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  1. Robert, You are killing this forum. No one here cares about you're issues with Bruce. No one. Bruce doesn't come to the DZ forum, so I don't understand why you keep posting about him here. Secondly, no one here cares about your UFO campouts. A week ago you said the following about your upcoming July event: "In any case, I guess after this Saturday you won't be burdened with any more notices about this event anymore. (*Robert hears cheering in the background*)" Yet, everyday it's just more of the same.
  2. Here's an idea: quit posting the names and pictures of your friends and fiancé. Who else does that? My opinion is that you bait people into these comments by posting their names and pictures. Why else would you post the same picture over and over and over. You want people to make these comments, so that you can have something to bitch about. Here's another idea: quit being a diva.
  3. Why do you bother banning Bruce from your campout? You know there is a 0.000000% chance that he would come. I will patiently await your 1,000 word answer.
  4. I assume you mean the Bills? The Chiefs play later today. The Bills looked good. These playoffs are wide open. Other than 1 or 2 teams, I could see anyone being there at the end.
  5. This has absolutely nothing to do with DB Cooper, but....
  6. I've read only two, Gray's book and Bruce's book. I liked both. Gray's book is really the one that got me more interested in the case. I intend to read Marty's book, I just haven't got around to getting it yet.
  7. I guess you could look at it that way. Or perhaps you could look at it a little more logically, and realize that not everyone is glued to this forum and actually has a life away from it. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true. For example, instead of responding to your post that has probably been repeated now for the 20th or so time (I can't say for sure because like Jo Weber's old posts, I made it through about 5 lines before I moved on), I spent this morning taking care of some mechanical issues with my daughters car. Then it was on to the clinic to get my son, who became ill yesterday, a damn Covid test, only to find out they were too busy to see anyone else. "Come back after 2 O'Clock" they said. So I said to hell with it and went and picked up a home test which turned out positive. But, I don't really trust the home test, which begs the question: why did I buy the damn thing in the first place?? So, even though I said I wouldn't it was back to the same clinic late this afternoon where I was finally able to get him tested, and as it turns out, the home test was more accurate than I thought it would be. So, there goes tomorrow's plans of bowling and hitting a bar with some friends, having a few (or more) brews, and listening to a good cover band. Oddly enough, we had the same plans last weekend and our friends had to bail because their family all had Covid. So, I guess I'll just lay low at home all weekend and watch some football, maybe a good movie or two. At least the Cowboys are in the playoffs. The plus side, is that I will be available to immediately respond if you post something (for the 20th or so time), so that you won't think that everyone is running scared from your "fairly intelligent" post. I'm just venting here. It's not been a good day and I was looking forward to a fun weekend. My son is fine, he feels much better today than yesterday. But, the fridge is full of beer. Things could be worse.
  8. Or hijacking a plane from the very airline that you work for...
  9. In the comments at the bottom, you said you believed Kenny was the guy when you reached out to Skip P with the book idea. Your mind was made up before you ever started your "investigation". The confirmation bias was there from the beginning. "Oh, I believe Sherlock Investigations hit it on the head with this one".
  10. And your mind was made up that KC was Cooper before you ever started your "investigation".
  11. No, I do not think you would have done that IF YOU KNEW that they were lies. But, just because you don't think they are lies, does not mean they are not lies. A woman can remember seeing KC make something 40 some years ago, and can also recall that it happened shortly before the hijacking. I can recall several things from my childhood, but to put those things in chronological order in relation to certain other way. So yes, I'm calling bullshit on her story. And you would do the same if it were in regards to a suspect other than Kenny.
  12. These are all lies told to you by liars. Pretty simple. Also, we've all seen the photo of you and your new girl now. How many times do you need to post it? It has nothing to do with Cooper.
  13. I don't disagree. But my question, is were there really a lot of news stories that were talking about the SOL being up soon? Blevins always says that, but I've been unable to find any. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?
  14. Is this actually true? It seems to me that if it were true, one should be able to find such articles by a simple google search. I've tried, and while I can find an article or two from when the John Doe warrant was acquired, I have been unable to find any such results that show that "practically every news source in the Northwest was harping on, and running articles about...the upcoming Statute of Limitations date". I'm not saying that they don't exist, but that I have been unable to find any. Perhaps you could link a couple?