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  1. wildWilly

    Skydiving in the kootenays b.c.

    I think the closest is in Kamloops.
  2. wildWilly

    Random question

    It's called a Mr. Bill jump. Lots on youtube
  3. wildWilly

    Comprehensive list of repack cycles?

    Canada, 6 months
  4. wildWilly

    how many jumps?

    Ya , you need more money. try doubling what you have, then save up for beer. Have Fun.
  5. wildWilly

    is this normal?

    I was quite nervous for my first 10 jumps. But once you progress and learn that you can do it the nerves will ease. That nervous excitement will never go away completely, and it shouldn't. That's what keep you aware and alive. Kepp jumping and keep smiling
  6. wildWilly

    Boogie Games?

    Flaming shit kick is a fun one. Soak a toilet paper roll in Avgas( not JetA) light and let the good times roll. Have a fire extinguisher handy. Good luck, Willy
  7. wildWilly

    700 jumps in 24 hours

    that's 1 jump every 2 minutes. Good luck, but I have my doubts. Willy
  8. wildWilly

    Good skydiving books?

    The Parachute and It's Pilot and Transcending Fear by Brian Germain Happy reading Willy
  9. wildWilly

    Canopy Performance in Heavy Winds

    Look into the Big Air Sportz Lotus. It is a great flying predictable 9 cell with airlocks. anything that keeps your canopy open and above your head is a god thing.
  10. wildWilly

    hd transitions

    Try to keep a reference point in sight at all times through the transition. You can also try transitioning to sit then back to HD. As you progress you will be able to go completely around while staying on heading. A good coach would be able to fix you right up. Good luck, Willy
  11. It's done here in Canada too. Along with a bootle to your rigger if you use their pack job before it's due for repack and the traditional pieing on your 100th jump. Any other traditions out there? Willy