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  1. Buy used gear for sure but have it checked out by a rigger first. Options you want on your container like skyhook, RSL, etc are also important. Whether or not you want a 7 or 9 cell canopy and what size reserve is also something you need to ponder. Research, research, research bud, getting personal preference from local jumpers and why they feel that way is invaluable. finding a rig that is sized properly and whether or not it is freefly friendly or not. If some of these terms are lost on you then you really need to take some more time to learn about sport rigs to make sure you end up with one that allows you to do the kinds of things you want to learn or do. RLTW Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  2. havoc996


    That is the most pathetic and least enthusiastic panic attack I've ever seen. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  3. For you it's a must have. Wait til you get a license to even think about why its optional. ^^^^This! Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  4. Definitely school first as all have said, then start talking to people at the DZ about gear. My advice would be to buy an altimeter and helmet first and do your research. Definitely try on the helmets you like as they tend to be very different. As for altimeters there are many different brands and kinds so ask around to see what people are using and why. After those I would look at getting a suit so that you have something consistent to jump in. Other things come later and there is plenty of time so don't rush it. Good luck! Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  5. I always do three handle checks on the plane. 1st is at 1000 when the belts come off. 2nd is done sometime between 1000 and jump run. 3rd is done beginning of jump run when everyone is getting there helmets on etc. About a month ago we were going up in a CASA with the ramp up and the door up (It was a really hot day). I was in the last seat next to the ramp on the right side of the aircraft because we had a lot of tandems on that load. I had done two of my checks and hadn't moved at all. We had turned onto jump run and people were starting to get ready, as I stood up I went for my hacky to do my 3rd check and felt bridal! Told my bud (thanks Jordan) something was wrong and felt him push me against the wall of the plane and yell to get the door closed. Didn't take half a second to realize what was going on. Since we had a lot of TM's on that load and some very veteran camera fliers it was handled perfectly by everyone. (Thanks Mel!) Pin checks and handle checks save lives no matter how many jumps you have. I was always very aware when I had new jumpers or tandems behind me. I always made sure I did a pin check and multiple handle checks during the ride up. I've even turned around when a tandem student was bumping my rig to explain why they needed to be a bit more careful. Never forget the basics, it'll bite you when you do. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  6. Because what I am going through is ongoing, I will not go into it online. BUT, I will say this... No one likes a quitter. Just power through it. Nothing in life worth having is easy to obtain. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  7. Safe to assume you mean MFF and not static line? If that's the case, getting a copy of the training manual will be tough unless it is out dated. What kind of info are you looking for exactly? I say this because how we train when it comes to things like this tends to be guarded info. The style of training is quite different in the sense that feelings and fun are not part of the training process. I'm not saying it isn't fun just that you are there to learn a task and pass a course. Also when it comes to military application there are a lot of things that are added that aren't in AFF such as gear and equipment (that aren't your parachute). These add on's change how you will fly and land. There is also going to be night iterations and high altitude stuff involving O2 which aren't part of AFF. I'm sure some MFF guys might be able to elaborate more if they care to. but it'd be easier to say it's AFF on steroids. As far as the build up of skills then yes they would be very similar, crawl, walk, jog, run, sprint, light speed. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  8. Not that I am a guru compared to most on here, but I am new like you so I'm posting up. If you have a desire to remain in this sport and not be permanently disabled (After a large amount of PAIN) or dead I'd suggest you not even think about going smaller than a 180. You are talking about dropping around 80 SF of fabric in one jump. I understand the desire to get to the point of the wing loaded cross braced awesomeness that we see everytime we are at the DZ but I promise you there is NO quicker way to get to that skill level. I would assume you could ask anyone with experience at your DZ and they would tell you the same thing. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  9. Bet that was loads of fun around the camera. Welcome bud. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  10. Maybe this will help you figure out what is causing your issue. I agree that the dr was the first and best step to figuring out what is going on. I know that when my canopy opens up I depressurize lightly and then get on with things. https://www.entnet.org/content/ears-and-altitude Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  11. Did you tell the DR you had recently jumped? Been up in a plane? Have you tried pinching your nose and LIGHTLY blowing out of it. Sometimes re pressurizing takes a little help. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  12. That's a great vid! Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  13. THIS ^ I learned in the military and I promise you it was not an enjoyable experience but boy did I know everything that they taught me COLD. skydiving is a fun and exciting experience, but AFF can be a very stressful time for some. I don't know to many people who enjoyed their first few AFF jumps. .............................................................................. Agreed! If you enjoyed military jump school, you are either: A a masochist or B god's gift to the Rangers, SEALs or some group of specialized soldiers we are not allowed to talk about in public. Hah! Hah! NOPE! Not even them riggerrob, I would know. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.
  14. Yes well our pilots often beat us down and I saw more than one person say they'd never do it again. Doesn't mean I don't love and appreciate you guys. Trail mix? Oh, you mean M&M's with obstacles.