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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^Totally Misses The Point^^^^^^^^^^
  2. That is way more information than any of us needed. Hopefully, the "memorable stills and video" will remain private and not find their way to the DZ.
  3. Or lost during the jump? Thus creating the need to do another hijacking?
  4. I'm sure you've seen it, and you may have mentioned this before and I just don't remember it, but in the old Unsolved Mysteries episode on DB Cooper, Ralph Himmelsbach states the following: "There were ten thousand twenty dollar bills assembled in straps of a hundred bills to a strap, and individual straps held together with rubber bands".
  5. Robert - If I were to go online and buy a copy of "Into The Blast", would that book tell me that Kenny Christiansen bought his house for cash, or has that error been corrected?
  6. I don't suppose that I would turn down easy money. No one really believed you were leaving the vortex anyway...
  7. So, now you're not out of the Cooper biz???
  8. Robert, to be clear, there are numerous theories out there from many different people about the money being planted or hidden on Tena Bar. I think they are all stupid. I think Eric's theory about Cooper coming back and wading out into the water and digging up the money is quite ludicrous. So no, you are wrong with your assertion. No one tosses or buries anything with the hopes that someone finds it. Nice dodge to my question by the way. I guess your statement that there were a "parade of articles and TV news bits harping on the fact that the SOL is coming up on 11/24/76", is just something you are saying and can't really back up.
  9. Was there really a " parade of articles and TV news bits harping on the fact that the SOL is coming up on 11/24/76"? I can't seem to find any. Perhaps Mr. Blevins could link a few? Robert, I don't really understand why this is such a big deal to you. It doesn't really do anything to change your theory. Where your theory is concerned, what the FBI or DOJ thought doesn't really matter. If Cooper were alive, all that matters is what he thought. If he thought there was an SOL, then you still have your theory. Personally, I think it's a stupid theory, that makes zero sense, but this does nothing to change it. Cooper could have certainly thought there was a SOL.
  10. According to this article, because Cooper was a fugitive, the statute of limitations would not apply to him. The John Doe warrant was more of a "just in case" move. Something else interesting from the article was the pair of trousers that were found 25 foot high in a tree. According to the article, the FBI believed the trousers belonged to the skyjacker. Although later in the article it says the FBI believed that he drowned in Lake Merwin. I had never heard of these trousers being found before. They were described as checkered blue-gray. I don't recall any descriptions of Cooper wearing such pants, so I don't know why the FBI thought they could be his?
  11. Not that it matters, but if that is true, then Dan the man didn't choose the wrong chute after all....
  12. For those keeping score at home, that is 6 consecutive posts from the person who recently said: "Basically, I am bailing from the Vortex, at least on the internet".
  13. Everyone liked it Robert. Everyone but you. They cut Kenny out, so it became a sham. If they'd left him in there, you'd still be talking about how great it was.
  14. Well, I'm not a bourbon drinker, but at those prices I'd have a couple. I'd take some of that 50 cent american beer as well!
  15. Robert - Turn on any sporting event and take a good look. No one is fearful of any kind of super spreader any longer. It's over. Only those with legitimate health concerns are worried at this point. Everyone else is getting back to normal. If your campout bombs, or if Cooper Con bombs, it will be for reasons other than Covid.