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  1. AMax

    Dallas Super Cup Aug 7, 2010

    no cash prize for rookies - wtf???
  2. AMax

    to all of the haters

    Amazing!!! ... I only wish this unique programs grow. the new generations of world champions will become 10 years younger! thanks for posting
  3. AMax

    4way training question

    my humble two cents: Work on: 1) Your exits - the solid exit is a key to a quicker second point 2) Good eye contact between cross partners right off the aircraft (unless you're a point launching block 4 ) 3) Anticipation of a second point - go through the whole page when you practice the exit on the ground and visualize the whole page after you do your exit count in the aircraft Edit to add: You might find this thread useful ... especially Kirk's post at the end;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  4. AMax

    Registration to the Nationals

    It is in Chicago. Normally, it is not really necessary to register on-line - you can just show up before the event and register on-site . You should register at least one day before the beginning of the event and before the draw is released. If you are doing 4-way, keep in mind that there will be some 70-80 teams, so having some extra time would be a good idea. Getting a hotel room as soon as possible would also be a good idea.
  5. Do the search here - there is already plenty of answers posted. Briefly: 1) Ask for a phone number to call and talk to the seller about the gear. 2) Ask them to ship the gear to the staff rigger at your home DZ and do NOT send the money before you see the gear. Provide them with your name, your riggers name and the DZs phone number so they can call and verify the info. Do not deal with anyone who refuses to ship to DZ. 3) If you want to be nice, reimburse the shipping costs if, for whatever reason, you decide not to buy the gear.
  6. AMax

    my first reserve ride!!

    Did they check both main and reserve? Was the reserve closing loop tight?
  7. AMax

    how do i wash my Z1 liner?

    Take is out, wash in a washing machine, dry and put it back. It is a little tricky to align the liner inside the helmet after taking it out. I use the inside pockets as a reference and always put the central piece last. Hope this helps.
  8. AMax


    I believe it is. Last time I checked they were $175 apiece.
  9. AMax

    What is so great about RW flying?

    Check out the NSL site at, watch some videos and read about the top athletes who inspire thousands of weekend warriors. You may also want to check the most fashionable skydiving website
  10. Really depends on what your team expects to achieve next season. Do you guys plan to train seriously (tunnel, coaching, meets ect.) or just to have fun making some quality 4-ways on the regular or semi-regular basis? As a tail did you train on AA or AAA plan? If you only have experience as a tail on Intermediate pool, stepping in a new slot will definitely slow down you and the whole team. As an alternate you are not going to make a lot of team jumps (even as a tail), so there is a chance that the team will soon progress to a new level and you will become the slowest person. Discuss these issues openly with your teammates and make sure everyone understands the potential drawbacks. In addition, ask the team if they expect you to attend the meets and tunnel camps. Sitting on the ground when your team trains or competes could be frustrating. Stay close to them, attend the team meetings and try to help them on the ground whenever it is possible (even if you are limping on crutches). And last but not the least, visualize hard.
  11. AMax

    Nationals post-mortem

    I agree on award ceremony. Last year's Perris was my first 4-way competition at National level and one of the greatest highlights of the meet was watching the medal contenders go for their last rounds together (although there were a few complains that the entire schedule was delayed for a few hours because the meet management re-scheduled the loads) and receive the awards. Somehow this year was not as exciting. In fact I felt like the whole 4-way crowd got scattered right after the meet was over. As far as loads, I can only speak for our plane. We were the last team out and we (as well as the other teams on our plane) never had problems getting back, including people on heavily loaded VXses.
  12. AMax

    200 way at Z Hills, Spring 2007

    This was the most unkindest cut of all (c)
  13. Congratulations! Natasha, you are amazing!
  14. AMax

    2,3,or 4 Way camps question

    There is a lot of variability between the camps in terms of who runs them, experience levels of participants and goals. Keep that in mind when choose a camp. At 44 jumps I'd definitely advice to spend the money on 2-ways with a coach or tunnel time - cannot go wrong with that.
  15. AMax

    Never been to Nats - How's it go

    Babykillers Seriously, there will be around 80 4-way teams (~80 last year) registering for one event, so you don't want to plan to be there last minute. Keep in mind that you will have to fill the waivers at the DZ (in my little experience Eloy is pretty quick with that) and check the gear. Plus you will probably want to make a couple of practice jumps to warm up and become familiar with a landing area and start working on a draw the night before. With that said, if 4-way starts on Sunday, getting there on Friday night or Saturday morning (the latest) gives you a plenty of time to take care of everything without a rush. On-line registration saves some time if you have the team name and individual info entered in advance, but you will still have to show up on site (last year in Perris was like that) Hope to see you there.