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  1. Robert, this isn't true. I have put my two cents in, but done so privately which in my opinion is the best way to do it. When you continuously poke at the spammer every day, it just makes him do it more, and I can't help but think that you know that.
  2. I don't think that you can use Occam's Razor here. There are too many unknowns. There are probably certain aspects of the case where you could do that, but to try and determine Cooper's fate through Occam's Razor, is a crap shoot, at best.
  3. So, the family and I have spent the last couple of days in Pigeon Forge, TN. One of the attractions that we visited today was the Alcatraz East Crime Museum. It's a pretty neat visit that chronicles a large amount of historical crimes. Among the things there is the actual Ford Bronco that OJ Simpson was riding in during the famous and perhaps most slowest police chase ever. The Volkswagen beetle belonging to Ted Bundy is also on display there as well. One of the more interesting things that I saw, was a piece of flooring from the house where Jesse James was shot and killed. The flooring had blood stains from James' blood. Our friend, Mr. Cooper was also represented:
  4. I think the goal is to get this forum shut down again. At some point the mods will get tired of having to continuously delete posts and do just that.
  5. Robert, is this about Bryan, or is this just another avenue for you to use as a way to lash out against the Cooper forum? Here is what I do not understand: If Bryan needs help and you really want to help him, and you really want to have "one last big-ass Cooper party with AB of Seattle fronting the expenses for him", why not just reach out to him? Why does someone else need to serve as the middleman for that? Offer him help, he will either accept it or he won't. Remember your own words: sometimes you make a choice that is best for someone ELSE, rather than what is easier for you. Again I ask, is this about Bryan, or is this just another avenue for you to use as a way to lash out against the Cooper forum?
  6. I think someone, maybe Flyjack, found a memo where someone was told to dispose of the cigarette butts. Maybe someone can clarify that? I've always wondered if the cigarette butts were a misdirection of sorts. This is a little bit of a rabbit hole I guess, and I try to stay away from rabbit holes, but Cooper didn't leave much behind in the way of evidence. But he sure didn't mind revealing his brand of smokes. Maybe that wasn't even his brand. I certainly would not lean more favorably toward a suspect that smoked Raliegh cigarettes than I would someone that smoked a different brand. But that's just me....
  7. One of the McCoy files that is posted at The DB Cooper Forum, says that the 3 stewardesses said that McCoy's picture was "not identical" to Cooper. There were 2 other witnesses that indicated a "strong resemblance" and would not rule him out. I think this is from File #2. As far as why Cooper wasn't caught, he lost the money. It's that simple. Whoever he was, he didn't have that sudden influx of money that most people think Cooper must have had. So no one noticed anything different about him. No red flags. That's my best guess as to why he was never caught.
  8. I agree. The problem is that not everyone will have the same level of requirement for a public solve. How much circumstantial is enough? I'd love to see it, but my naturally pessimistic glass half empty attitude says we never will. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. No apology is necessary, but I learned a long time ago that when someone offers an apology, you accept it, so I will. I have to be honest though, when I read this I wasn't sure what you were talking about. In my traveling this week, I managed to miss the post you are talking about so I had to go back and see this "overreaction". So, I won't respond to any of it other than to say - for clarification purposes - that LD Cooper is certainly not my suspect. I do not think that any of the known suspects are Cooper. I'm pretty much a skeptic when it comes to suspects. I think with enough effort, a circumstantial case can be made for anyone who fits the physical requirements. At the end of the day, I just want to see the case solved. I love a good mystery, but not without the conclusion. If Kenny Christiansen were proven to be Cooper, I'd be fine with it. I say the same for any of the suspects that have been put forth. I just want to know who did it and why. I don't think we ever get that answer.
  10. Are you sure about that? I thought the debate was that it may be nylon as opposed to silk. But ripstop nylon would have been very easily identified, or so I thought.
  11. Robert, nowhere in the NPR story does it say that LD Cooper was dismissed as a suspect. That is my point. You keep saying he has been, when in fact he hasn't been. There is a difference between someone being eliminated from being the hijacker and someone not being proven to be the hijacker. What you are doing here is lying, plain and simple. You know the truth, and choose to say something in contrast with the truth. That is a lie.
