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  1. Nice! So just how the heck did you get her down there like that? Did she crawl down your belly? Start out with both sideways and swing vertical? How?
  2. Well, if you have a fear of being photographed, then this sport is not for you. Heck, there are people with video cameras everywhere! On the plane, in freefall, under camera and on the ground. You can't sneeze without someone videoing it. And especially after-hours when the partying starts. So if you want an environment where there aren't any people taking photos of you, skydiving isn't it. Good luck!
  3. X's for targets went out of fashion in the 60's, didn't they? I thought they used a tiny little yellow dot these days...
  4. It reminded me of the Germans placing poles in big open fields in France to prevent Allied gliders from landing in them on D-Day.