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  1. If Kenny actually wore a trench coat and carried a brief case, then I don't think there's anything about that photo that is "Coopery". Your post ALMOST makes me wish Blevins was still allowed here. I'd love to hear how he spun that conversation, and we all know he would have.
  2. So does that now mean that the money could have entered the water on the night of the skyjacking. As I said on the facebook group yesterday, the more we find out about this money and Tena Bar, the more confusing it gets. It's supposed to work the opposite way dammit, lol.
  3. I wish I could have been there, looks like a blast! How was the attendance? From the pics I saw it looked down from last year.
  4. Very cool. And they even left the tie off, which is often overlooked on such displays (and book covers),
  5. So, I suppose that we are not supposed to notice that you are back? You are as full of shit today as you were the day you were booted off of the DZ.
  6. Are you familiar with Bob Knoss?? I'm not sure if he's still around but you should try looking him up. I think the two of you would really hit it off...
  7. Sorry. Clearly not a well received post on my part. I'll try and do better, lol...
  8. I've came close to checking out of that group many times. Eric isn't to blame, but there's so many idiots over there that it's become pointless. I enjoy the Facebook Live discussions, and that's pretty much the only reason I've hung around. Otherwise it's always the same old ridiculous theories: "Cooper never jumped", "It's obviously McCoy", "The Ingrams were in on it", "Cooper never existed", etc. Cle Elum would fit right in with all that BS.
  9. You would gain a lot more traction over on the Facebook group, with all the others that have dumb theories. You're kinda just wasting your time here.
  10. I've suspected that the story Reca told about walking into the diner and meeting the cowboy could be true. Only that it didn't happen on the night of the hijacking, or maybe it did. But it had nothing to do with Cooper. A lie wrapped in a blanket of truth.
  11. I rank him right behind Kenny...
  12. A lot of suits. I wonder how many of those were thrift shop purchases?
  13. I can't imagine a small store like that kept a very detailed inventory to the point that they knew some beef jerky was missing. Unless he took all that was there, which he may very well have. In any event, it seems there were quite a few criminals out and about in that area that evening. Heisson Store, attempted break in at a house, and most likely a hijacker!
  14. I thought those from the Vortex represented themselves well. I shot Darren a message after it aired and told him that. Otherwise, I personally did not care for the show. Same old suspects getting rehashed. The money and the tie are where the focus should be. But, I guess the general viewing audience wants suspects. Most will look at it and try and guess which one is the culprit, as if it's a game of Clue and it has to be one of them. Oh well, it's certainly not the first time that History Channel has delivered what I considered to be a disappointing effort. I guess it's a good quick overview of the case for someone not really familiar with it.