  12. Robert, this is not a fact. The FBI has never officially eliminated LD Cooper. If they have, please provide something that show this and I will gladly accept it. Back in late 2019, I made a post on this very topic. It can be found on page 2409, post #60204. But in the interest of convenience, I will paste it here for you: I don't think LD is Cooper, but I also don't think the FBI ever officially said so either. Look, there's an old saying about how if you say something enough times, it becomes the truth. If you say LD and Sheridan were eliminated enough times, people will eventually accept it as fact, even if it isn't true - and for all I know, it may be true, I just haven't seen it if it is. But you will say that, and say it again and then somewhere down the line - a week, a month, maybe a year - but at some point, you will remind us all how Fred Gutt (?) said that Kenny boy had never been eliminated. That's called spin, and you're very good at it. I would assume that to be eliminated, one must first be investigated, but let's not get caught up in details. So, for future reference, LD and Sheridan were both investigated by the FBI and as far as we can tell have never been officially eliminated as suspects even though the case is pretty much closed and no one is being looked at any longer. I'm sure there are plenty of others that we could say the same about. Even though the FBI is most certainly aware of Kenny Christiansen, they never bothered to investigate him and obviously did not consider him a viable suspect. Again, unless there is something there that we are unaware of. That Robert, is my reasoning for pointing these things out. It isn't because I think good ol' uncle LD is DB Cooper. It's just because I like to keep the facts straight and that isn't always easy here in Coppertown is it? Pretty simple, right?
  13. It's usually people with a suspect that push this idea. Their suspect supposedly had a sudden increase in wealth after the skyjacking, but they have to explain the Tena Bar money. Thus, Cooper planted it. The thing they tend to overlook is that NO ONE buries anything so that someone may find it. NO ONE throws anything into a river hoping someone finds it. People bury things and throw things into bodies of water because they don't want them to be found. I'm sure Cooper was a smart dude. But, he's not brilliant enough to have orchestrated the Tena Bar money find the way that some people want to say he was.
  14. I disagree. Cooper could have lost the money when his chute opened. Whether he died, or lost the money when the chute opened, the money being in the Columbia is still hard to explain, imo.
  15. Ok, I wasn't sure what you meant exactly, as it could have been a couple of things. I don't totally disagree with that, but I certainly haven't seen a suspect that fits it either.
  16. I've always been interested in the Zodiac case as well. I would love to see that one solved, and if he's still alive, I would love to see him fry. As for Cooper, I've went back and forth on whether he survived or not, but I think he probably did survive. I also believe that he lost the money in the jump as well. Hopefully you get approved over at the Cooper Forum soon.
  17. Actually, what happened is that he pointed out Rackstraw and said that is Richard McCoy. There wasn't a picture of McCoy in that lineup.
  18. You do not allow comments that disagree with your assertion that Kenny C was Cooper. Period. I know.
  19. No, I am not pissed. I don't get pissed off on anything related to DBC or these forums. This isn't my life. It's just something I'm interested in and I follow. So no, not pissed. I just don't buy for one second that these movie folks were going to do a DBC movie, invest millions of dollars in the project, and were going to go to an internet message board for their source material. I'm not that stupid. I believe they came to you, and worked out a deal. Good for you. But I think in the process, you "warned" them about all of the other folks in "Cooperville". I don't think that they gave a rats ass about not being able to view links on the forum. If they were there to do real research, they would have joined and done the research. I believe the offer you made to Bruce was a bullshit offer. I do not believe for one second that you would have ever worked with Bruce. Making the offer was simply a way for you to say you tried. Truth is, you don't want to work with anyone in "Cooperville" any more than they want to work with you. Difference is, they are all honest about it. I am a bit surprised though, that they didn't go to Geoff Gray instead of you (even though we all know Geoff is now involved anyway).
  20. Sorry Robert, but the above is pure bullshit. The movie people came to you because you had the story they wanted to do, and apparently you owned the rights to that story. That is why they came to you. No one at the Cooper forum has that suspect with a story that they own the rights to. There was no reason for the movie people to offer anything to any of them. So, no they were not bypassed. And when you made offers to a couple of them, they declined. That doesn't sound like being bypassed.
  21. C'mon Robert, We've been over this before and when pressed, you've agreed with me. None of these other folks were "bypassed" for the movie. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. I don't know why you insist on pushing that narrative.
  22. But, couldn't the same thing be said about Kenny Christiansen? He was also an experienced skydiver.
  23. I disagree on the gold part, but the food and supplies for sure. My biggest concern is my daughter, who has Celiac disease is a very picky eater. So, I'm just trying to get enough food on hand for her...just in case. Personally, I think this thing starts getting better as the weather warms and it's probably a good thing that this is happening now instead of October or November, but we'll see. As for me, I'm still planning on going on my cruise next week if it doesn't get cancelled. What I don't understand (and this isn't a shot a Blevins although I'm sure it will be seen as such), is why cancel things that are a couple of months out? If it hasn't subsided by then, cancel then. My daughters school is talking about canceling her prom and it's two months away. I don't get it. I wasn't thrilled about paying $600 for a dress that is only going to be worn once, now it may not get worn at all. And before you ask, it isn't my size.