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  1. For those keeping score at home, that is 6 consecutive posts from the person who recently said: "Basically, I am bailing from the Vortex, at least on the internet".
  2. Everyone liked it Robert. Everyone but you. They cut Kenny out, so it became a sham. If they'd left him in there, you'd still be talking about how great it was.
  3. Well, I'm not a bourbon drinker, but at those prices I'd have a couple. I'd take some of that 50 cent american beer as well!
  4. Robert - Turn on any sporting event and take a good look. No one is fearful of any kind of super spreader any longer. It's over. Only those with legitimate health concerns are worried at this point. Everyone else is getting back to normal. If your campout bombs, or if Cooper Con bombs, it will be for reasons other than Covid.
  5. I sure will be glad when July is in the rear view....
  6. I don't recall ever hearing anything about this. By all means, post it. Most stories like this are just that...stories. But you never know, the next one you hear may the real one. I'd certainly be interested in it.
  7. Maybe someone that's having a Cooper campout, and needs to build a really big fire??
  8. He knows, and I assure you that if the answer to your question was "yes", he would've answered accordingly.
  9. You bring this up a lot. A security clearance does not make a person any more honorable or any less of a liar than anyone else. I live within 20 minutes of a Nuclear Facility. It's the facility where the atomic bomb was developed, and it's the same facility that several years ago hijackers threatened to crash a plane in to. I even worked there for a short period of time myself (you guessed it, scrubbing toilets). It employs several thousand people in this area. I know several people that work there, more than I could possibly name. Everyone that works there has to have a security clearance. There are several of them that I wouldn't trust farther than I could spit, and several that I would not believe even if they told me something I knew to be true. The security clearance only means that they have been deemed not a threat to sell or give away secret information. That's all. So please quit with this narrative that because these individuals had a security clearance, that their story becomes much more believable. It doesn't.
  10. Out here in East Tennessee, we have our own parachuting outlaw. This is a crazy story. Hopefully, Dan Cooper didn't end up like this guy.
  11. I don't see any in fighting or bickering. I just see you, throwing stones, every day. Just let it go.
  12. If he lost the money and survived, I doubt his next venture (whatever it was) was on the straight and narrow. So yeah, perhaps.
  13. I don't understand why this possibility isn't talked about more. No money = No lifestyle change. Ol' Bob is still driving the same junky car that he always drove, living in the same old shack he's been living in. He even seems a little more cranky of late. No Red Flags.
  14. So, I'm asking this simply because I don't know the answer. I'll leave all of these diatom scenarios up to those who know more about them than I do. But if the money was in the bank bag, would that prevent the money from having the diatoms? I guess what I'm asking is this: Is it possible that the bank bag went into the water in November, and at some point the TB money came out of the bag in the spring time, thus accounting for the diatoms?
  15. Well, I've posted this before, but I guess I need to post it again. This was a response that Bruce had received from Ann Dietrich Williams after he emailed her asking about a supposed suspect that the FBI had spent the previous 5 years investigating before closing the case. This was her response: "As you know, I can't provide a name because of Privacy Act considerations. However, I will tell you that a tip we received in 2010 provided information on a person the FBI had not previously considered as a match to the NORJAK subject. Every other individual mentioned in tips over the last five or more years was someone the FBI had previously considered, and for whom investigative results did not support further consideration. I would caution you from saying we spent five years investigating, because the effort was much less involved. We received items belonging to the 2010 individual and sent them to our lab for forensic testing against the DNA and fingerprint profiles we have on file. Given much more urgent and higher profile demands on the Lab, only in January 2016 did the Seattle Division receive the results of that testing. It did not confirm a match between the 2010 individual and the hijacker. There was tremendous media attention in 2011 to our investigation. I can't confirm or deny any claims about the identity of the individual we were considering, but I would suggest you review that media coverage." Obviously, she is talking about LD Cooper. 1. LD Cooper was the last suspect investigated by the FBI. 2. Curtis Eng told Marla that he thought LD was DB Cooper and that the FBI would be closing the case. 3. John Jarvis NEVER said the name Kenny Christiansen. 4. The FBI put LD Coopers name out there publicly, even though he was dead. So why would they not put Christiansen's name out there if they thought he was Cooper? There is no way that the FBI would not name the guilty party if they knew who it was. NO WAY!
  16. Robert, this is a very juvenile statement. It's one thing to constantly post about things that no one here cares about (no one here is going to the campout and thus it doesn't need to be updated daily here). But, can we keep the politics off the board, seriously?
  17. Meh. I'm not real impressed with it Robert. I'll give you credit for the inclusion of a couple of Mellencamp tunes, but otherwise I'd get bored pretty quick with that playlist. I've done plenty of playlist and quite frankly, mine are better.
  18. Does a sun tan look different if someone is standing? The idea that a physical description is less accurate because a person is inside an aircraft is ludicrous. Really. I hate airplanes, I really do. I'm a nervous wreck the whole time I'm on one. But because my job requires me to travel, sometimes I have to fly. With the onset of Covid, we've been given a little more freedom to decide how we travel. I recently made the drive from Tennessee to Idaho, not once but twice, in a three week period because I didn't want to fly. It sucked, but it beat flying. That said, my judgement is just as good on a plane as it is anywhere. A few years ago I had to fly to Canada (which is the worst place I ever have to go) and the lady that sat beside me on the plane was....nice. Let's just say that she was a nice looking lady and she had a very nice tan. I won't lie...many things went through my mind, but not a single time did I think that this lady was Latin, Mexican, Swarthy or Olive. She was tanned. There's a difference and it isn't hard to differentiate. Trust me.
  19. But isn't that pretty much the same as a sun tan?????
  20. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I do believe it's recently been stated that there are new owners of the Ariel store and they plan on putting on another party next year.
  21. Fly, have you ever considered that at the time the FBI was possibly more interested in McCoy as Cooper and didn't give as much consideration to Hahneman? They were less than a month apart, right? McCoy first, then Hahneman a few weeks later.
  22. The most effective lies are those that are wrapped in a blanket of truth.
  23. Robert, you are making some huge assumptions here. You assume that both Tina and the hijacker both knew that dynamite was not red. Fact is, that even today if you ask 100 people what color dynamite is, most would say red. I would not, but I used to work with dynamite so I would know that it isn't red. But Tina, could probably be easily fooled with road flares, and probably was. While the things you say here about dynamite may be correct, to assume that anyone on that plane knew these things is a huge leap. My point is, road flares could have easily been used without the need to wrap them from end to end with red electrical tape. Also, if three road flares (or anything else) were bound together by a single strip of red tape in the middle of them, that could also constitute as "being wrapped in red plastic". I would think that if the sticks were wrapped from end to end with electrical tape, that would be common knowledge.
  24. Brad Meltzer is a goof and anything with his name associated with it - that tries to present itself as real and factual - has zero credibility. All of those Decoded shows were laughable, not just the one on Cooper. That's my opinion and it has nothing to do with you or Kenny C or any other suspect that they could have chosen for that show. For me, "The Skyjacker That Got Away" is the best doc that I've seen on Cooper. I also really enjoyed the Recca doc that was on Amazon. I certainly don't but into him as a suspect, but the doc was very well done and enjoyable. Decoded and Case Closed were both trash.
  25. If the plan was for the bills to scatter, don't you think he would have removed the rubber bands?