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  1. No, I am not pissed. I don't get pissed off on anything related to DBC or these forums. This isn't my life. It's just something I'm interested in and I follow. So no, not pissed. I just don't buy for one second that these movie folks were going to do a DBC movie, invest millions of dollars in the project, and were going to go to an internet message board for their source material. I'm not that stupid. I believe they came to you, and worked out a deal. Good for you. But I think in the process, you "warned" them about all of the other folks in "Cooperville". I don't think that they gave a rats ass about not being able to view links on the forum. If they were there to do real research, they would have joined and done the research. I believe the offer you made to Bruce was a bullshit offer. I do not believe for one second that you would have ever worked with Bruce. Making the offer was simply a way for you to say you tried. Truth is, you don't want to work with anyone in "Cooperville" any more than they want to work with you. Difference is, they are all honest about it. I am a bit surprised though, that they didn't go to Geoff Gray instead of you (even though we all know Geoff is now involved anyway).
  2. Sorry Robert, but the above is pure bullshit. The movie people came to you because you had the story they wanted to do, and apparently you owned the rights to that story. That is why they came to you. No one at the Cooper forum has that suspect with a story that they own the rights to. There was no reason for the movie people to offer anything to any of them. So, no they were not bypassed. And when you made offers to a couple of them, they declined. That doesn't sound like being bypassed.
  3. C'mon Robert, We've been over this before and when pressed, you've agreed with me. None of these other folks were "bypassed" for the movie. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. I don't know why you insist on pushing that narrative.
  4. But, couldn't the same thing be said about Kenny Christiansen? He was also an experienced skydiver.
  5. I disagree on the gold part, but the food and supplies for sure. My biggest concern is my daughter, who has Celiac disease is a very picky eater. So, I'm just trying to get enough food on hand for her...just in case. Personally, I think this thing starts getting better as the weather warms and it's probably a good thing that this is happening now instead of October or November, but we'll see. As for me, I'm still planning on going on my cruise next week if it doesn't get cancelled. What I don't understand (and this isn't a shot a Blevins although I'm sure it will be seen as such), is why cancel things that are a couple of months out? If it hasn't subsided by then, cancel then. My daughters school is talking about canceling her prom and it's two months away. I don't get it. I wasn't thrilled about paying $600 for a dress that is only going to be worn once, now it may not get worn at all. And before you ask, it isn't my size.
  6. I have no opinion on whether Cooper died or not. I suppose there are reasons to believe either way. My belief is that he either died, or he survived but lost the money. I suppose he could have both died and lost the money as well. I'm not a believer that he survived and got away with the money.
  7. C'mon Flyjack. You know better than this. Blevins has all he needs from Jarvis. Why bother calling him and risk clarification that would refute the propaganda that he has put out there?
  8. Andrade - I'm thinking about giving your book a read. What is the best place to download it from and is there a hard copy as well? If so, what is the price difference between electronic and hard copy?
  9. Then take it up with them! Quit preaching to me about these guys like I'm their damn keeper. No one on here gives a damn about your issues with those one! I really do think that it's time for whoever moderates this forum to step in and put and end to your continuous posting about another forum and it's members that don't even post here.
  10. Robert, if I came on here and told you to have a nice day, somehow you would find a way to respond to that and make it about Shutter, EU or Bruce or someone else. You really need help.
  11. This is hypocrisy at it's finest. You can have your suspect, but damn anyone else who has a suspect.
  12. I do not believe that Richard McCoy was Cooper. However, I have always thought that if McCoy had not gotten caught, and we were sitting here today talking about two unsolved hijackings instead of just the one, that most people would probably be of the thought that they were done by the same person. Now, maybe there was enough there that the FBI could have determined that not to be the case. Obviously there would be nothing in the way of fingerprints or physical evidence to link the two. But it's something interesting to think about. How differently would we look at the Cooper case? I wonder how much circumstantial evidence a guy like Blevins (and others) could round up to tie their guy to both hijackings? I've brought this up in the past and most people didn't agree with me. Oh well.
  13. Who was the witness that you left all of your evidence with while you went and ate lunch. Then, after she looked at all of your evidence, you went back and interviewed her? No way that you get "better and more honest" results that way.
  14. I don't owe you an answer to that question. But the honest answer is that I don't have enough knowledge of any of that to give an answer. I wish that 305 flew over Tena Bar, it would make things much easier. But at this point, I can't say that I believe that happened. Spent 14 years of my life working for Comcast until I was fired for doing something my supervisor told me to do. I hated all 14 years I was there. Once I was fired, I found something much better and wondered why I spent so much time working for that shit company. Actually, between the job I have now and Comcast, I took a job as a janitor at a government facility in Oak Ridge TN (where the atomic bomb was developed). That was still better than working at Comcast and it paid more - you are not the only one in Coopertown that has scrubbed toilets.
  15. I wasn't talking about you and Bryan when I said it was made up. I was referring to my being gullible simply because I am a member of the Cooper forum, and my supposed worship of Bruce Smith. What is between you and Bryan, is between you and Bryan. I have no opinion on it.
  16. More made up bullshit from you. When have I ever done or said anything to warrant that comment, that I "worship" Bruce Smith? For the record, there is only one that I "worship". His name is Jesus Christ, perhaps you've heard of him.
  17. Robert, there are plenty of words that can be used to describe me, some good and some not so good. "Gullible" is not one of those words. As for how far you have gotten in this case already, that's only true if Kenny is Cooper. If he's not, then sir, you are certainly not the one to be calling other people gullible.
  18. Please don't. You've repeated your spill on the Amboy chute over and over. It's all here on these pages, multiple times, for anyone who is interested to see. Plus, I'm sure there are a gazillion wordpress articles also.
  19. Let me give you the Readers Digest version: Robert thinks the Amboy Chute was Coopers.
  20. I stand corrected. My memory is failing me in my old age.
  21. I thought that he offered tip money from the first drink he ordered. I know that has been stated in the past, or I read it somewhere but I can't remember. Maybe in 'Skyjack'?
  22. I still prefer the dredge theory.
  23. Reminiscent of the day that Dale Earnhardt died. I was a huge fan of his at the time. I haven't watched NASCAR since and they have never recovered from his death.
  24. Parrotheadvol replied Exactly. There's no need to go there. I said I wasn't going to, but wound up coming anyway. That's a bit different from saying "I never look at DZ", while at the same time looking at DZ.