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    There's no workable solution to Islam either, but there are none more woke than Winsor when it comes to criticising it.
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    The fact that a response doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make it incoherent. The fact that it doesn’t provide you with a point-by-point arrangement that you can either ignore or attack at will also doesn’t make it incoherent. Wendy P.
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    It's not easy being green.
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    I don't think it is the real Marla.. Did the trolls stop after the last time you got an event canceled, NO, they increased and your reputation took a big hit.. This is a losing move anyway it plays out. If you are willing to potentially ruin an event for people who have nothing to do with that troll.. then only you will be held responsible for your actions. Your vengeance is misguided and it will backfire.
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    Let's just call a spade a spade. Blevins is going to do anything he can to derail the event. There's a track record of such things. Anyone with half a brain knows that Marla isn't posting on Bruce's site. I also doubt that there are any reporters or anyone involved with the event that care about internet trolls. Most people are mature and smart enough to realize what a troll is and ignore it.
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    Scheduled to get my Phizer on the 4th. I'll be completely chipped up and on the right government list
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    Winsor, carrying something to what seems to you to be its “logical” conclusion, and then deciding that describes it, is disingenuous. Because you’re not “granting” others to exercise the same discernment that you might in espousing other material. It’s not yours to grant. Wendy P.
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    And right there is the problem. The right wing has taken an idea that they don't like and frightens them and claimed it is an "ideology". It is not and never has been. It is merely a description of being aware of a group of facts. The only idiocy and pathology I see in this thread is your thinly veiled hatred of ideas you reject.
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    Winsor, You started a thread to elicit the type of responses you got. And, people tried for about 450 replies up until you posted the 11 page rant. Once you posted that title; there was no exchange of dialogue or open discussion. It started out as a tennis match and you turned into a game of rugby. Keith
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    A father is listening to his daughter say her prayers before bed. The daughter says “God bless Mummy and God Bless Daddy and God bless Grandma and good bye Grandad.” The father says, “Good bye Grandad? Why is that?” The daughter says, “Just because I felt like it.” The next day, Grandad drops dead The father can’t believe the coincidence, but decided not to question it. That night, he listens to the daughter’s prayers again. She says, “God bless Mummy and God bless Daddy and goodbye Grandma.” The father is shocked again and asks his daughter why, but she says again, “Just because I felt like it.” The next day, the Grandma drops dead and now the Father is getting worried but doesn’t know what to do, so he tries to forget about it. That night, he listens to his daughter again and she says, “God bless Mummy and goodbye Daddy.” The father is now terrified and goes to work the next day sweating, cancels all of his meetings, and hides in his office for the whole day. He doesn’t go home and stays there until midnight. He’s very surprised. ‘I’ve cheated death!’ he thinks to himself, then rushes home. His wife asks, “Where have you been?!” and the husband says, “Oh don’t ask me any questions, today’s been miserable.” The wife replies, “Your days been miserable? Well, listen to my day! Firstly, the milk man drops dead on the porch…”
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    Looks like another Trump quest for OPM (Other People's Money).
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    Morally, you're right, but the explanation might need tweaking. Would you also say that if for years you have claimed your yappy dog was a service dog then the law should agree?
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