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  1. The Spacesuit is a much trimmer cut and the freefly suit is old school baggy.
  2. Once you have some jumps on it (30ish) the leg straps will stretch and the padding will meet. It seems disconcerting upon delivery, but they're building the shrink into the pad length. Clever folks these rig makers.
  3. And if they are skinny, they ain't at couch freaks.
  4. Reminds me of a time in my commercial diving days when I chucked 50lbs of lead in the trash as checking it was more expensive than it was worth. Airlines don't exist to cater to suspicious skyumper gadgets or lead weights. J
  5. I like having some kids around to keep me from talking the usual filth and unlike dogs most don't shit in the landing area.
  6. I think I'll just get a Sherpa to jump it for me.
  7. My best memory of Todd's last day was watchting him pack up one of our newer jumpers big slipperies just to do something nice, and asking me who's rig it was and saying it was a bear to pack. Doing a solid for a stranger when that person wasn't watching; that's just plain kind, decent and cool. J
  8. I think I would prefer to be knocked out when my skin ignites, but with my helmet safely secured as not to cause any undue discomfort to my smoldering/mangled mates.
  9. You don't HAVE to come to the dz. Stay home and watch your dog crap all over where you walk.
  10. The kids at our dz are great, but the dogs is out of control. Most of the owners are working jumpers and they poop right in the landing area making an annoying mess. I wouldn't hurt anyones dog, but I might wipe the dogshit off my shoes in your camper. J
  11. If one person has to bring their dog suddenly everyone does and then we all get to step in the dog shit, track it into the packing area and then on our precious gear. If you don't bring your dog I won't put out bowls of anti-freeze. J
  12. Now you can put your head back in the sand. Aren't any of you simple fucks outraged by all the human suffering? J