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  1. AMax

    Where is BU (Jim Klinge)?

    Yo Dr. Fun! Your ol good PDR saved my ars :)
  2. AMax

    Nats results

    Everytime a team like Air Force Impulse wins, a certain group of people starts wining and crying in public forums. Let me break it to you: these guys deserved their gold medals because they were better than their rivals. They had the right lineup, they trained hard, and perhaps as a group they were more talented than anyone else in the intermediate class this year. Needless to mention, they were officially eligible to compete in the intermediate division. In my book, they deserve more respect than lineups who spend many years and thousands of jumps trying to get that intermediate medals instead of moving up to advanced class. I find it very amusing when "seasoned" intermediate competitors whose personal 4-way experience in terms of jump numbers and years of competition is far greater that the cumulative experience of the whole young team complain that a bunch of kids sand bagged them (!). Its also great to see teams like Impulse stepping up and beating PC teams in the advanced class. Of course there is nothing wrong with PC teams and they are a great way to learn faster. However I always enjoy when, at the top of the stack, PC teams get beaten by 4 regular guys or girls who have talent, commitment, and determination to win. As far as their scoring level and the gap between Impulse and other teams, lets look at the following examples from the history of Intermediate competition. 2000 Nationals: DeLand Tunnel Rage won intermediate with a 15.3 average over 6 rounds and they scored 22 in round 3. 2001 Nationals: Formula 4 won with a 14 average (again, over 6 rounds) 2002 Nationals: Juggernaut won with a 14.1 average (and people still wine about Juggs). How do these scores compare with Impulse's 14.6 average? Interestingly, several former members of Tunnel Rage and Formula4 became accomplished world class competitors and two former Juggs won the gold in the advanced class year after winning the gold in the intermediate. Perhaps some of these air force kids are made from the same material and have the similar potential?
  3. AMax

    Dallas Super Cup Aug 7, 2010

    no cash prize for rookies - wtf???
  4. AMax

    2009 TSR Sequential Invitational

    outfacing D's should be allowed to start tracking first
  5. AMax

    Need advice - Big Way/Politics

    Yo Kate! Assuming you're not feeding the troll, your post made my day Nipple boy has always been my skydiving hero and I am happy to learn that he indeed exists Go Nipple one!!!
  6. AMax

    Canopy opens, what do you do next?

    Consider swaping #4 and #6 ... here is why
  7. AMax

    TSA: Here we go again

    How interesting ... jp: thats exactly why i always carry mine on board ... extra pounds can easily translate into extra charges. The problem with TSA is that they have enormous rotation. my impression is that its always new people who get freaked out when they see skydiving gear.
  8. AMax

    Welcome Jay Young

    Jumps : 1 Right now, I'd bet money that's scarier to me than it is you. I'm afraid I probably can't say much to counter it, so let's just put it out there for folks to mull... I've jumped once. And I had a guy strapped to my back when I did it. I guess I can say this: I won't do anything here without some hefty advice seeking before hand. I only hope most folks will hold their judgment of me until they can make it based on my actions. And I like boobies. tell these pesky guys you lead 5.10c trad
  9. no shit! well deserved! Congrats man - go big
  10. AMax


    Thanks for helping to keep it alive, Kirk
  11. AMax

    R4 - Nationals 4 Way Team

    Wow ... ... let us look at the history .... The facts are: 1) In 2001 they averaged 12.5 and took 4th place in Intermediate (the winning average that year was 14.0) 2) In 2002 they averaged 14.1 in intermediate and took gold. 3) They we officially ELIGIBLE to compete in intermediate that year 4) they all moved on to advanced class in 2003 and did very well (in different lineups). In fact, Bu and Jim demonstrated what they are made of by winning the gold medal with Spaceland Inferno.
  12. AMax

    First jumps over Everest

    i heard the Sherpas were packing
  13. AMax


    We have a 15 min slot available at Perris SkyVenture on Friday, Oct 3 2008 at 9:00 pm. Briefing starts at 8 pm Flying from 9 to 10 pm. You will be sharing time with a 4-way group and one solo. SkyVenture base price with no extra charges. PM me today if interested. I know we are not supposed to post tunnel time here but looks like nobody read classifieds ... hope Bill is away doing big-ways
  14. AMax

    Happy Birthday upndownshop!

    him .... him .....