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  1. Does anyone out there know how much these canopies share and differ? Are they the same with different names, or completely different wings? Has anyone jumped both? Thanks!
  2. The stocklist has been moving on the Icarus website. Anybody else out there with some feedback?
  3. I've only got a few jumps now on the Freak 2, but had about 100 on the original Freak and about 40 on the C-Race. I would also agree the Freak 2 feels like it combines the strengths of the Freak and C-Race into an easy to fly package. It is smoother, faster, easier to transition, and has better back fly pressurization than the original. It feels more precise and more efficient with both slow and fast flight. The Freak is a great suit, and this is a great advancement to the platform.
  4. I will echo the last post. I received mine last Thursday and did 7 jumps on it this weekend. Tons of range, easy to fly, very powerful flare. I easily flew with an X bird and could float by tandems. It was a big step up in performance from my Havok Carve. Freakin loved it...
  5. Wow that is wild. Was the size/brand of reserve supposed to fit/function properly according to Wings sizing and recommendations?
  6. Thanks for the input. I have also heard nice things about the magnetic riser covers.
  7. Yeah I'm just curious about the wing suiting capability because Aerodyne mentioned it in the product description. It's hard to find a solid wing suiting canopy that also offers a lot of performance. I was hoping this was that unicorn.
  8. Thank you for the info! I am 6'3 200 lbs which is why i was interested in the Ext and the L model for the Icon. I do want a MARD system as well.
  9. I have narrowed down my choice for a new container to the Wings Ext and Icon Nexgen, but I am struggling to make a decision. Any input on design benefits and why you prefer one or the other would be greatly appreciated. For those with experience with the original Icon and the Nexgen, how much of a difference can you really notice? Thanks to all for any help.
  10. Any new opinions or videos out there for the Zulu? Any new input for wingsuiting?
  11. Thanks for the info. I will be in the same boat with a Havok and Colugo. I love my pilot for the stability and ease of use with a wingsuit, but I have the itch for something a little more sporty. If it would still be a good choice with the larger suits then I will have to try one.
  12. Has anyone had any experience jumping the zulu with a wingsuit? Thoughts? Stable under line twists?
  13. Do you have any video you would share while we patiently wait on our orders to arrive? :)
  14. Any link to the video?
  15. Surely there has to be something new to share with the group. Anyone able to contribute?