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    I am vastly more impressed with Victor Vescovo, who funded the development of a submersible vehicle he then personally piloted to the deepest point in every ocean. During these dives a lot of real science was done, including the discovery of over 50 new species of deep-sea animals. For his ~$50 million investment we have a submersible capable of reaching and exploring every point in the world's oceans. Don
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    I thought they didn't like cancel culture.....
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    I copied it from a post I made elsewhere. They were my words. Didn't want to have to retype everything.
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    I don't see a lawn.
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    I live in the foothills now. It's a different kind of California up here.
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    Dunno if you want to do that, Bigun. Skybytch lives in !California! Wendy P.
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    Sell everything south of Bakersfield. It's all a wasteland anyway.
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    I thought it was about who could keep a straight face and who cracked a smile? Does size really matter????
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    Some moderately prosperous folks ride airplanes up and jump out of them for no better reason than they want to and can afford it. Those turbines produce a lot of greenhouse gases. I am not going to judge Bezos and Branson for doing what they can afford and what they want to do. We didn't need to send humans to the Moon. All the science they did could have been done by robotics.
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    Direct link to the CDC document which WaPo is reporting on today: https://context-cdn.washingtonpost.com/notes/prod/default/documents/54f57708-a529-4a33-9a44-b66d719070d9/note/7335c3ab-06ee-4121-aaff-a11904e68462.
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    My question would be what were his sources and why does he think that? Because, well, I'm also related to a retired public health doctor (CDC and all that), and her take is entirely different. Yes, there is some cooking of the numbers to secure funding -- that happens in nearly every single business in the country, whether it's a public entity to secure funding, or creative accouting to legally escape taxes. I know that around here the majority of the COVID deaths listed COVID as the precipitating event -- i.e. yes, the guys at the Soldier's Home were old and generally ill (why else would they be in a retirement hospital), but 75 of them died within a month or so of each other, with contributing factors like understaffing meaning that workers were pressured to come in even if they were sick. In addition, the ventilation system in the building was substandard, and the more crowded the patients were (due to understaffing some wards were combined), the more likely they were to die. It was the public health doctor's retired infection control nurse wife who provided this specific information; she was contracted to come in and help them get some control over the pandemic in their facility after the bulk of the deaths, and she wrote a very comprehensive report for the state (which is now finally going to fund a replacement for that facility). Some people see a single case of cheating as a reason to go to unbelievable expense to stop that cheating -- but generally only if it suits their needs. Marginal behavior that they or people/institutions they identify with is simply "exploiting the rules," marginal behavior that they don't identify with, or that are engaged in by "other" groups, is cheating. Wendy P.
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    Don't hold your breath for an intelligent conversation in ANY situation at ANY TIME in your life. You'd die.
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    Maybe I'll figure it out. Changing 1 1/2 shot capewells to New Old Stock R3's sometime soon when I get to it. Just got the rivets from Paragear. And yes I have the tool kit also NOS.
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    Hi One, It has been many years since I've used one of those things. Do you have extra rivets? If so, just experiment until you know which to use. If I had it in my hands I could probably show you. Jerry Baumchen
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    In the case of the fatality mentioned in the thread title; the reserve was an Optima 113, combined with a Spectre 120 main. I do not know the physical size of the person in that fatality, but that's a pretty aggressive size for most people. I currently have a larger reserve than main, and I'm not that large a person. Of course, I'm old... Considerations to me include the "do you really want to downsize on your first reserve ride," along with terrain where you jump (if it's flat all over, then you have a lot more leeway and are less likely to have to sink your reserve into a back yard or a hole in the trees) and experience, and RSL or MARD use. There have been discussions in the past on this topic, but there's always room for a new discussion, because there are always people who can contribute and/or learn Wendy P.
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