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  1. Had to look that up. Looks like a variety of hole and diameter sizes. What do you recommend?
  2. I've had the same problem. Sometimes people might want to send a hit-and-run message, where they knowingly don't want to receive a reply. I don't think we want to remove that option. It's been done to me. Seems kind of odd, but hey, user choice. But the software could at least issue a warning message, letting the sender know that their replies are disabled. That way, if it's what they want, they could leave it disabled. Or if it's not what they want, it prompts them as a reminder to turn it back on.
  3. This is the poll supplement to the "Bravest Men" joke in another thread.
  4. We've reached the tipping point where the producers are now slaves of the takers. The takers, being the majority, will continue to vote to take more, while the producers, can do nothing about the taking which comes out of their wallets.
  5. Your police chief contradicts you and the Sun-Times: Are shootings on the rise, or are there reductions? Someone's lying. If lax gun laws are responsible for this, how come it's not happening everywhere else where those same lax gun laws are in effect? If that's what is responsible, then states with the most lax gun laws should have the highest crime rates, right? But that isn't true. So what's your explanation for this lack of correlation, that you're implying is responsible for Chicago's problems?
  6. First, do no harm. If a single negative is done, then resulting multiple positives should not be reaped? Depends on the negative. The extinction of a species is a very big negative to overcome for the benefit of a single individual's wealth and selfishness. I don't think this guy's duck pond is going to cause any species extinction. More likely it'll help species thrive. But if you want to take that argument, what about skydiving? Are the 25 deaths every year worth it for the brief moments of freefall joy we experience? Many whuffos would say not. Be careful what you wish for. One day they come for your duck pond, and the next they come for your sport.
  7. [inline Sky_Sanders_2.jpg] [inline Sky_Sanders_1.jpg]
  8. That new "Happy" song by Pharrell Williams. It's so darned happy I can't get it out of my head. And whatever you do, don't watch the video, or you'll also have images of fat people dancing that you can't get rid of.
  9. Excellent post, zoo-tom. I think you've got the weirdity figured out. (Is that a word?)
  10. First, do no harm. If a single negative is done, then resulting multiple positives should not be reaped?
  11. Did that once from a sailboat anchored in a tidal river. Once you jumped in you quickly started getting pulled away from the boat by the the outgoing tidal current. It took everything you had to fight the current to get back to the boat. You just couldn't paddle around at leisure the way you wanted to. A bad idea! Before doing this, throw something in the water first and watch it's drift, then judge whether or not it's safe. And make sure someone remains on the boat who knows how to pull up anchor and come after you if necessary.
  12. Nice frogs. (Yeah, I peeked through the rest of your album)
  13. You seem to be focused on negatives. I'm sure there must be some positives in the situation also. The pond might mitigate flooding by absorbing excess water for a while and smoothing out the downstream flow. If the dam breaks, it's just a duck pond, there can't be that much water in it. During drought, if there's no water upstream, there wouldn't have been any water downstream either - no change, except that this guy is smart enough to stockpile water in his pond for himself. See the "Benefits" section of beaver dams, here:
  14. No, but the parent's estate may be. Not sure how that relates to the current thread, but if you have debts when you die, and money in your estate, the estate has to pay those debts before distributing funds to survivors. Right, so if the parents owe the IRS money, the IRS should have a lien in on that estate, to get their money from what's available at the time they pass away. They shouldn't be able to come in much later, after the estate has already been settled, and say that the beneficiaries of that estate now owe the money. That isn't right. If the IRS wants their refund, they should be diligent about asking for it in a reasonable period of time.
  15. This sale brings up a good question, though: What do we with our skydiving treasures that our heirs won't give a darn about? Like our log books for example. To us, they are priceless treasures that bring back fond memories of amazing events and good friends. To our children and grandchildren, they mean nothing... I don't want my log books thrown out in the trash. I know, when you're dead, you won't know or have the ability to care. But somehow it just doesn't seem right. Like throwing out the family photos. It's part of the history of your life. You expect the people you loved to honor that. Crazy idea: How about a large wall sized bookshelf in the National Skydiving Museum. When you die, have your old logbooks sent to the museum for placement on the shelves. Visitors can pass by the bookshelf, pull logbooks out at random, flip through the entries, and see the kind of skydiving that particular person enjoyed, and the names involved. Kind of a collective memory of good skydiving times, from all over the country, from all times, for all time.
  16. The official description is "gold colored", i.e. there is no real gold in them. They're "Gold Wings" in name only. The diamonds I'm sure are fake too, or at least industrial diamonds. USPA sells them for $15, so how much precious metal value can they have? Zip. Ther value is in what they symbolize, not how much precious metal they contain. But it costs a ton of money to earn Gold Wings: $25 per jump X 1,000 jumps = $25,000! Minimum. [inline USPA_Wings.JPG]
  17. "Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch" There's also a very dramatic video out there of the confrontation between a large line of cowboys on horseback and a bunch of citizens on foot, approaching a barricaded gully under a bridge protected by armed BLM officers. The civilians approach peacefully, and the BLM get in their trucks and back away. Darned if I can find it online now... [inline BundyStandoff.jpg] See the first video here: Not as good as another one I saw, but I can't find that one, and it gives you a good idea of what happened. You may not like InfoWars, but they have live video footage of the events transpiring there, which the mainstream media aren't bothering to show anyone. If you count on the MSM for your facts, you're being short-changed. You can't argue with the video. I'm glad to see that reason has prevailed, and the feds have backed down. It looks like all you liberals won't get your blood lust satisifed. Tsk tsk.
  18. Thanks for adding that, wmw. People seemed to be believing here that if you build a dam that it cuts off the water flow completely below the dam. Not so. It only cuts off the water flow until the pond behind the dam fills up. At that point, it overflows and continues to feed downstream at the same rate as before. Just like a beaver dam. All it does is create a pond, but the water continues to flow. The downstream affect is very temporary. [inline HooverDamWater.jpg]
  19. Survivor benefits are paid to children, under age 18. Those benefits end when the child turns 18, right? So the check goes to the guardian parent, and THEY should be the ones responsible for it. Children can't legally hold debt. The child is not responsible for the parents debt. When the parents die, the ability to collect that debt ends. Finite. Done. And if it's not survivor benefits, then children are most definitely not responsible for the debts of their parents. Debt is not passed on in inheritance. No way, no how. So I don't see any way how this could be true. I want more info on the IRS specifics and logic.
  20. I see two people happy and in love, and starting a business together. I don't understand your desire to smack them for that...
  22. Yeah, the freedom of 25 million people isn't important at all compared to a bosun or two.
  23. Used copies as cheap as $10, of which I hope you DO get a few pennies:
  24. Good for her. Usually these kind of stories are from someone who quit jumping because a lady love demanded it, and the jumper ends up resenting that, and then resuming the jumping later when the lady love has been booted out of the jumper's life. Glad to hear you get to have both!