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  1. Appreciate the input! What is the average cost for 30 minutes or an hour at an iFly? I emailed them and havnt gotten a response.
  2. A buddy and I were talking about possibly going to the tunnel sometime over the winter and i had a few questions. Do you just reserve say 30minutes or an hour and show up and do it all at once or can you buy a certain amount of time and use it on multiple visits? Also even though were licensed skydivers that can already fly belly are they going to act like we are completely clueless at first?
  3. I know i had to fall through a cloud during AFF 4 and it scared the shit out of me to the point where i didnt pull. I'm glad it happened though because after I was cleared for solo and had to fall through one again i was calm and knew it wasnt a big deal.
  4. Yeah, I am starting to look into used gear now. I'll just have to see whats on the market when I have the money I guess.
  5. Understood, im just going to try to talk to a rigger at the dz this weekend, thanks though.
  6. I appreciate your help a lot man. He told me the reserve has 2 rides on it and that it was used in a grassy dz. Hes going to send me a picture of the reserve packing card and the reserve label. Does this sound alright for $1500?
  7. Alright thanks, i actually found a vector v344 with a pdr 160 reserve in the classifieds section that im also considering. It says it fits me and the canopy sizes i would need. It was manufactured in 98, is that a big deal? Like is there any difference in a vector from 98 compared to like a newer one? Sorry for such a nood question i literally got my A license 2 days ago so now im starting to look into getting my own rig.
  8. Ok thanks so if I can save all the money up early enough ill probably just order a custom container and main, get a used reserve and maybe a new aad depending on what I can find.
  9. Thanks everyone! I understood it from the explanations and just got my A yesterday!
  10. After this season is up i would like to save up for my own rig by next season. I have been doing my research and thinking of all my options and don't think i want to go with used gear. Money will be a little tight just because I am only 19 so i was wondering would buying stock be worth it? How much would I be able to get a stock wings container or a stock sabre 2 canopy for?
  11. I know that camera fliers jump with tandems but ive also seen pictures of people doing a group formations with a tandem in there. Are there any rules or requirments to doing this or would i be aloud to with just an A.
  12. I know this is a newb question but im trying to fill out my proficiency cardd and dont know the cloud clearance rules. I tried reading them in the sim but dont really understand it so can someone please explain it in a simpler manner?