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  1. His wife Brenda agrees. “I’m vaccuuming and there they are,” she said of the skydiver noise breaking the peace and quiet. “It’s hard to understand if you don’t live here.” If her vacuum wasn't so loud the skydivers would not have to yell to hear each other. It's hard to understand unless you are a skydiver being blasted by the noise her vacuum. We had a neighbor with too much time on her hands like Mrs. Marinovich and a farmer McNasty who complained about our operation in PA with our jump planes and jumpers being too noisy. The neighbor said the noise was unbearable and hurt her ears and farmer McNasty said his milk production was down by 20% caused by all the skydiving noise. Solution: One of our up and coming students in college did an extra credit noise study project in our little community and we presented the results at a scheduled town meeting about the noise complaints. The neighbor's barking dog and lawn mower as well as the farmer McNasty's farm machinery and mowing cattle along with highway traffic and normal community noises drowned out our skydiving operation noise - case closed after facts presented. As a former dairy farmer I did offer farmer McNasty triple his damages in cash during the hearing for his loss of milk production if he would provide documentation which he declined. The Fun Police never give up.
  2. You quite possibly get a better rate and reach 100 times more people by electronic bill board advertising along a key highway in your area. Adventure seekers usually do not hang out in a shopping mall. Effective in a mall during Christmas season for gift certificate when people are more apt to buy on impulse. In the early 80's we advertised on the old fashioned billboard for one year and it paid for itself three times over. Location and ad rate is the key. Now is the time to recruit.
  3. gunpaq


    May have a Stylemaster reserve container w/ risers in a box somewhere. Black w/gold trim. Was part of my old rig for my PC.
  4. gunpaq

    Camera for a BH REvolve helmet

    The Contour side mount works very well.
  5. gunpaq

    New Jumper from Canada

    Welcome back!
  6. gunpaq

    Transition Farewell

  7. gunpaq

    Pete Miller

  8. gunpaq

    Do Skydivers Care About Safety

    "So, a company that made round sport reserves (there were no square reserves yet) came out with an "anti-inversion netted" reserve. NO ONE bought it. You know why, of course...It packed up 10% bigger. Jumpers past up a proven 1,000 times increase in safety for smaller pack volume." Bill, I bought one and put it in my new WonderHog Sprint. Two deployments and still jumping after all these years. Great article.
  9. gunpaq

    Chicken To Jump

  10. gunpaq

    Crossroad Skydivers

  11. We had these on our student Vectors and Dolphins in the 90's. Worked great with no problems on our DZ.
  12. gunpaq

    Just finished AFF @ DELMARVA

    Congratulations Venessa! Great DZ and folks to jump with.
  13. gunpaq

    Tandem Stadium Demo