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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 12 hours

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    Full system with many options, jumped 10 times. Icon V3 DOM 7/2018 Sized for 175lb 5'7" Male CYPRES Expert AAD DOM 5/14 - Has had 4 year service Pilot7 147 Smart LPV 150 - 1 ride in another system Skyhook - Semi Stow D-bag Wingsuit mods Contrast stitching Soft reserve handle Gear bag Actual shipping and insurance not included.


    Montrose, CO

  2. Time Left: 5 days and 12 hours

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    Aerodyne Icon I2L - DOM 12/28/2015 - Sized for 5'7" 175LBS Male - 250 Jumps - Skyhook - Magnetic riser covers - Aerofit backpad - super comfy! - Semi stowless d-bag - Wingsuit bridle and handle - Wingsuit Mod Shipping ands insurance not included


    Montrose, CO

  3. repcool

    Hands free wingsuit?

    Going directly to an ATC is way too big of an upsize move. Need to for something truly intermediate in there first.
  4. repcool

    Container WS friendly

    If feel you get knocked out in a collision you don’t have a choice about how low you go. Something quite possible in wingsuiting.
  5. repcool

    Container WS friendly

    Eh...kind of. I would say that the PC is one of the smallest contributors to the quality of your opening. Like...probably dead last after a whole lot of other way more important factors like body position, airspeed, canopy selection, bridle length...etc. All things being equal, it might matter a little. But for the vast majority of people as long as your PC is in good condition and lacking an overly heavy handle it will work just fine. Most people would be better served taking that $200 and paying a coach to help them with their deployment technique for a day. Your initial advice recommend “grocery bag” and not “PC in good condition”. I agree with what you amended it too.
  6. repcool

    Container WS friendly

    That's terrible advice, or a terrible joke mixed in with what is otherwise good advice. The PC starts the deployment sequence and the quality of it indeed impacts what kind of opening you are going to get. Replacing a worn PC or kill line is an often overlooked item that can make a big difference.
  7. repcool

    Container WS friendly

    A few manufacturers have "long" versions of standard rigs and a lot of wingsuiters including myself prefer those. More natural to reach back and not have to bend the elbow much and fight the wing. I know Aerodyne has a long version, I am sure UPT does and I suspect others do.
  8. repcool

    got my WS1 this weekend

    Fly with as many other wingsuiters as you can. Travel for it, since that's half the fun of being a skydiver. Don't always fly with the same organizer. Visit the new tunnel in Stockholm before you develop any bad habits. Being a data nerd is fun and its part of wingsuiting, but learning to fly isn't a solo activity.
  9. repcool

    Smartphone GPS?

    I don't see any good reason not to just go with FlySight. It's been proven over and over again in our environment, the support for it is great, feedback is heard and incorporated in updates and at the end of the day we are supporting a family member. It's not cheap but its great value for what it does. I tried going other routes originally and it just cost me more in the long run.
  10. Spectre and Sabre are still good choices for those on a budget, but they aren’t so much fun when compared directly to the newer canopies in the lineup such as Storm and P7.
  11. repcool

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    None, so far in 1500ish WS flights. I'd be nervous to fly something without punchouts or cutaways because you know, shit happens. Its one of those safety features you just don't need, until you do.
  12. repcool

    Pilot7 canopy

    I have consistent and mostly on heading openings with the P7, and I haven’t had to chop it yet. My original Pilot was less consistent when wingsuiting and did have to get chopped. I’d say if someone really wanted to fly a 9 cell then stick with the Pilot but if you don’t have a strong opinion about cell size then the P7 has the edge for wingsuiting. At the end of the day it’s best to fly both and make a personal choice. Neither is wrong.
  13. repcool

    Pilot7 canopy

    I've had both and I find the openings on the P7 are superior for wingsuiting.
  14. repcool

    Pilot7 canopy

    The two really aren't even similar, other than both being 7 cells. I have 100+ wingsuit jumps on a tri and it doesn't compare in handling or landing to the P7. Tri got me on the ground safely, P7 does it with a smile and a swoop. However, if you are on a budget the then Tri is a great option.
  15. repcool

    World's first inclined wingsuit tunnel

    I just spent 90 minutes over 2 days in the tunnel and it totally exceeded my expectations. I learned more about the technical nuances of flying a wingsuit than I have even come close to in the sky in the last 10 years. If you are thinking of flying a wingsuit, go visit the tunnel. If you think you know how to fly a wingsuit, go visit the tunnel and take a napkin for your humble pie. :) Oh, and for bonus points, Stockholm is an amazing city! Simon