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  1. So, what do you think he did (assuming he landed with the money)? Getting it out of the area makes the TB find harder to explain, right? I don't know if I believe he lost the money, or stashed it. But I have a hard time believing that he left the area with the money....if he even survived, which I kinda believe he did.
  2. Did the comic character, "Dan Cooper", hijack a plane in the comic?
  3. Ok. I don't recall having seen those dimensions before, although I probably have. I assumed it would have been bigger than that.
  4. So, Cooper didn't ask for specific denomination of bills. But, if he asked for 200 grand in a knapsack, can we assume he expected a larger denomination? I can't see all those 20's fitting in a knapsack.
  5. Cooper asked for a knapsack. Any idea what the average size of a knapsack would have been in 1971? I'm assuming much smaller than the bank bag he was given?
  6. Yes, the truth gets in the way of a good story...
  7. Did he say that this new information would be covered in the upcoming Netflix doc? I'll gladly listen to what he has and if he proves me wrong then great. It won't be the first plate of crow I've had to eat.
  8. I agree. With 4 episodes, there should be plenty of time to dive into Tom Kaye's research and also to take a hard look at the tie. Instead, we probably get the same old info on the same old suspects that we all know aren't Cooper. I'm sure we also get a heavy dose of Rackstraw and Colbert as well. I appreciate what Colbert did with the FOIA and the 302's, but at the end of the day, I doubt he could beat a couple of 12 year old's at a game of Clue, much less solve the DB Cooper case.
  9. I actually like the dredge theory. But I think getting the answers to this part of the mystery is even less likely than figuring out who Cooper was. Cooper himself probably couldn't even tell you how the money wound up in the Columbia and onto TB.
  10. Try This:
  11. Maybe, but why mention it then as opposed to waiting until you wanted them changed? But you're right, we will never know.
  12. Here is a potentially dumb question: It seems that having the flaps down caused a few problems for Cooper. Could those have not been changed in the air, as he got closer to jumping? Why have them down the whole time?
  13. Even today, I don't think a description of "White" would necessarily eliminate someone that is Mexican. Below is a boxer named Canelo Alverez (whom I despise). He is probably the most popular boxer in the world currently. Most would describe him a being white. He is Mexican.
  14. Any possibility that the bank in which Cooper's money came from would have had any other currencies set aside as well?