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  1. I just found this out over a year later.... Glyn was my first skydive instructor back when I worked for the highway patrol. We got to be pretty good friends. I had to get him out of speeding tickets all the time... a few other 'recreational' charges I could never help him with. lol I remember so much about him. I remember him jumping with a propeller hat and bubba teeth bare footed when he was supposed to be spotting for our load... lol I remember how I didn't recognize him in a suit when I showed up to watch him fight the airport managers in court serving as his own attorney... making everyone in the court laugh at his qwerky insults made under his breath in between sentences... I'm reading the comments he put in my jump log right now.... "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE. NOT TODAY, YOU HAVE TWO GREAT CHUTES. BUT EVENTUALLY. STOP FREAKING OUT" "FASTEST HOP AND POP EVER. THANKS FOR NOT OPENING AND TAKING THE PLANE'S TAIL OFF. GEEZE" "STOP TRYING TO SWIM. YOU'RE FLYING. BUT GREAT JOB MAN. EVENTUALLY" "THANKS FOR NOT THROWING UP IN THE PLANE. IN FREEFALL WAS MUCH BETTER. GREAT JOB BUDDY." I miss you buddy. So much.... I'm forever walking the earth with my eyes skyward because of you. You made everything so much fun. Blue skies my friend.
  2. If you decide the pursue skydiving as a frequent hobby, you will spend the rest of your life chasing the feeling of intensity that you will only have for your first jump. Enjoy it!
  3. I'm a state trooper in my state. Here we call them donor-cycles. For the vast majority of people that ride the 'crotch-rocket' versions it's not a matter of if....
  4. What most people don't realize is that south Mississippi was much much more heavily damaged and had a much higher loss of life than New Orleans. Pretty much the whole southern half of the state had nearly every single home damaged or destroyed with no power, water or gas for a month at least. The media choose to concentrate on New Orleans, but the storm didn't directly damage New Orleans. It broke the levee and flooded about 1/3 of the city but they got off easy compared to south Mississippi. There were entire towns in S.M. that are were non-existent for over a year. Both New Orleans and south Mississippi were a tragedy, but it's unfortunate that the media concentrated their efforts where it did. And the looters were both black, white, mexican and sometimes...local police. I honestly don't blame people that looted food and supplies in those days. That was survival and I only stopped those with T.V.s and clothes ect. I'm with the highway patrol here and I fired warning shots at just about every color I could think of.. always afraid they were going to fire back.
  5. wow... I'm bored at work and just spent 4 hours on this game. I don't know whether to kiss you or curse you.
  6. I'm one of those people that thought Borat was hilarious and pure genius. People only got offended that were involved because they didn't know what he was doing. I can understand some of them getting upset at the time because they thought he intended to offended them and didn't realize what he was doing. But those same people should have dropped all notions of such once they realized what was going on. I agree with you about joking about mass catastrophes. My house was demolished. I'm in law enforcement, so I had to help guard what was left (in the same uniform without a shower for a week and a half)and stop looters all while not knowing where my family was or if they were alive. Found myself going through piles of bodies hoping I wouldn't find a familiar face. It's not an experience I could ever understand anyone joking about racial or otherwise. Outside of the disaster, I see no problem with race jokes on my race or anyone else's.
  7. My condolences.... *not a katrina joke - just pokin fun at ya* Been there once, the week before MG...Brennan's, Cafe du Monde.... good times, good times... I live in south Mississippi and I usually avoid New Orleans. The last time I was there I got my wallet stolen by a pickpocket during Mardi Gras because I was stopped under a balcony looking at titties. lol My own fault... but still.
  8. I just hit the first reply button I saw. I wasn't directing my comments to her post. It was just a general rant spurred by the overall thread. I just think people of ALL races need to stop being so overly sensitive about race jokes. I find some white jokes funny and some black jokes funny. Some mexican jokes funny, and some asian jokes funny.. There are some of each I don't think are funny. If people don't tell the jokes with intention of offending someone, you're a oversensitive idiot if you are offended by it in my opinion. Again, not directed at anyone in this thread. Just a general statement. *grin*
  9. You make a joke about white people, it's considered funny. You make a joke about black people, and it's considered racist. Double standards make me want to puke. Try starting WET (White Entertainment Television) or a Miss White America pagent and see how many injuctions are filed against you for being racist. /rant
  10. My original post wasn't intended as flame-bait or meant to be offensive towards anyone. It was simply an observation and a question. I know the U.S. dropzones have a lot of restrictions imposed on them for safety reasons and wasn't sure if the increased number outside the U.S. was caused by the lack of such. It was an honest question. Not meant to offend non U.S. jumpers or DZOs.
  11. Bored at work and reading the incident list and I noticed something. Most injuries and deaths during skydiving seem to happen outside the U.S. Is safety in instruction and in the mentality of jumpers less of a concern overall outside the U.S. than in other countries or is it just because there are a lot more jumps occuring outside the U.S. It seems to me that the vast majority of jumps happen in the U.S. but I could be wrong. Anyone have an opinion on it?
  12. From someone who lived through hurricane katrina... lost his house and a good number of friends, I wouldn't find it funny. I wouldn't be offended, but I wouldn't find humor in it. Worst thing I've ever lived through.
  13. I thought everyone and everything fell at the same speed (120... T.V....) Is that not the case? If not...why is the number 120 something thrown around so much in skydiving.