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  1. Hey Joey your kopping lots of flak here. Why don't you just buy a wing suit and go base jumping like Jokke Sommer? They don't have rules and then your canopy would be the smallest
  2. Well i guess this pretty much somes up my opinion. I am not saying i condone what has happened and i was not involved in happenings. I am from another country and thought this type of reaction/action was unusual in my 24 years in the sport. There seem to be people way off the subject here. I am not talking about somebody getting high and then boarding the aircraft under the influence. Thanks again for the productive responces. You have all helped understand the situation.
  3. Thank you all for your input. 2 major points seem to appear: 1. Illegal 2. Discretion
  4. Excuse me but how would you consider this topic not skydive related if these guys are suspended from skydiving for allegedly smoking pot the night before?
  5. The DZ is a club. Property is owned and managed by club members. The young men are early 20´s are club members with no history of trouble. Possession of THC is illegal in Norway.
  6. 2 young fun jumpers on a Norway DZ are today grounded for 7 weeks for allegedly smoking a joint last night. The 2 young men were called into the DZ office this morning and accused of participating in smoking a cigarette the previous night. The cigarette allegedly had contained marijuana. Of the several people allegedly observed smoking the cigarette only 2 have been grounded. The penalty sentence of 7 weeks has been imposed because apparently the Norwegian medical board suggests that THC may be detected in the human body for up to 7 weeks. I am very curious as to what other peoples opinions are with this disipline. No police charges have been laid.