Condolences - Paul Joseph - AKA darnknit and crwpj

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razor-sharp wit is an EXCELLENT descriptor, erin. he was one smart motherfucker, that's for sure!

i met PJ when i moved to zhills in 99. he was packing then. he was always so kind-hearted but would dumbass someone in a second if they deserved it! :) i remember asking him to PLEASE get some lotion on those feet. ;) god bless 'em.

then there were the times with the muff bros and the tons of jokes about theo. holy mother of christ! sometimes pj would just say shit that would make you look at him like "where the hell did THAT shit come from?!" lol again, he was brilliant.

then there was the little crw wrap incident at the perris nationals.... stories upon stories.

:( damn. this sucks. we sorta lost touch the past couple of years, but as peeps do, i sorta expected to see him roll thru zhills during the winter. i'm very sorry that this won't be the case.

to his wife and friends: my sincere condolences go out to you guys up there.... he'll be missed by many in florida, that's for sure.

with love,

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I remember sitting next to him in the plane one day. It was a quiet ride to altitude for some reason. All of the sudden out of nowhere he screams out "Where are we going, and what are we doing in this handbasket". I just about threw up I was laughing so hard.

He used to love to play the video of his crw wrap at the bar. When newbies watched it he would just stand silently behind them. When the said something about how scary it was to watch he would reply something like "you should have been there, it was pretty scary" they would freak when they realized that the person on the video did not die and in fact was standing right behind them.

Hope they don't make you wear shoes wherever you end up!
Time flies like an arrow....fruit flies like a banana

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PJ "I survived cancer and a double mal"

Me "What did you double mal into PJ..?"

PJ "A Roof, and then the best part of it was the fact that I then fell off the roof"

and then my other favorite one...

"You would never see this happen in Accounting"

And dont forget what to do if you see a tiger attack the guy who got out before you....


CSpenceFLY - I can't believe the number of people willing to bet their life on someone else doing the right thing.

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Do you know what's subtle about a guy falling off a roof?

not a damn thing? :)

landing on a roof, after a crw wrap and subsequently falling off said roof - this is as classic as it gets.

with love, pj. your soul is one of the good ones.

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PJ. What can I say.
From our first meeting in Zhills I so did not have the patience for you. Then you show up at crosskeys and you made me want to punch the hell out of you more than once. And you knew it and just kept pushing my buttons, all the time.

"I know you want me to smoke one of your cigarettes"
"Hey aud, I still have that picture of your tits"
"Hey aud, wheres Tex?"
"you are not going to pack that are you? you cant pack"
"Stop bothering my packers, what you have to say is not that important."
"Whats with the blue? why would you die their hair blue?"

My favorite one of all

The many painful rubber band shots to my legs.
Oh the countless drunking nights at ottleys.

All in all you became one of my favorite people that I enjoyed.
There was always a huge hug and a smile from you.
I am very happy I got to spend sometime with you on Saturday and met your wife Donna.
You seemed so happy and content with yourself and your life.
and you were wearing shoes.

fly free
p.s. It really is that funny.
miss you

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Just to show PJ's great spirit, below is a post Re: New Tandem Instructors...

Re: [steveorino] New Tandem Instructor -- any advice guys? [In reply to] Quote | Reply


(PJ's AKA darnknit's Reply...)

here's what works for me:
from the boarding area until we have left the landing area NOTHING is more important in my life than my students safety.

second most important is that i do my best to make this day as special as it can be for my student.

if you ever notice yourself thinking about anything except those two things you have not done your best for your student.

rule 1 is mandatory, but i have had days where i forgot rule 2. i can tell you for a fact, the job doesn't feel like a job when you are helping the student get the most out of the experience.


pulling is cool. keep it in the skin

(This post was edited by darnknit on Jul 6, 2006, 9:21 AM)

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Oh, PJ...you've made your super secret fan club made up of exactly one member cry. Here's hoping your feet continue to make the folks around you throw up a little. Now who's going to offer me a ham & swiss with "something extra special, baby" with that evil cackle??

Farewell, caveman.

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PJ always said he had that photo. and he LOVED to let me know that he POSSESSED that said photo.
He would tease me and ask what would I do to get it back?
After six years of hanging out with him there was nothing, not one good answer I could or would ever give him that would make any difference anyway. He ALWAYS had a new comeback.
besides I dont think there was anybody there that hasnt seem "THEM"
anyway. But we played the game every weekend.

It's all good.

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Information from Liz Mann:

PJ -Paul Joseph Memorial Service
Thursday evening, September 14th
7pm Visitation, 8pm Service
Farnelli Funeral Home
504 N Main St
Williamstown, NJ 08094
Phone: (856) 629-5291
Reception following at Ottley's, Skydive Cross Keys
Everyone welcome
She is Da Man, and you better not mess with Da Man,
because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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PJ was, and is, very dear to my now-heavy heart and always will be.

