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  1. Exactly ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  2. Skydiving in 8 days really helped me out. Its a little older ( they use round reserves!) but a great read nonetheless. ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  3. I heard a few of the jumpers were tandems. Curious what size canopy they used, and did the TM pay for his slot?! ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  4. I remember my first hop n pop to finish my aff. Over the past couple of weeks previous, had just began to get used, and come to terms with what 12500 ft looked like. Next thing I'm staring out of a 182 at 3000 ft saying 'Holy shit, theres a cow! Theres a barnyard!' Standard student exit off the strut, was supposed to open within 5 seconds, felt stable enough by 3. Really enjoyed the sub terminal opening. After checking my canopy I gave the biggest WOO HOO I had, knowing I'd passed. Stand up landing too. Even though it was a Monday morning and there was only about 4 people on the DZ, I still rang the bell and got drunk!
  5. I expected someone who wouldn't require a walker to get to the gondola. Had the best laugh in ages! Nice 1 ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  6. I havent been to many but Toogoolawah is my favourite. Fun jumpers paradise. Load organisers, caravans, multiple disiplines, 14000 ft. Did I mention the in ground pool? Go ramblers! ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  7. Skydivers are good to the last drop , is my favourite. The best quote was one from and old Rambling On mag. " Freefall?? . Its like theres a static line attached to my wallet! " ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  8. Please post back as to how this stunt went. ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  9. Cmon, Yuri, dont leave us hanging here! ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  10. Im jumping an old pigmy container with a single cutaway/ reserve handle. Needless to say our dz doesnt use these any more, but they did do the job! ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  11. Yep! Sure is. I thought Id leave that out because I knew he'd get recognised. The guys a ledgend.
  12. I hope this isn't to self serving, but I actually own a scanner now so I thought Id share my favourite pic. This was taken on my stage 5 aff, just after I was released for the first time. I know it sounds corny, but I will never forget that feeling of freedom.... or the out of control, but fun! 360's I did shortly after that. I landed, packed and went straight up for aff 6. Hope you like it! ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  13. Ah, that makes sense!I thought it would be hard to work out 326 feet or whatever on something like my altimaster.No dropping rocks either eh? ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!
  14. I was just wondering how you guys, and girls work out the height of lower objects.Do you drop a rock and count or do you use a more accurate alti then say a altimaster.Also if you drop a rock and count, is there a basic formula you use to calculate the height.Or is it more like,the rock fell for 7 seconds, I'll delay for 3... or something! This is just something I have always been curious about. Thanks. ------------------------------------skydiving...the grounds the limit!