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  1. i like this site every one is willing to give till its hurting ..stacy jacks style ... i recon multiple wingsuits or wings double suits or double wings and suits or triple wings may allow slow enough speed to land .. ..what ever it takes we will land because we just will .. i am revelations 12 wo to man for sin against woman
  2. it can ..thats where your unfortuately misstaken .. .. any way have a winfeild ... i watched every luffing occilation of gary's suit as he landed because it acts similer to hangliders luffing occilations and we cant go over 130 degrees nose angle or we crash because the incomeing occilations cancel out the forward pushing luffing occilations to keep the sail aerodynamic and if you go over 130 degrees the occilations arrive behind the c/g and we go divergent and gary's suit was doing this so he had to continualy be adjusting his lift centroid sweet spot position by small movements of his hands which on a hanglider we do by our full weight ..these luffing occilations start at the wing tips or hands and move at the speed of sound forward faster than the aircrafts movement forward to arrive ahead or hehind the c/g and if they arrive ahead your fine if behind your dead ..your incidence is totaly ineffective if you violate it .. .. you now clean ..smack ..and im out of here ..skeatesy1 i am revelations 12 wo to man for sin against woman
  3. yes aerodynamicaly you have to be proficient or you wont do a full flair it will only be a crash dive and yes the original boeing 707 did a full barrel roll and its documented and yes i have what it takes to die in this sport im just not going to do it but my name is on the moyes csx world championship hangliders and i have been in the sport since a child in the 1950's and my engineering experience with the new 130 nose rule controls all sport .. and now im sujesting a pointed noes plate from the arms up over the head to a point to gain better l/d and loop potential and full stop flair ability .. ... also i have done massive work on parragliders for moyes factory to evaluate their viability to produce them .. i am revelations 12 wo to man for sin against woman
  4. wingsuits still more work to do a full stop flare like a hanglider and proof will be if you can loop a wing suit but what gary did here is as much authority as the moon landing and wont be forgotten but i wont watch the next gye who does it unless there is a better lift/drag ratio like winglets and stuff still to go for a proper flare ..skeatesy1....perhaps a cannard helmet ... i am revelations 12 wo to man for sin against woman