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  1. Hey Spot, what is the rule on using personal flysights for feedback?
  2. Hi Spot, I'm using a Rawa vison with a tight chin cup, when I turn the stabilization off its fine and the gopro mounted at the same time is also fine. I like the 120 fov vs the 170 but there's no way to have that without the stabilization turned on.
  3. Hey Jeremy, wondering what the image quality is like for you? I've been using mine for a couple weeks top mounted on a rawa helmet with a cookie flatlock and it seems to be whenever I have the stab turned on I get "jello" happening in the background.
  4. Yeah and I've read that the way both companies measure the sqft of a canopy is different so looking to see if anyone has any actual first hand experience of compairing the two or even a sa2 135 - safire2 139.
  5. Has anyone had any experience comparing a sabre2 135 with a safire2 129?
  6. Hi John, this year the CSPA has adopted the "test rules" the FAI has put in place. Its pretty similar to what everyone has been using for the last couple of years. There are some differences in the grids to be used.
  7. Douglas, do you have me on the list? I have emailed a couple times and have not had a reply back?
  8. Wondering if anyone has used the xshut for mounting still cameras. Also if anyone has installed them into a curved surface.
  9. Wondering how many people are using this for skydiving, what settings you are using and results? Would it be comparable to say the Nikon 3200?
  10. Does anyone know if there is a remote shutter switch for the new canon eos m ?
  11. thanks, im currently trying different combos of steadyshot on and off and different lengths of manual focus, infinity gives me nothing but a blurr
  12. Can anyone help me with the settings for a cx110 and a opteka .3 fisheye lens?