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  1. mr_music11

    Skydiving on TV show - Good for sport

    your clicky says program is no longer avail for viewing.. but really... as long as the coverage is "positive"... then I would say bravo.. the more good coverage we can have for our sport the better!
  2. mr_music11

    Help Me Out Research Question

    You'll find what motivated each person will be quite different/although there MAY be some common thread. All of which may also differ from from what currently motivates each person to continue.. there are many stories/posts in the intro and greet section of that will give you understanding as well... My motivation was/is my desire for flight as well as quite a few other emotions & feelings that dont translate well into words. God willing, I will be doing this for a long time to come. Blues/soft landings
  3. mr_music11

    New flyer with gear questions

    1st and foremost!!! I am NOT an instructor/coach so, please talk to them as well!! As far as type of eq(manufacturer).. totally up to you With only 11 jumps, you may not have an idea of what you want. I rented my gear all the way thru my A lic progression, jumping as many diff types of harnesses and mains as I could to find out what was comfortable to me. After that.. MY budget (and probably yours too from the $$ shown) Did not allow me to go new (because I was looking for the complete set up.. harness, main, reserve, helmut and altimiter, NEW AAD (gloves and suit optional and I do have them, but what I considered "required" and what is just "wanted" are 2 diff things! ) Used is pretty easy as long as you are patient to wait for the right harness, main etc.... to come along. Took me about 2>3.5 months to piece together my rig. As far as what size.. again, talk to your instructor to see what they might reccomend. Your own gear is obviously the cheaper route in the long run, but don't be over anxious to get something that you might end up turning around and selling for a loss when it comes time to downsize. Theres a lot of used gear out there, buy from someone you know (or friend knows) or from a reputable used gear seller that will have a return policy. Good luck. Blue skies/soft landings
  4. mr_music11


  5. mr_music11

    feet first

  6. mr_music11

    I am superman

  7. mr_music11

    indoor skydiving

    Nope... tunnel time does'nt count towards your freefall time.. had the same thought as you when I went to the wind tunnel in Union City, CA. However, as I'm sure others will chime in about, it is an EXTREMELY valuable tool in the learning curve. Lots of fun! But boy howdy is it expensive.. is usually best if you buy a block of time with friends and split the cost/time. As with most things skydiving.. save your pennies! Blue skies
  8. mr_music11

    Hello all Im a Newbie!!!!!!

    Welcome back to the wonderfull world of skydiving.. suprised it took this long!! Quite addictive! Have you started your classes? AFF, Static? This place is definately one where you can learn a lot.. but of course I'd say the best learning is hands on! Good luck.. blue skies!
  9. mr_music11

    Newbie Questions

    Ok.. so, you've been to Acampo.. Lodi.. whatever you want to call it. I took my training there as well(thanks again Mikey! ) Took 3 days over a 3 week period to complete the AFF class. After completing my AFF class, I did not have the $$ to jump THAT many times every month.But went to Lodi as often as I could. Soooo... to say that you will NEED that many jumps is not necessarily the case. Currency may be an issue, however, I wouldnt hesitate to go thru your AFF or Static Line class, which ever you choose. This sport IS as life changing as they say that it is. You will NEVER be the same whether you continue to jump or even stop at the jump number that you are at! right? There is a new drop zone in Lincoln (off of Hwy 65, so.. a little closer than Lodi, havn't been there yet, but hope to get there soon) Davis/ is another GREAT! place where I have also taken to going to on a regular basis as possible. Lots of friendly folks to go around! If you have any other questions about my experiences @ Lodi or Davis, drop me a line/PM, will be happy to share! Blue skies where ever you go!
  10. mr_music11

    First jumps over Everest

    I was just reading about this the other day from the banner add on Looks like it was beautiful! Are there any more pictures out there of this? Were the jumps filmed.. any footage for us who couldnt afford that!? so we can live vicariously thru them! Blue skies
  11. mr_music11

    first, then second jump same day!

    Woooo hooooo... another 1 in the fold!!! Welcome! As with any risk based sport, there will always be an element of the unknown to face. Read other threads on the site about "favorite parts of skydiving".. you'll find a miriad of answers as to when each of our hearts race or stay calm. For me, all I have to do is think about the way I feel after a jump with all of its elements combined and it ALWAYS sums up to=may I have another please! No matter when you get into your comfort zone for the sport, it will be a journey that you will NEVER forget. Again, welcome... good luck in your training.. blue skies
  12. mr_music11

    Brett landing