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  1. I've seen tons of pictures taken of the landing area and runway of this drop zone. It's in NC, and the runways form a triangle with the landing area in the middle. Thanks.
  2. Wow. Didn't think that question would turn into this much of a mess. In the end, I opted to learn in the tunnel from trained coaches before trying this in the air. Holding a head down position isn't easy. I can't "get out" of head down if I can't "get in" it in the first place.
  3. Hello everyone. I posted a question a couple weeks ago, and received some great advice from everyone. I'm hoping to do this again! My question is for the free flyers among you. When you go head down, sit-fly or feet down, and you've significantly increased your free fall speed - you obviously have to slow down before deployment to avoid a hard opening. What's the best way to bring your speed back down to TV? I would assume belly, get flat and get big. What is the effect on the body going from these high speeds back down to TV? Are there safety concerns about the process - i.e., can things go wrong? Thanks in advance. David
  4. I'm new to the sport - I received my license last month. I was wondering how backflips affect a skydivers vertical fall rate? Does it increase and if so how much? If they do increase your fall rate, how long does it take in a stable belly to earth to return to TV? Thanks everyone.