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    It says a lot about the Constitution that 5 justices appointed by two presidents who LOST the popular vote can overturn 50 years of precedent, upheld in a multitude of cases by justices just as qualified as they are, all appointed by presidents who DID win the popular vote. I used to have respect for the Constitution but I now believe it is a seriously flawed document and a major contributor to the problems facing the USA.
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    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/democrats-roe-v-wade-singing-b2108959.html ‘House Democrats called ‘f***ing useless’ for singing God Bless America by Capitol after Roe ruling’ ‘Leave it to Democratic leadership to bring a sing-along to a gunfight where Republicans are using Bazookas and Jet fuel to torch our rights’ wrote one critic on Twitter’ This is what I’ve been saying. Nice and respectful doesn’t work if the other team isn’t playing by the same set of rules. When your enemy gives you 3 weeks notice where he’s going to hit, you’d better have a damned good counter attack planned. A singalong doesn’t cut it.
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    And the clear reason that the current SC is now confirmed to be nakedly partisan is that they used directly conflicting arguments to make both of those rulings. For guns, they decided it was far too important a right to allow states to make their own decisions, and that a federal approach was better. For abortion, no more federal protections, let the states sort it out.
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    They could have had a million people organized and ready to protest in every state capital as soon as this decision came. Instead, NOTHING. Im so pissed off with them right now.
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    F*&k Turkey. Why would any NATO member want to come to the defense of that POS country? Your colleague knew what he was talking about. "Turkey’s far-right ruling AKP party is looking to use Ankara’s NATO membership to blackmail the defensive pact into catering to Ankara’s orders. Turkey has long used its membership of NATO as a blank check for human-rights abuses and invasions, often running counter to the values of NATO." Turkey Becomes Haven for Superyachts Owned by Sanctioned Russian Oligarchs "Transparency International, which monitors global corruption, last week reported that Turkey had fallen to 96th of 180 countries in its Corruption Perceptions Index, scoring 38 out of 100 on a scale where a zero score indicates a highly corrupt state. The global average is 43." "Turkey will continue to buy Russian oil and hopes sanctions on Iran are lifted, bringing additional supplies to meet global demand, Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar said on Tuesday....Bayraktar said Turkey could not easily replace its Russian oil supply from elsewhere, adding "they have been old, reliable suppliers". Its time to kick Turkey to the curb.
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    Hi Wendy, If you are referring to Bernie Sanders, Nope. As Joe posted: what is possible and nominate two centrist white males We need to make very damn sure that the GOP does not win in 2024. If this means electing someone more to the center than I would like, so be it. Jerry Baumchen
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    Agreed. I think both Biden and Harris need to stand aside. The D’s need to get serious about what is possible and nominate two centrist white males. We’re no longer fighting the good fight. Now we’re fighting for survival. Part of being a grown up is willingly doing what you don’t want to do.
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    Hi folks, My memory is a little fuzzy on this, but, as I recall, after Biden had won the election he said something about wanting to unite this country. I thought he was nuts. He was not my first choice for the nomination, but considering the options, I supported him. As I would today given the same choices. Today, he is IMO taking a very weak stand on this decision: Roe v. Wade decision 2022: Biden calls abortion ruling ‘a sad day’ for country - oregonlive.com IMO it more than a 'sad day,' it is a disaster with more to come. The Democratic party needs to nominate someone with a lot more fire in the belly in 2024 or we will lose more than just Roe v Wade. End of rant, Jerry Baumchen PS) This is more like it: It shows how much standing up and fighting for rights matters every day Trudeau calls overturn of Roe v. Wade 'horrific' - POLITICO
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    Maybe. On the other hand he might be thinking: "Ginni, baby, I love you but the law is the law."
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    91% of Americans have either a house they own, a house they rent, a condo with dedicated parking that they own and has dedicated parking, or an apartment with dedicated parking. These people have a straightforward path to getting a charger. In California, there's a law that says a landlord with X amount of dedicated parking has to install a charger if the tenant requests it. (If there is any cost for installation, tenant pays for it.) For people with no parking (or non-dedicated public street parking) Seattle now has a program where they will install a charger on a power pole nearby and stripe the parking near it EV-only. They then charge you 2x for power to pay for the installation. Several other cities have similar programs. Also an option for such people is charging at work. While I was at Qualcomm we put in over 100 plain old AC outlets for under $10,000. They only deliver 1400 watts, but that's also a plus to the company - they don't take much power and are far cheaper to install than level 2 chargers. And in this case there was a 400 kilowatt solar installation on the roof, so even the power was covered. Finally destination charging will play a role. Destination charging is low power charging near where you are going anyway - shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants. You park, plug in, go to dinner or whatever, come back out and unplug. There are 311 charging stations with between 2 and 24 plugs each within 30 miles of me, for a total of over 1200 places to charge. 83 of them are free. San Diego is ahead of the curve here certainly, but there's no reason that other small cities can't do what San Diego did.
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    Hi slug, As I have posted before, when the auto first became available to buyers, they had to carry their own containers down to a pharmacy to get gas for the car. Inconvenient at the time; but, the infrastructure soon came along. I think we call it supply & demand. Jerry Baumchen
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    wow. out of touch, you are says Yoda.
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    Still working on it? I live in Austin, have 30 jumps and am planning on taking a canopy course next month and do the water training next time its offered. So I'm down to help study for B-License exam.
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    Being a baby boomer, I participated in the sexual revolution. Does that count?
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    Again, again and AGAIN Brent breaks the forum rules. "External text from other sources: Copying and pasting the words of somebody else is not a conversation. At the very least, the person should make a comment in relation to the wall of text they've copied and posted so we know where the poster himself stands in relationship to it. Give it some context so you aren't simply acting as a copy and paste meat robot on behalf for some PR firm, lobbying group, or news site" @mods - I'm genuinely curious - what exactly does a troll need to do to be banned? Do you honestly think he adds value here? This isn't dissenting conversation. This is NO conversation. You KNOW Brent is a troll, but you put up with it. Why?
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    Yes, the truth gets in the way of a good story...
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    The media has an insatiable demand for commodifying cheaply acquired content.. the truth is irrelevent.
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    Why the hell is he wasting time in Ukraine instead of prosecuting the Trump crime mob?
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    I'd ask a canopy coach to evaluate you. There are people with thousands of jumps who shouldn't be jumping a 1.38 WL, and people with 50 who could handle it with ease.
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