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  1. Antitransubstantiationalist (You're not ruining this long word fun that easy!)
  2. Now that's an interesting wrinkle. Did you trust this other guy's packing and would you have been comfortable with it if you had known he had done the pack job? Because I'm thinking that you choose your packer carefully, because you know and trust them, and you expect THEM to do the pack job. If that packer then gives it to some other person without your knowledge, then that act kind of violates the trust that you placed in them to personally care for your rig.
  3. Well, if the 40-way doesn't have the paperwork to make it "official", and the 32-way notifies USPA to claim a record, isn't that like stealing someone else's record, knowing full well that you didn't really set a record? I think all 40 of the 40-way guys are going to be a little peeved if some 32-way claims a big-way record that they didn't really earn. Look at all the fuss about that Bones guy who intentionally messed up a head down record to keep his own record from being beaten. Isn't this akin to that? Maybe the minimums needed for a starting point should be set retroactively by researching them in old Parachutist magazines. We shouldn't just ignore all the older skydives and start from scratch. It's like Orwell's "1984" Newspeak, where we re-write history to pretend that previous things never actually happened. Normiss says we need previous records to have something to beat. Well, we DO have those previous records. Just because they weren't filled out in triplicate on the latest claim form, doesn't mean they don't exist. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth...
  4. New guys should fit in and be accepted as one of the gang, even if they don't buy beer.
  5. Um, yes. But... if you're not familiar with someone else's rig, don't go messing with it without their permission. You're likely to make things worse rather than better.
  6. Was the man who was shot a skydiver? Or just some stranger who happened to park in the DZ's landing area?
  7. The jump weather has sucked for three weekends in a row!
  8. Some people should be able to debate a point without calling others with whom the disagree "whiners".
  9. I did not use the word "forced". I said "pressured". Peer pressure is powerful in this sport - just look at all the people who get hurt swooping because they want to imitate the cool kids. With so many people going overboard applying peer pressure, it can be implied in the noobie's mind that if he does not buy beer, that he will be ostracized because of it. Or that the only reason he's tolerated is because he provides beer. And those are wrong messages to send.
  10. When you cut-away, did that leave you with the main parachute in-tow behind you, connected by the remaining riser cover? Did you have to dump the reserve out past the main chute being dragged behind you? When/how did you get clear of the main?
  11. Quote: "Scott was 6-foot-3 inches tall and kneeling down when she killed herself, sources said. “You lean away from the door applying pressure till you pass out,” one source said. “After that, gravity takes over." The doorknob was L-shaped."
  12. ^^^^^ This^^^^^ Go break a record!
  13. I was wondering if someone was going to get around to mentioning that terminology and unwritten rule. The Gold Wings exemption, by which you are no longer obligated to buy beer after 1,000 jumps, seems to be a matter of local culture. I've seen it in respected in some places, and ignored in other parts of the country. My personal view is this: One should only buy beer because they WANT to. Not because someone pressured them into it. Regardless of how many or how few jumps they have.
  14. Don't hold back, Tink, tell us how you REALLY feel. Oh, and you are absolutely correct. The media would give a wingsuit fatality more airplay because its even more "sensational" than the normal boring run of mill climber-freezes-to-death story from Everest.
  15. If more terrorists had access to all you can eat buffets, they wouldn't be so pissed off all the time and wanting to kill someone. They'd just go home and take a nap.
  16. You're definitely in the prostate cancer risk age group, my friend. Maybe wanna re-think your arrogance. No arrogance on my part. I have heartfelt sympathy for all the poor lesbians out there who can't afford to buy a big hard penis substitute. I think they have a constitutional right to a government funded dildo, just like women have a constitutional right to kill their fetus at government expense. And which would you rather pay for: a relatively cheap dildo that won't make a woman pregnant, or an expensive abortion that kills a baby? I rest my case.
  17. While I'm getting everyone's panties in a wad, I might as well continue... How come there is a record for "most jumps in a day" where you have a dozen or more helpers packing multiple rigs and multiple airplanes, but there isn't a record for one guy packing and jumping just one rig all by himself? How come there are records for "all women" dives, but none for "all men" dives? This sport is equal for both men and women, and there's no reason to segregate them. We don't have separate competitions at Nationals just for women - they compete equally with men. So why have "all women" records? Records should be reserved for things that are extraordinary.
  18. I get annoyed when there is some special event going on that demands a boogie fee. And all I want to do is show up and make my normal jumps, and not participate in any of the boogie activities. I don't want the t-shirt, won't be sticking around for the evening meal or free beer. Can I just pay for my jumps like I always do? Oh no, we can't allow that. The end result is either I'm forced to spend money on a boogie fee from which I'll benefit nothing, or I'll have to go home and not get to jump. This sucks.
  19. Well if men who can't get hard-on's deserve free penis pumps from the government, then shouldn't lesbians also qualify for free dildos? It would be discrimination not to give everyone an equal opportunity for a hard dick.
  20. Is that why you're posting with an anonymous profile? That has to do with not getting in trouble at work for using a company computer for non-work functions. How do I know you're really someone named Craig Bey, Mr. no-home-drop-zone and no-city?
  21. USPA has recently opened up a new category of official records for the State level. Many of these State records are nothing more than a joke - just look at the attached image from a recent "Parachutist" magazine. [inline Para_State_Rcds.jpg] A state record for most jumps in one day by making 6 jumps? Really? Thousands of skydivers do that every weekend, and have been for decades. That doesn't deserve to be a state record. Another state record for high altitude for going to 14,400 feet? Really? Once again, turbine drop zones all over the country do that every weekend. This isn't a record, this is ordinary. There were two names listed for this "record" - were they the only two people on the plane? I'll bet not. Turbines don't go to 14K for just two people, unless you're shelling out money for the whole load. There were probably plenty of other people on the load too - why weren't their names also included in this record? Oh yeah, because a couple of yahoos wanted to be the first with the paperwork as if it actually means something special. USPA should have some minimum standards for a State record. Most jumps in a day should be at least 10. Highest altitude should be at least 16k. Or something like that. If someone does a two-way in Rhode Island, is that really worthy of a "record"? People claiming records like this are making a mockery of record achievements. They should be embarrassed. It might sound cool with their ignorant whuffo friends, but the rest of us know it's pathetic. Go ahead and criticize me for pointing this out, but you know you're thinking the same thing too, and someone has to come out and say it. I have mercifully smudged out the names of the people pulling this ridiculous stunt, even though they don't deserve to be spared the ridicule.
  22. No, it's vastly more likely to be 12 whuffos. In fact, anyone with actual specialized knowledge of skydiving or rigging would be excluded from the jury, because lawyers like blank ignorant minds that they can fill with whatever mush they want to sell.