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  1. Anyone have any feedback in regards to the Freak 2? Are the improvements enough to justify upgrading from the original Freak? Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. In town for a few days next week. Any recommendations for a fun jumper? Thanks in advance. Dave
  3. Can anyone provide a few comments on the S-Bird? Did you transition up from the R-Bird and if so, how does it compare? Thanks in advance. Regards, Dave
  4. Can't seem to find the book in stock anywhere online. Does anyone have a book that they are done with and would like to sell? Please email me at: [email protected] if interested. Regards, Dave
  5. The military operates G-550 for special missions (CIA) and VIP services.
  6. What do you recommend for data storage for all you video files? Is the cloud the way to go or do you use a large external hard drive? Thanks in advance. Dave
  7. Does having a little forward motion or slight heads down postion on deployment help or are there any other body position tips other than what has been discussed?.. stable, symetrical, etc.
  8. Assuming being stable and not rotating on main deployment, are there any other techniques that people use to minimize line twists? Have only had a couple, but was just curious if there are any additional techniques regarding body position. Does slight forward motion help? Thanks in advance. Regards, Dave.
  9. Looks awesome. What does the back of the rig look like?
  10. arm900fj

    G3 Helmet

    Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Dave
  11. arm900fj

    G3 Helmet

    How is the G3 helmet for freefly? Thanks in advance. Dave