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  1. lol.... and theres a whole other thread about how each dz awards one every year...... Flopped thread...... I guess it just wasent as interesting as a post about good 'ol Bill Dause....
  2. if the OP had not written and had instead written "Bill Dause, DZO of the Parachute Center, Lodi, Ca. Recieved the a Chesley H. Judy USPA safety award 2 weeks ago at our Parachute Center Awards ceramony:" it would have been less misleading. Misleading my Ass...... "A" or "The" in that sentence makes little diference in how people take the information..... The sad thing is everyone is always so ready to bash lodi, because we do shit our own way..... its funny how more than 3/4 of lodi jumpers are uspa members, and 1/2 of them are world championship skydivers...... even Bill is a uspa member he just isnt a dzo uspa member wich keeps our jump tickets low.... someone do the math and tell me its all about money at lodi?
  3. Bill Dause, DZO of the Parachute Center, Lodi, Ca. Recieved the Chesley H. Judy USPA safety award 2 weeks ago at our Parachute Center Awards ceramony: This award is given to the skydiver who, through example, deed, training, or innovation, had promoted safe skydiving in a substantive way. Congrats Bill on keeping the sport safe and fun for all of us.....
  4. When you make a decision.... you have to live with it..... jumping from anything is a decision....... when shit dosent go as planned you have to deal and live with it........ Hey i feel for the guy, could have been any one of us..... but we all know the risk in this sport...... live with your decision.....
  5. Thanks for the info, was looking forward to this boogie, guess ill have to wait and see what happens.
  6. Anyone know why this boogie was cancelled?
  7. I'll be there for sure, wingsuit and all...... Strong possibility that me and the old lady are going to do the skydive wedding at the boggie, since Cate is Ordained....... but I havent drank enough beer yet to be sure about that idea......
  8. the science part of wingsuiting is great, but the landing a wingsuit without a parachute is not!!! Im honestly hoping that Jeb DOSENT attempt it (He said he'd have a base rig on incase the approach wasent right if he decides to try it...) Its stupid! and I don't want to read or hear about how he went in trying... an idea that shouldnt be published in any magazine... we have parachutes on our back for a reason, they are proven to work!! people go to airshows to see planes crash people go to car races to see cars crash..... people will watch a person try to land a wingsuit, why? to see him crash!! sorry if im coming off wrong but im just sick of hearing about landing the wingsuit we dont need anymore bad publicity, Im a very current wingsuiter (not saying im the best or anything), so i feel like I can give my 2 cents.... I understand what your trying to do with your article, and can respect it, but think the landing idea should be left out...
  9. The closest DZ to San Jose, ca Would be Byron, ive never jumped there but have heard that wind is a regular problem there, Again Just what ive heard, you could go to parachute center in lodi, usually pretty busy on weekends and jumps are damn cheap out of excellent aircraft... its about 1:45 mins from san jose but well worth the drive... hope that helps....
  10. now thats funny...... question: what actually made you watch this video while surfing youtube? you must have been looking for pointers for your next street dance battle royal...
  11. at least Brian Drake wasent there this weekend to film it and put whitney houstin music in the back ground......
  12. Where else would I be on a weekend?? See ya there...
  13. 1-209-369-1128 heres the number, speak with bill (hes the only guy who answers the phone) don't be alarmed if he says just come on out, were open 365 days planes are running, weather is great... its just the way bill is you will never get a straight answer from him.. bunkhouses arent to bad...the va jj should be safe unless you veture out with the beer goggles on....