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  1. ...Looks like bigway camps have finally hit the East Coast....
  2. They are currently shut down for some reason. I talked to the guys down there a few months ago and they said they would be open during my trip. I brought my rig to jump there May 3-9, but they had closed down operations for the time being. Pretty big letdown to hear that after I lugged my shit through Jamaica/US customs. BTW, they don't have rental gear so when they do resume operations you have to bring your own to fun jump. I wouldn't count on them being open next week. Maybe in a few months, but not next week. Hope that helps.
  3. Sletzer


    It's going to be tuff to find anyone still doing this, depending on where you're located. Maybe in California, or at least at some windtunnels they use boards. From what I understand it's a very advanced technique that requires a boatload of experience to do "safely". At the very least, it's not something you should be attempting for quite some time. Hope that helps. -If you want more info, try using the search function to see what people have said in the past about this subject.
  4. Sletzer

    Nosebleeds whilst Skydiving...

    Stop masturbating and doing lines of coke. Should clear up in a few days.
  5. Sletzer

    Skydive Opelika Night Jumps 10/24/09

    Since I can't get away from work to go to Spence's Balloon jumps in NC, I'll be sliding over to Tuskeegee for these night jumps. It'll be my first day/night of jumping at the DZ that is 15 miles from my house Should be lots of fun! Oh shit, just realized....
  6. Sounds like fun! I know the one last year was. Plus, CHEAP jumps! Yay! I'm trying my best to get off job #2 to make it. Please tell me I'm not the only one with an extra (part time) job to pay for this monkey business?
  7. I followed that link to a video with a guy base jumping a wingsuit off a cliff in Norway. He has a malfunction, smacks the cliff face a few times, bounces off, strugles to fix the canopy, then eats the ground. Amazingly only suffers a broken leg.... and some dirty undies.
  8. Sletzer

    Peanut's Welcome Home Boogie

    Welcome home from what? Prison?
  9. Sletzer

    $17.76 Boogie @ Skydive The Farm

    I'll be there...... and since when does team one have more than one memember? Cheap dives mean more money left over for beer ......and......... more cheap dives!!!! Party at the Farm!!!!!
  10. Sletzer

    Skydive The Farm

    My first experience with The Farm was trying to book a tandem for two buddies for a bachelor party. Hans really went the extra mile in getting us up before noon on a Friday in the Super Otter. We stayed in contact in the days leading up to it because of questionable weather (and pitiful forecasting). Turns out Hans is a better weatherman than the weathermen :) He made a promise he would get us up before the bad weather, and he did, even with a load of only 8 in a plane that holds 23. I was impressed that he would do that for us, especially with my home DZ being elsewhere. My buddies had a great time on their tandems, good video and pics. I did a two way with a random girl jumper, and we had a blast. Needed water training, the guys jumped in the freezing cold pond with me and knocked it out. They didn't expect or ask for any sort of payment, so they got two cases of beer ; ) I was floored by the willingness of the staff to bend over backwards to help out visiting jumpers. Also, as an outside jumper, I felt included and accepted as soon as I came back to fun jump. I never did a solo jump without someone offering to get me in their group. People were very willing to go out of their way to include others. Believe me, that's not the case at every DZ. Everyone had a great time on the dives, and while hanging at the DZ. The rigging loft was impressive, and the layout of the DZ was nice. One warning though, new jumpers take care when landing here. There are trees around the LZ, and if you try to land by the hanger, you'll be in trouble. Better to park it out in the open and walk than get caught in a tree! The good news, they've always got a truck puttering around to pick up jumpers. Despite that one concern, it's a great place to jump, great facilities, planes, and incredible people. I liked it so much, I'm seriously considering making Skydive The Farm my new home DZ.
  11. Sletzer

    Skydive Atlanta

    I took my AFF courses here and have been jumping with Skydive Atlanta ever since. The staff is very experienced, the people here really watch out for each other. Expect someone to check your rig without you having to ask if you are new. If you are experienced, people will still watch out for you, there's no bitching if you ask for a pin check even on a full load. The aircraft is one of the highlights. The Super King Air gets loads to 14,000 feet in 8 minutes, or even less if the plane isn't fully loaded. GPS equipped plane makes spotting that much easier. The pilots are all very experinced jumpers so they take that into consideraton on every jump run. (I.E. they won't just dump you out somewhere so they can go home- the spots are very good before you even check them). Plane has A/C for those hot days, and a really cool purple suede lineing. HUGE indoor area to hang out- two very large padded packing areas in hangar. Big screen TV to watch your last jump- nice sound system for listening to music while packing. They've got about 10 couches to relax on in between jumps. The landing zone is very large and there are a TON of outs all around the DZ. If the spot was off by several miles you could still easily find a nice field to land in any direction. Only down side is the remote location (like all DZ's) and if you're doing AFF expect to be there all day. Someone doing a tandem can probably be in and out in a few hours with a smile on their face and video in hand. Overall just a good place to jump. I respect and trust all the instructors, all the other jumpers are great people as well. With a fresh "A" license I was jumping with groups of the very experienced local guys- because they asked me. very friendl people. Outside jumpers are easily accepted, and will have a great time for a weekend trip or a new home DZ. Awsome people, awsome skydives. What more could you want?