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  1. I'd love to see a show of hands as to how many of us "directly" owe our lives to this man. I'm one
  2. So very nice to see this back on the front page. Let's try to keep it here, and hopefully motivate all involved to bring it back in 09
  3. Just freaking make it happen, already... Nothing else is quite the same.
  4. It's just plain ol' not fair... Btw Beth, it was a Scweizer 2-22, not a 2-33 glider
  5. Yeah Beth, it's me... Guess what? I got something new to add to my misc. credentials. I just got my Sr. Rigger the beginning of this year, back and chest.
  6. This is when I planned my vacation for anyway. I'm not likely to bother with summerfest again unless there are no other options. I'll probably try couch freaks, or lost prarie instead, but I'd MUCH rather have the convention back. Even with a smallish turnout, it's still such a good atmosphere. And I want more staff hats :-p my medical hat is FILTHY at this point.
  7. Of course we want one... well, at least, I do...
  8. But you're still gonna keep me and the rest of the jumper community in suspense as to if there'll be a WFFC '08, so mean......
  9. Oh, no arguments there, but I'm trying to decide if I should plan on doing Lost Prairie instead, since Summerfest really didn't do a whole lot for me. (Exclusive of the Hellfish, and Sanchez, of course)
  10. So, what's the word Beth? Is there any hope? misc. Jay