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  1. hmm ok, DHL. is it safe, because sometimes amazone packages tend to get lost. if its only a 20 $ book from amazone its annoying but if my rig would get lost i would find that more than just a bit annoying
  2. wow i though this was serious at first !!! i was like, shit its not april fools yet so this has to be serious. then i remembered that in usa its aprill fools already
  3. hi i thought about shipping my rig (once its finished) to spain. here in spain customs is a pain and packages often get stuck there for ages. do you have any ideas/tips on how to avoid that ?
  4. he could have come up with a better story... or is it normal in usa to hang curtains naked ? maby something like he was walking at night through a dark ally and then this potato cam along and ...
  5. photoshop that pic a bit to convert the "near tail strike" to a "tail strike" which would make the presentation very interesting . also invent a gory story which goes with the pic as skwrl suggested
  6. " it's not an easy thing to do if it shall be safe. " what if instead of jumping and the stabilising you use a static line on one parachute ? wouldnt that be easier/safer ?
  7. link doesnt work outside US but i looked at many mr bill jumps on youtube now.
  8. wow, nice !!! but why mr bill ??? and is it hard to do ? is ther like a min requirement to try this ?
  9. hi i just had a random idea, is it possible to hold onto a skydiver whilst he opens his parachute or would you get ripped away ? i think it should be possible if the skydiver who first opens his parachute jumps a quite big one and has it packed so it is a slow and gentle opening. of course a problem would be that the straps would have to be a bit lose in order for the other skydiver to hold on to the first one... another problem would be that the guy/girl thats holding onto the first one might breake fingers due to the rapid deceleration on opening and the force on the hands. dont worry i am not thinking about trying this (at least not yet,maby when i have more experience ), just wanted to know if possible, i googled it but didnt get any usefull results. the idea would be to hold onto the other skydiver in the plane at exit => jump => stabilize => first guy opens chute => freefall stops => and then second skydiver jumps and has like 2 skydives in one . but the first skydiver should open quite high in case anything goes wrong and in order for the second skydiver to have enough time.
  10. how big and where is the fire ?is the fire all around the outside of the building? because i wouldnt want the canopy to start roasting half way down.
  11. i just found this video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcurpg_death-base-jump-brasil_sport when he falls i dont see any chute open, but then the video gets played forward faster. is this fake or did the base jumper die ?
  12. holy shit ! nice ! but it looks like its quite hard and therefore you cant stay in the air very long and also not get very high, but still its amazing. why not use that to and jump of a cliff like paragliding but with real wings
  13. anyone got a video series explaining how aad s work bit by bit in detail ?
  14. if i get the chance i will certainly ask for a tour