In 1999, I showed up all alone at ZHills with just about all my stuff in my car and no where to sleep but said car. That night I met two people who changed my life; one of them was PJ. When I told him that I was eager to learn CRW, he and the other person vowed to teach me. They followed through, taking me on my first CRW jump and opening a door to a world of wonder, laughter, and the incomparable family that is the CRW community. PJ was one of the three who helped me get my first night 4-stack. He was a cutup, a hell of a funny guy, with a brain that was fun to play with. PJ knew when it was time to be a wise-ass (and a great one at that) and when it was time to look down his nose with steel in his eyes and be serious. The PJ I remember was serious about giving his friends his loyalty, and about getting it in return. He and I saw eye-to-eye on that point. He was a shoulder to lean on during some incredibly rough times and even though we didn't talk often after we went our separate ways from the 'Hills, we kept up via email now and again. I always emailed him after every CRW accomplishment, and he always shot one back right away with a "way to go" kind of message. He seemed genuinely proud of the fact that he'd given me my start.

PJ, wherever you are, "I've got your six..."
"You guys should just do CRW. There are so many more ways to get killed, it makes a CYPRES seem safe." -Kevin Keenan

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A large part of me wants to insist that everyone show up for the memorial barefoot.

It might not be well received at the Funeral Home, perhaps we should declare Ottley's a "shoe-free zone" for the reception?

Thanks for looking out for me PJ. I'll miss your terrible jokes, and your maniacal laughter.

"I always told people, Daless doesn't have a lot of tandem jumps, but he has a whole lot of experience." - Paul Joseph

blue skies friend

Methane Freefly - got stink?

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PJ was so engaged with the world ... he observed and commented without reservation, and in so doing ruffled more than a few feathers. He never shrank from what was around him. That he survived childhood cancer and later a canopy wrap tells me he knew how to fight ... and from my somewhat removed observation, he knew how to love.

He visited a few of us in NYC one time and was every bit enthralled with life on the street, the bedraggled and homeless, as he was the architecture, art, commerce and glitz. He embraced it all ... holding none of it above him nor beneath him. He reveled in it, as he seemed to most things in life. In flip flops, jeans and a tee-shirt he could hold his own and then some with any suited "official person," being as smart and real and warm-hearted as he was, without suffering an ounce of what he considered bunk ... and to PJ there was considerable bunk in the world.

I haven't seen him in a while, but I can still see that full-face smile and feel that full-on hug he gave both in greeting and departing.

Thank you, PJ, for living ... for being so completely and genuinely and uniquely in this world and for never letting the circumstances define you. May you be as feisty in heaven as you were here on earth.

My thoughts and prayers go out to PJ’s family and friends, both on and off the DZ.

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I walked up behind Paul at the Nationals, in Sebastian, he was working for Packing Cathy....I loudly commented to Cathy.....I dont think this guy knows what the fuck hes doing.....damn was he mad until he found out who I was. He and I had been buds on the old rec.sky for quite some time but had never met in person. I got a huge hug.

I will miss his emails that, at the same time, made you laugh and made you think.

Pain is fleeting. Glory lasts forever. Chicks dig scars.

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I don't have anything to add here, the skydiving community has done a pretty decent job at summing up PJ and I think that's nice to see. Hopefully the honest words in this thread can bring comfort to his wife, Donna, and to everyone else who knew and loved the man.

PJ, you were my friend and I'll miss you profusely.

Take care, my friend. I'll see you on the other side.

"Like" - The modern day comma
Good bye, my friends. You are missed.

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PJ was always good for a laugh or a packing tip.

Thanks for taking a (nervous) friend of mine on a tandem, which she loved.

Blue skies PJ. You will be missed.

Sincerest condolences to all family and friends.

P.S. PJ, thanks for introducing me to Steve.

swooo #3 MB #3587 P.M.S. #66
"so let go, jump in...what're you waiting for? it's all right 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown"

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I met P.J. at my window at the snack bar in Z-hills, he had just arrived here for the first time. He overheard me talking to someone about a job. He said he really needed a job and if the other person wasn't interested, he'd like a chance. I hired him on the spot.
He later told me his girlfriend broke up with him and took all his "stuff, including his rig." He had no money and no where to live.
Most guys would have fought for their stuff, P.J. just walked away and started over.
He worked incredibly hard for that whole season. P.J. was one of the most annoying and endearing people I have ever met. I was the lucky one that day I made a friend for life. I am so proud of everything he accomplished.
Donna, we have never met, but when P.J. told me about you, I knew you were something special. I met P.J. right after he had has his heart broken, I didn't think he would ever really trust and be truly happy. I am so glad that he found that with you, I'm only sorry it was cut so short.
I'll miss you P.J.

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