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  1. Unless he's active duty, 20-year retired, or gets disability, he won't qualify for the discount. It could be that these stores give the discount for anyone who provides proof of any service, even though they don't technically qualify, because the stores don't want the trouble that comes from a refusal. Just look at this thread...
  2. Home Depot quote: "The Company offers a 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID. All other military veterans will qualify for a 10 percent discount during normal patriotic holidays (e.g., Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day)." Source:$30-million-to-veterans-housing-issues And they're giving $30 million to housing for Veterans. That's not chump change. Lowe's policy, for comparison: "Lowe's established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients. This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients. We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. " Source (scroll to the bottom):! I don't see any difference between the two. So those of you who are mad at Home Depot and go to Lowe's instead, what are you accomplishing? Lowe's won't give a discount to non-active non-retired non-disabled former servicemen either, from what I see. Did you join the Army just so you could get a 10% discount on a couple of bottles of foam? Of course not. Your pride in your service is not about monetary rewards. It's about moral rewards. Just because you served four years in the military, doesn't mean you're entitled to some special discount that others don't get. I'm glad people serve. God bless 'em. But let's not make it look like it's all about money.
  3. Unlike news reporters, I admitted my mistake, and welcomed being corrected by others.
  4. Adults are legally allowed to make the terrible choice of smoking cigarettes for themselves. That's all the pot smokers want. Agreed!
  5. I'm told it is smoked in lower quantities and lower temperatures are involved so while it's still bad, it's less bad than cigarettes. That makes sense. If the average dose is one joint per night, that's far less than a pack a day of cigarettes.
  6. It wasn't needless - it was the carrying out of justice. The constitution doesn't guarantee you a pretty open-casket funeral. Do you want the state to provide them with lots of wreaths of flowers too? A closed pine box and an unmarked grave is fine with me. A firing squad of multiple police marksmen, all aiming for the head, is going to accomplish the task very effectively. They can shoot from a bench rest if they want.
  7. Stop putting them in contact with people, I suppose. But the bleeding hearts would consider that "cruel and unusual punishment" to deprive them of social contact with others.
  8. My mistake. I saw the name, knew that Dan Poynter was in the publishing business, and assumed too hastily. Thanks for the correction.
  9. Exactly. The work computer was down, so I was surfing the internet, which is always up. So I was bored and my idle mind put together two events; the robot news story, and the whuffo news reporting of skydiving accidents. Feel free to ignore my bored ramblings... :-)
  10. To get back to your original question which no one else has answered yet... Make sure you spend some time with that rigger getting a full explanation of whatever his findings are. If there was a flaw, have him show it to you. Perhaps the finger-trapped loop wasn't stitched down. Perhaps too much force was put on the loop with a leverage handle. Perhaps there was a sharp edge on a washer that cut into the cord. Whatever it was, you have the right to see it - it's your life on the line. Also have him show you the next loop he will use on your rig, and what's being done different to prevent that same thing from happening again. You need the confidence that the pack job will be correct. And then continue to do a thorough pre-flight check of your rig before each jump.
  11. I started to put this in an Incident thread where they're talking about bad news reporting of skydiving accidents, but decided that it's likely to get deleted there for being off-topic, so I figured I'd start a thread here instead. I went looking for that recent news about how robots are now being employed to write news stories. And look what I found, our old friend Dan Poynter: So, I think we should endeavor to write a generic fill-in-the-blank script that news organization robots would use to report upon every skydiving accident. I'll start. "A skydiver was (injured/killed) yesterday after jumping from an airplane at (13,500) feet at (Dropzone name) in (City). The skydiver's parachute (failed to open/was caught in a wind gust) causing them to hit the ground hard. Emergency services was called and transported the person to the hospital. The name of the victim is being withheld pending notification of family. Local authorities are investigating the accident, and the FAA has been notified."There, that should get the robot started. All the reporter needs to do is fill in a few blanks, and we have a generic news report, similar to those we already see in newspapers across the country. Feel free to spice it up a little and add your own robot text.
