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  1. One of the best posts I have seen here in a long time ... thank you.
  2. AMax

    World Cup 2014

    I played soccer (a.k.a. football) since I was 6 though high school. Playing soccer is fun ... watching is almost as boring as watching golf and bigways LOL :)))
  3. AMax

    World Cup 2014

    For someone who just finished watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, it is almost painful to watch soccer, even at this level. Perhaps the most (if not only) entertaining aspect of this game is acting of players. Isn't it amazing how they fall and imitate unbearable pain even after minor (or sometimes no, as evidenced by video replay) contact with opposing players? Go Kings Go!
  4. AMax


    If you learn the history and expand your sources of information with non-US (or pro-Western) media, you may start to realize that US and other countries, including Russia, have a long history of forcefully removing "bad parents" with devastating consequences for their "children". For example, compare Iraq during and after Saddam's regime. The key to making right political decisions is to think more than one step ahead. While I do not support Assad, I find the perspective of his current radical opponents (who only use the help from the West for their own advantage - again, think Taliban in 1980's during the Soviet war in Afghanistan) extremely dangerous for long-term stability in the region.
  5. AMax


    You comparing apples and oranges. Syrian territory (including the areas were CWs are thought to be stored) is controlled by two military groups that are currently in a state of war. This instability has been, to a great extent, fueled by the West. That said, how can you rule out the possibility of Syrian rebels getting access (and, potentially using) the CWs? Note that I am not saying it's impossible that CWs were used by Assad's regime, but rather arguing that the publicly available evidence for later remains circumstantial. The second, and pore important, question is what will the US and whole wold really gain from a potential military strike? Nothing ...
  6. AMax


    I find most of your arguments justifying the military action not supported by logical thinking and factual evidence, but this one is simply ridiculous. Have you studied history? Do you know how many American soldiers have been killed with US-made weapons that have been provided by the US government to Taliban and other radical groups? Do you understand the differences (or lack of thereof) between these groups and Syrian rebels? Needless to say, I am strongly against the use of CWs by anyone and in any circumstances. Just saying you should educate yourself and THINK before posting.
  7. Someone should tell him to sign up for a facebook account. Ron (presumably also banned from has about 1,000,000,000 gun posts there
  8. So you can't tell the difference between THREADS and POSTS. Can't say I'm surprised. Besides, why would these numbers be surprising, considering they reflect a debate where one person (JK) argues with multiple active pro-gun opponents ?:))
  9. I have no doubdt the top GOP advisors are reading this form and taking notes
  10. Cannot believe I listened to this BS but I did ... My favorite part: " she recently joined twitter" OMG!!! Is twitter some kind of Muslim terrorist organization ?
  11. I don't need a new pool but perhaps you need to update an existing one
  12. bump according to poll Obama has a commanding lead
  13. I suggest you discuss this with top female skydivers, if you have a chance (those competing alongside men in open 4-way, 8-way, 16-way, FF and CP).