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  1. returned from 10 hr camp in Flyspot Warsaw. Both flyspot and hurrican factory madrid have really good all inclusive deals right now. Includes housing, discounted rates, meals, etc.
  2. Well said D'Aless. I too knew Fruce from the years we started skydiving together at Crosskeys. I regret not keeping in touch and hearing more about his new life in California, but I'm glad to know via this post that he continued to be true to himself and gracious to many other new friends. Fruce was always accessible to me as I was transitioning from college to my professional life and despite the fact he was a high executive at Staples corp, he would always take my call, review my resume, and coach me through the interviewing process. I can't express how much he instilled in me a sense of work ethic and integrity and he helped shaped a sense of professionalism I'm very proud to say is a direct result of his advice. Most of all, his guidance to put my family first above career is what has meant the most to me. I will miss him terribly. Please let me know of any arrangements, etc. as I wish to pay my respects. Godspeed my friend. I'll always remember those fruce stickers.
  3. I remember Cliff from the early days at crosskeys as he attended several of our boogies. I also remember he was a city guy, having worked for CSFB, we'd trade "war stories" about our life on the "street." I haven''t seen him in a few years and I'm sad to think the first update I've received of him is on this forum. I remember his great sense of humor and extend my condolences to you all on his loss. Best, Bert
  4. My deepest condolonces to PJ and his family. PJ, thanks for always packing me and keeping this monkeyclaw in the air. -B
  5. My deepest condolences and heartfelt best wishes to Paul and his family, especially Alexa. Best, Bert Navarrete