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  1. Hey guys, thanks for all the advice, recommendations, and of course all the trash talkin.. That always makes for a good laugh when their is an argument... To be clear I have no problem packing a parachute and actually the problem is I don't pack them enough because I don't own a rig. My current DZ will not allow a person who rents gear to pack the parachute even if I jump that rig all day, their policy is to be packed by their staff.... This is more reason I want to own because I don't want to forget or have issues packing later on... I do see the points on a Novice comparing it to an A, yes I did look at Novice as A but I never thought of the scenario you described, that changed a lot of thought processes.... Overall I think I am going to look into a container that will hold a 240 and still have room to downsize... I do like the 240, I don't care too much to go fast and swirl outta the sky to a swoop, I enjoy the flight path and just hanging out under canopy.... I am in no rush to downsize I just really would like to purchase my own rig...
  2. Thanks for the advice, I guess my main concern was that a nav 240 with the 190 exit vs pilot 188 with a 188 exit were close. I am very conservative I am not (at this point) the type that is interested in "coming in hot" to land. I like to hang out under canopy and I understand that extra 60 sf will do that, my other concern was if the 1:1 ratio is correct will that extra 60 sf above me be a problem on a windier day and take me for a ride... I do not plan on downsizing right away these were just thoughts, options and mainly questions... I really like the navigator 240 mainly because I know the canopy and land with it comfortably and accurately, that extra sf just worries me if it does happen to be a windier day. Yes I totally agree in my fire profession that if I get hurt no I wont be able to work and that is more reason why I am not just jumping into a totally new rig and asking questions first. Thanks for all the help and clarifying my "why" questions!!
  3. I need to clarify things I guess my original postings points was totally missed.. Let me try this again.. I was told by another DZ owner to be aware of people who follow the 1:1 ratio for canopies. Due to the fact that the manufactures place ma weight guidelines on their equipment based on different sizes, styles of fabrics, shapes of canopies, etc.. and to not fully trust the 1:1 ratio.. Per Performance designs website, a navigator 240 for someone in a novice category should have a maximum exit weight of 192 pounds. A pilot 188 also in the novice category has a exit weight of 188 pounds. With these numbers why is the Navigator so huge for such a smaller weight. I dont care about packing a bigger parachute, that was not the issue even though I am sure that how it may of sounded.. I want to know that if a navigator 240 has an exit weight of 192 and a pilot 188 has exit weight of 188, does this make the two canopies similar?? Below are the links for a Navigator and Pilot with the weights that I was referring too. I hope I clarified better to better understand canopy sizing... http://performancedesigns.com/navigator.asp http://www.flyaerodyne.com/pilotsel.asp
  4. Hello Everyone, So I have a question about downsizing. I am currently renting a Navigator 240 Parachute. I want to purchase my own rig but don't want a huge parachute like that to pack. I went to Performance designs website and I saw that the max weight for a Novice (I consider it an A license) is 192 pounds. Now I know the whole ratio 1:1 rule but clearly this is far from that rule. My weight is 190 with gear and out the door. So technically the Navigator 240 is my perfect size... The parachute I am looking to buy is a Pilot 188. I also looked at the website and the recommended max weight is 188. I am curious if this is correct when comparing it to what the manufactures are writing for max exit weights. I am hesitant to buy because it seems like a huge downsize but when I compare numbers like that it doesn't look like a downsize at all. What do you think is correct in regards to my theory of buying a pilot 188 comparing it to the weights???
  5. Paypal is secure. What they will do is receive your email and send you a FAKE email saying paypal has funded your account. CHECK YOUR PAYPAL at paypal.com do NOT click the link! I was trying to sell a car and someone fed me the whole they will pay for shipping and need my email. I gave them my email and thats what he sent. I thought it was fishy to begin with and was mainly just jerking him around. Be aware hope this helps!