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  1. The volume of the voice alerts are adjustable on the N3A but not in flight. To adjust the volume of your tunes you adjust the volume on your mp3 player as you normally would. So probably best to have an ipod shuffle with simple buttons you can use with gloves.
  2. it just passes the music straight through - not programmable like you would want. Again - I have never jumped with music. I just like the SA with voice alerts.
  3. Like..."want some candy little boy" funny! More like "I have come to clean the pool. Would you like me to take a look at your pipes" funny.
  4. in that case 'no' is the answer....and trust me on this, you wouldn't want them..... I certainly wouldn't....
  5. Oh yeah what a stupid woman working in HR, a real fucking bimbo! Seriously.. its a valid question. You don't have to go very far above 14k before it gets hard to breathe. Have you ever been climbing above 10k? 4 seasons summer mountaineering in NZ. Summited Mt Cook. bimbo? stupid? not my words. Just making the point that feelings and head shrinking are more her forte - working in HR.
  6. You jump at Palatka? We need to talk to Art about skydiver sense of humor. He's training good new jumpers, just forgetting to teach you the twisted humor part. I know he has one. lol I have a sense of humour - just didn't think that was very funny or clever. And if you want funny - check out Art's mustache right now....THAT is funny!
  7. AWESOME! Now I feel prepared for these questions LOL
  8. They are the ones that administer the 'random' drug testing at work - so they know I'm not 'high'.
  9. ...if I can breathe when I am skydiving up THAT high! it was one of the HR chicks at no rocket scientist....
  10. CONDORMAN!!!!!
  11. briefed and planned I enjoy this 'living and breathing' caper and plan to keep doing it.
  12. I bit the bullet too. the 18-135 IS USM and the 70-300 IS USM lenses and the 7D body. Also grabbed a Sony CX150. Probably won't all make it here to Aust for Xmas - but no biggie. Forgot to order any media with them - DOH!!! LOL
  13. Thanks - I do look a bit like a power ranger with the white Z1 on - but I love it - bit of fun. The suit is LS - the rig was coloured to match - but unfortunately Julio did not have a hand in the design. He will in the next one for sure :D