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  1. gunpaq

    Best container for a big guy

    I got Glide when first came out. Perfect big guy rig as well as their Triton for a few hundred less. Jump 250 reserves and 280 mains. Very comfortable.
  2. gunpaq

    Racer by Jump Shack

    Is The response that I get is that riggers do not like to pack the Racer reserves. We used racers for more than 15 years and 110% satisfied as a DZO and as far as packing the Racer reserve it only requires two extra brain cells. Have had two cutaways with the dual RSL and no problems.
  3. gunpaq

    flag flying

    What Lee said.
  4. 20 in May 1976 @ Southern Cross.
  5. His wife Brenda agrees. “I’m vaccuuming and there they are,” she said of the skydiver noise breaking the peace and quiet. “It’s hard to understand if you don’t live here.” If her vacuum wasn't so loud the skydivers would not have to yell to hear each other. It's hard to understand unless you are a skydiver being blasted by the noise her vacuum. We had a neighbor with too much time on her hands like Mrs. Marinovich and a farmer McNasty who complained about our operation in PA with our jump planes and jumpers being too noisy. The neighbor said the noise was unbearable and hurt her ears and farmer McNasty said his milk production was down by 20% caused by all the skydiving noise. Solution: One of our up and coming students in college did an extra credit noise study project in our little community and we presented the results at a scheduled town meeting about the noise complaints. The neighbor's barking dog and lawn mower as well as the farmer McNasty's farm machinery and mowing cattle along with highway traffic and normal community noises drowned out our skydiving operation noise - case closed after facts presented. As a former dairy farmer I did offer farmer McNasty triple his damages in cash during the hearing for his loss of milk production if he would provide documentation which he declined. The Fun Police never give up.
  6. gunpaq

    Riding on a biplane wing

    Bad idea all the way around. We did that at an air show back in the early 90's. A no show with the producer's jump aircraft so came up with a brilliant alternative - hitching a ride with the wing walking opening act. All went well but a very very bad idea being outside the cockpit not strapped in or on. We nearly ended up like the unfortunate jumper in Florida years later.
  7. We have had exceptional service from Strong with our Quasar demo rigs that have the Stellar reserves in them. During our last visit to the factory we were told they are concentrating on the tandem and military markets. One jump on a Stellar as a main 1:1 and found no negatives as a life saver and as a canopy to get you into the demo target area or an open field after cutting away. My other rigs form Peregrine have PD reserves. Never jumped the Angelfire from jump Shack but was super impressed watching one being constructed at their factory.
  8. How about the Stellar reserve canopy from Strong?
  9. gunpaq

    Phila Weatherman fatality?

    Remember that day at United all too well.
  10. One busy day last season at the DZ a young guy got on my load and realized he forget his altimeter so I handed him my backup SSE Altimaster wrist mount. He says "thanks" and attaches it to his wrist and then has a puzzled look on his face and says, "How do you read this type of altimeter?". I chuckle to myself and gave a short course on how to read an analog altimeter. Fast forward to this season I was given a fancy dancy digital wrist mount altimeter as my new backup altimeter (cool beans I have joined the 21st century) but after numerous jumps find it awkward adjusting to reading digital numbers flashing on the screen. Now who is chuckling to themselves. :) I guess if one would ask who jumps a Double "L" today some one bring me a double latte from StarBucks.
  11. Started with a 35' 7TU T-10 for about 15 jumps. First downsize was to a 32' lopo 7TU for about 47 jumps. Second downsize was not too nice for my landings "ouch" as I skipped down to a C-9 28' 7TU that a buddy loaned me for two jumps - that was enough. Third downsize and the best was into high performance with a 24' diameter Para Commander MKI for several hundred jumps before going to rami-airs.
  12. gunpaq

    Safety watch outs jumping in costume

    You may be mistaken for my ex-wife in that costume.
  13. gunpaq

    BN2A Islander for Skydive operation?

    We seriously considered an Islander for our DZ in the mid 90's. Very feasible then.
  14. gunpaq

    Flat packing tutorial?

    Come out to Burnaby and watch me pack. There are a few quality amateur ones on YouTube.
  15. gunpaq

    Best thing you've ever seen a student do....

    1. Pull stable and at altitude. 2. Miraculously clear a horseshoe. 3. Land on target without injury to body or equipment. 4. Find and bring back a PRCP dropped on pull on same jump.