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  1. freeflysteve

    hard opening sabre2 135

    Just got out of hospital and now have a little titanium cage in c7/t1 after fusion of prolapsed disc. Approc 3 inch scar in my neck but that is the only discomfort. Have been advised no skydiving for at least another 3 months.
  2. freeflysteve


    Hi Closest dz to Bicester is Weston on the Green. Great DZ. Give them a ring you never know during these cold UK winter months they might be doing AFF in the States. Whatever you do have fun. Steve
  3. freeflysteve

    Inside the CRW Big-Way

    Neat photo,and yes they do look relaxed. Cool on the outside and a 100c on the inside!!
  4. freeflysteve

    Seville?This christmas anyone?

    50 views,can't be many Brits going!
  5. freeflysteve

    newbie question

    A zoo dive is as far as i am aware one you are glad you didnt join in or if you did you got out alive. Bit like jumping in the lions pen probably seemed like a good idea but once you are there you realise its not. Basically a clusterfuck!!! As for the numbers well that gets me i think its the numbers achieved say for friday,saturday and sunday in that order. Enjoy your jumping and leave the zoos for the animals! Blue skies Steve
  6. freeflysteve

    RAPS v's AFF

    I started on RAPS and then went AFF route basically cos i turned up 19 times and only managed 2 RAPS jumps cos of lovely english weather,too cloudy or too windy etc. If money is tight consider doing AFF in Europe as it may well be cheaper than in the UK cos everything is expensive here!!! Whatever you decide have fun. Steve
  7. freeflysteve

    learning at Hinton or Freefall Uni in Spain

    Have been to Hinton,nice dropzone very friendly staff. If you do AFF there i am sure you will not only learn loads but have great fun. Email Geoff at the DZ. They even do AFF at the Kenya boogie. Havent been to the Spanish DZ you mention but Empuria is also a great place. Whatever you do enjoy. Blue Skies Steve
  8. No they are not the only ones,but for value for money thats what i bought.
  9. freeflysteve

    Zute Sute Problems

    Doesnt sound good. Did you pay by credit card?If so reclaim monies back,shouldnt be an issue with credit company as no goods recd by you. Best of luck. Steve
  10. freeflysteve

    Where to buy elastic bands?

    Where in Spain? Most dz will have bungees in stock or buy some off the packing mat. If you are not near a dz pm me and i will see if i can help further. Stephan
  11. freeflysteve

    skyhook cost

    depends on rig you have,my understanding is it can only be fitted to latest vectors look at their website will show you additional costings
  12. freeflysteve

    Skydive Empuriabrava

    If you havent visited empuria then try and fit it in your diary for a visit I learnt to skydive there just over 31/2 years ago and have beeen there over 30 times since I have jumped at over 20 different dropzones and Empuria rates in the top The levels of experience in all skydive disciplines means everybody has the chance whether a beginner or experienced to gain something from a visit to Europes busiest dropzone The night life is good too and there are some really good restaurants not least Bruno and Gabys OASIS restaurant Get on the net and book your trip you wont regret it