one place. I'd be traveling all over, on a big road trip.
  3. You need a fixer-upper that the rich people won't be interested in...
  4. Step 1 of your research project is to look up the SIM and research the rule yourself.
  5. Don't make your bar-tacks so wide that the thread skips back and forth over the entire line and stitches only on both sides of it. Make it narrow enough so that the stitches go through both the outer sheath into which it is fingertrapped, as well as the line which is finger-trapped inside. I ain't no rigger, so don't listen to me.
  6. This It's there. It's square. It's flying straight. The slider is up the lines about a foot - no big deal. And you can flare with rear risers. Heck, I wouldn't want to waste a reserve pack job on that.
  7. And it has to look cool. Because if it doesn't look cool, then nobody's going to buy it.
  8. England bans the DC-3: "How health and safety rules have grounded the Dakota, the war workhorse"
  9. Good question. It does seem kind of odd that our parachutes are still inducing turns by warping the wing just like the Wright Brothers did it back in 1903. Seems like some better method would have come along since then. Maybe these split tails create more malfunctions by giving lines a crease in which to get stuck creating more line-overs?
  10. Complicated issue. Florida is getting crowded and many places are running out of land. Like the east coast from Miami to West Palm Beach. Everything between the ocean and the Everglades is pretty much already full. Land preservation is important. But at what cost, how much, and how to fund it? When I lived on the east coast we did something like this at the County level, voting to approve a half-cent sales tax increase, for the purpose of buying up beach-front property for public use. Vast stretches of beach are all privately owned, leaving the general public with no place to easily get to it. So the residents were all in favor of snatching up some land to preserve it for public access into the future, before it all got into private hands and off-limits.
  11. Boogers


    The probabilities that exist for a newer jumper are different from the probabilities that exist for a veteran jumper. Therefore, overall probabilities don't necessarily serve everyone's best interest. There are niches or other categories where there are interactions with different probabilities, and RSL probabilities shouldn't be taken as stand-alone, isolated from everything else.
  12. "So how do you get from down there on the ground to up here?" That long loop of cord hanging out the back of that guy's helmet looks like trouble waiting to happen. "First you have to hand pack your parachute…" Flat-packing is so out of style. "Your helmet is equipped with an altimeter that makes a shrill beeping noise when it is time to pull the cord." Last beep at 1800'? That's your hard deck. You need a warning BEFORE you get to your hard deck. Funny stuff!
  13. Not a doctor. But for a tandem passenger, this shouldn't be a problem. The passenger really doesn't do anything with their arms anyway, except hold on to their shoulder straps for exit, and spread your arms out in freefall. There isn't much force or strength involved in either of those. Steering the canopy is often allowed by the passenger, and requires some dexterity and strength, but that's strictly optional.
  14. "He is arguing just to argue. This is why I rarely post on this sight site anymore..." Nope. Just wondering how only certain categories of records got set in stone, to the exclusion of all others.
  15. Sorry, the USPA does not recognize that category: [inline USPA_SR.JPG]
  16. Okay, so women need special record categories because they're a minority in the sport. And we already have gay records, because they're a minority too. And old farts, because they're a minority also, 40's, 60's, 70's. So why not African-American records? Aren't they the most stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb minority in the sport? What's the biggest freefall formation comprised entirely of African-Americans? Is there anyone that's NOT a minority? Yeah, young white males. Fuck them!
  17. I was considering this until I looked up the density of lead (verses water). Mercury is heavier than lead and a liquid But on hot days it might swell up like a thermometer and explode! I'm sure there wouldn't be any health side-affects though, of getting it all over you.
  18. Yep. Not really. Even dramatic changes in speed like from a head-down speed dive at 250 mph to belly-flat at 120 mph, won't produced enough deceleration or drag to snap your arms off or anything. It feels kind of neat actually, experiencing that extra pressure. And you can make the transition gradually if you want instead of suddenly.
  19. Could the same be said for men and estrogen?
  20. What do the manufacturers say about the pack volume for those two canopies?
  21. Some people should be able to debate a point without calling others with whom the disagree "whiners". I called it as I see it. Then again, some other people just like name-calling.
  22. The context here is STATE records.