  12. Random thoughts from this thread: 1) Does smoking marijuana cause lung cancer, the same way that smoking tobacco does? 2) If so, and since cigarettes are bad because of cancer, then shouldn't marijuana also be bad for the same reason? 3) Are there people who are opposed to cigarettes, but who approve of marijuana? Would that be a logically defenseable position? 4) Can you get high off of second-hand smoke from marijuana? 5) When marijuana becomes legal and publicly accepted, will there be segregated areas in public buildings just for marijuana smokers, kind of like how some restaurants now have smoking areas? 6) Will the marijuana smokers have to be segregated from the cigarette smokers? 7) Will the government tax the shit out of marijuana? (I think we all know the correct answer to that one!) Obama's new cigarette tax proposal: 8) The government wants to tax an unhealthy product to discourage consumption, while at the same time using it as a source for tax money to do something good. Okay, but at some point you discourage consumption so much that you're reducing the revenue for the good programs that are funded by those taxes. So what then? Do you allow unhealthy smoking to continue for the sake of the money? Isn't that morally hypocritical? 9) Why should smokers be singled out to pay for early childhood education? Shouldn't the parents, or society as a whole pay for that? Hmmm... I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  13. No one argues that a bullet to the head isn't instantaneously lethal and painless to the recipient.
  14. It's just going to descend faster, and not slow down as much when you flare to land. Expect hard landings. This is why jumpers retire old F-111 fabric canopies after about 800 jumps.
  15. Bring back the firing squad. The bullet manufacturer is ATK. That ends all the argument over the fluids currently being used. Let's get on with it.
  16. I am very skeptical of this guys story... For those who don't know what we're talking about:,0,5623323.story#axzz2zYSrDV6a You gotta love this quote from the report: "I imagine he must have blacked out at about 10,000 feet. The air is pretty thin up there.” Stupid news reporters... Were that true, you would have to wonder how anyone every makes a skydive or climbs a mountain.
  17. Sounds like the facts and logic are on your side. But sometimes in politics, emotion wins out over facts and logic. Good luck in your effort!
  18. Yep. "Oil Pipelines Criss-Cross the United States: Why the Fuss Over Keystone XL?" A pipeline is far more efficient and less harmful than moving those goods by rail. And the government already requires extensive periodic inspections of pipelines to prevent leaks and accidents.
  19. "But approving the pipeline before the election could staunch the flow of money from liberal donors and fund-raisers who oppose the project, like Tom Steyer, a California billionaire. Mr. Steyer, who has personally asked Mr. Obama to reject the pipeline, is positioned to play a major role in influencing the midterms: He has pledged to spend $100 million to support candidates who back strong policies to fight climate change." "There are 42,000 jobs, $20 billion in economic activity and North America's energy security at stake."
  20. Well, if the residents are worried about traffic, you have to wonder why they chose to live next to a shopping mall... Seems like you could show how many customers per day will visit the tunnel, and how that won't tie-up traffic for local residents.
  21. Seems I've heard that springs don't lose their springiness simpy by staying compressed. It's compressing and releasing the spring hundreds of times, i.e. cycling them, that causes that loss of springiness. So it shouldn't hurt the pilot chute spring to remain packed.
  22. I just knew that had to be the Raquel Welch video, before I even opened it. Ah yes, but if we had Raquel in training videos, we'd be watching how Raquel is stacked, rather than how the parachute is packed.
  23. Is there some group actively opposing the wind tunnel, to which this petition is a counter-argument? I did notice in your petition that the location is stated as "near the condos", which could understandably produce some opposition. Seems like the traffic noise from I-87 there would probably be louder... Aerial map attached for everyone's info. Purple pin locator is not exact. [inline Yonkers.jpg]
  24. As you can see in the video, the instructor was trying to prevent a very dangerous tandem side spin, caused by the passenger's bad legs position. And the TI was unsuccessful in preventing that, and then had to pull early while in a high-speed sideways spin. How many line twists wrapped up during that spinning deployment? Was he able to clear them? People have died from that situation. So if you have to punch someone to prevent things from getting that bad, while that's ugly, it's not as ugly as; a side-spin / loss of consciousness / low AAD fire, or; high opening / line twists / cut-away / reserve ride. That's the other side of the story, which needed to be said, since the trend here is going to be to skewer the TI.