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  1. The whole rig looks unairworthy and should probably be grounded
  2. I am visiting Dallas next month and was considering taking my rig. I know of Skydive Spaceland and Dallas Skydiving Centre, but not much about either. Do they both have mid-week sports jumping and a good fun jumper scene?
  3. Using your rears will increase your glide ratio. Sitting in half breaks with a headwind will reduce the ground distance covered and therefore be beneficial if you are going to over shoot your target, however as it reduces your rate of decent the use of half brakes in a tailwind situation will make you travel further and therefore make your situation worse. If you are overshooting with a tail wind your options are to increase your ground track to your target, i.e conduct S turns, or increase your rate of descent by using your front risers. Note that this will increase your forward speed as well. Depending on traffic and obstacles your best bet might be a cross-wind landing.
  4. I am looking for a waterproof alti that will withstand a trip into the pond. Now that Alti-2 have stopped making the Neptune, I was considering the Atlas, but wasnt impressed with the supposidly waterproof N3. Any recommendations?
  5. How did the Airwolf compare to the VC on rears and brakes at their respective wingloadings?
  6. Hey Antoine can you give a comparison to your VC79?
  7. A Velo would definitely have similar flight characteristics to your Katana, you might even want to consider a Velo 111, but ask your coach about that.
  8. What canopy were you jumping before? If you want good openings definitely consider an XF-15, otherwise try a Velo, JVX etc and see what you like. They have pretty different flight characteristics. Wouldnt recommend a schuemann planform canopy as your first crossbraced though.
  9. Whats the difference in jump numbers on them? If the older one has the porosity of a sieve then its flight characteristics would be different.
  10. This. Getting 10 hours should see you flying on your head without killing yourself, but being able to confidently get down to a formation, fly docks/transition on level etc will take longer. I recently got back from a tunnel camp doing approx 10 hours, out of the two who were at your stage when they started one could hold HD and just about transition, the other managed to get off the net but still needed holding.
  11. HUPRA

    Freefly Tube

    Have a guy at my DZ making a freefly tube up for me but I am unsure of dimensions. Looking at a 12 inch diameter and assumed maybe 15-20ft in length? Anyone have any advice on dimensions?
  12. I am at Flystation for the next two weeks and would like to jump when not in the tunnel. Is Skydive Kasimovo in St Petersburg still active? If so can anyone hive me a contact number for them, if not can anyone recommend amywhere else to jump near St Petersburg?
  13. This presentation compares a Pulse 150 and Katana 150 with fwd speeds etc, it is an interesting comparison between different canopy designs.
  14. I have only jumped the NZ Aerosports Crossfire 3, but they are different canopies.
  15. I haven't had any personal dealings with Chaos Suits, but a few mates have ordered them. Most of them have had issuse with sizing and the design tends to use a variety of low- and high-drag materials depending on the colour pattern of the suit which doesn't look like the best if you are planning on using it for any serious freeflying in the tunnel.