First jumps over Everest

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A group of skydivers has completed the first parachute jump over the world's highest peak, Mount Everest.

The three adventurers, from the UK, New Zealand and Canada, enjoyed a minute-long freefall after jumping from about 9,000m (29,500ft).

The trip took 15 years to plan and cost each jumper about $24,000 (£13,500). After doing the jump, Briton Holly Budge said it was worth the money.

There are now 29 other members of the group waiting to do the leap.

"It was amazing, just spectacular," Ms Budge told the AFP news agency by telephone after making a safe landing.

"We had one minute of freefall and while we were above the clouds you could see Everest and the other high mountains popping out of the top."

The skydives were originally scheduled to be carried out on Friday but were delayed by thick cloud.

The jumpers had to use breathing equipment, extra-thick parachutes and special suits to deal with the thin air and sub-zero temperatures.

They also trekked in the region before the jump to get used to high altitudes.

Expedition leader Nigel Gifford says the people of the Everest region have got used to the idea, and that they are relating it to a Buddhist holy man said to have jumped over the Himalayas.

"It came about because I have been a Himalayan mountaineer and took up skydiving. I love doing both and I thought it would be good to marry the two," he said.
Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.

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I was just reading about this the other day from the banner add on DZ.com..... Looks like it was beautiful! Are there any more pictures out there of this? Were the jumps filmed.. any footage for us who couldnt afford that!? so we can live vicariously thru them! Blue skies
If flying is piloting a plane.. then swimming is driving a boat. I know why birds sing.. I skydive.

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Yeah.....I was thinking the same. Not too mention, if they jumped over the mountain (@ 29,000') and got a minute of freefall....then that's not really 'over' the mountain since the peak is at 29,000'.

They must have had to do a long cross-country canopy flight to have opened at about 16,000'!

Any word on pics or vid?

"When once you have tasted flight you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward: for there you have been and there you will always be." -L.D.

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Im sure the organizers made a few bucks while organizing. B| or if not I would say even the organizers were screwed pretty bad by someone..

I dont know much aobut the whole event, but to me it seems it was an event that was directed towards rich people with money who want to do something exiting. (they wont care about the cost) When the media is interviewing them they might say something like "3x thick parachutes" since most of them I guess are wuffos and dont have a clue about skydiving..

See this page:

And subpage on that site:

I wonder what exactly was so difficult with this that it took 15 years to plan ?


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This is what I got from My sister-in-law

"So far, Tom (AKA: Dualhawk) has done 3 jumps. Tonight will be jump #4.

#1 was a solo jump from 18,000 ft.
#2 was a tandem with a local sherpa from 22,000 ft. First tandem jump ever at Everest.
#3 was a tandem with a client from 30,000 ft!

#4 will be another tandem jump from 30,000 ft."

(I believe that this jump has happened, as I got the e-mail a couple of days ago)

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I received a call from Greg today...so I wish to quash any rumors that may reach the forums.
Yes there was a twin otter incident in Nepal with fatalities.
It WAS NOT however the folks jumping at Everest. Omar et el are fine.

I have no additional information on the incident.


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Landing area i believe is at approx 12000ft so minute freefall about right for a jump that is about 17000 ft above lz.
I think canopies are like student navigators approx 260ft cos of higher technical wing loading landing at 12000ft above sea level.Dont know about tandem rigs or canopies.
When team extreme landed on mont blanc at approx 9000ft i believe the effective wingloading on their parachutes was about double so landing at 12000 this could well be higher.
I was actually booked to go on trip but withdrew cos i thought it would be too dangerous landing at that height above sea level,lets hope i am wrong and everybody is safe.

Also it is not above Everest as i understand no permit for that, it is a jump in the Himalayas and yes you can see Everest!

Congrats to those that have jumped be good to see my buddy Martin Preston on the list of people that have jumped.

Steve Reynolds
Swooping, huh? I love that stuff ... all the flashing lights and wailing sirens ... it's very exciting!

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I went on this trip and all in all it mostly rocked. The canopies were your run of the mill PD Navigator 280's, as most have said it was for the density altitude at 12,350. I actually landed just a little off on my second jump and managed about 12,700ft and I am more than pleased that I had a 280!

If anyone has any questions about the 2009 trip I would be glad to give my feedback via a PM.


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