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    Safire 109
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    PD 126R

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    Johannesburg Skydiving Club
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    Wing Suit Flying
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  1. Tonto

    So, I just bought...

    Hire "Blood Diamond" on DVD the night before she goes to choose rings. Then when you look like you're in pain if she chooses something massive she will think you're thinking about all the people who died to get that stone. t It's the year of the Pig.
  2. Tonto

    RAPS v's AFF

    Well.. clearly, if you've tried the one 3 times and it hasn't stuck.. maybe you should try the other. t It's the year of the Pig.
  3. Tonto

    Wingsuit and Canopy

    That's why I posted my other canopies. I get a lot of people thinking 1.8 is too high and I should be jumping something docile. When I explain that my "normal" canopy is a Velo at 2.2 - a Safire at 1.8 is docile and conservative! I'd like to jump with my FX... but I have 20 chops already... and I like pulling a little lower since we only get 11000ft exit altitude. t It's the year of the Pig.
  4. Tonto

    Wingsuit and Canopy

    Safire 109 @ 1,83. This is my big canopy. I use an FX 93 @ 2.15 for AFF and a Velo 90 at 2.22 for CP. My DZ is 5000ft AMSL. t It's the year of the Pig.
  5. Tonto

    Well done SA

    EEESH! Whatapaati! I had to watch the video debrief the next afternoon to see what I had done! t It's the year of the Pig.
  6. Tonto

    Will Hamilton be F1 World Campion tomorrow?

    They really have disapointed me this year. 1st they steal/buy documents/technology. Then they cue their drivers. Then they use a gearbox that was not crash tested. And this weekend they use 2 sets of wets - the penalty of which has always been a loss of grid positions historically, and get away with a 15000 Euro fine. Less than the cost of a front wing. And now they bitch. t It's the year of the Pig.
  7. Tonto

    African Freefall Convention

    Welcome dude! Few people break 50mph on their 10th flight! Looking forward to the Skills camp in 2 weeks, and then bigger stuff at the AFFC! r It's the year of the Pig.
  8. Tonto

    YAY for South Africa...

    It was very close. I never had my 1st tequela till 3 min from the whistle. The party was huge, and went to 02h30... With much playing of Queen's "We are the champions" Only did one skydive today... and managed a fragile 55 mph in my Blade.. so wasn't really feeling 100%. Came home to watch Kimi take the world championship for Ferrari. Tough sporting weekend for the English! t It's the year of the Pig.
  9. Tonto

    YAY for South Africa...

    Or not, as the case may be.. Congratulations South Africa! (We've won every final we've been in!) t It's the year of the Pig.
  10. Tonto

    YAY for South Africa...

    t It's the year of the Pig.
  11. Tonto

    High speed Mal

    I would think so. If you rode that hesitation to impact, would you have died of a low pull/no pull, or failure to deal with a malfunction? t It's the year of the Pig.
  12. Tonto

    YAY for South Africa...

    So.. It's half time in the final and the score is 86 - 0 to South Africa. The team deciede to head for the pub early and leave Habanna to handle the English. After the game, Habanna joins the party and tells John the final score is 109 - 3. John is irrate! Why the hell did you let them score? Habanna replies, I was in the sin bin for the last 10 minutes... t It's the year of the Pig.
  13. Tonto

    YAY for South Africa...

    A man is drinking from a pond. A woman sees him and says "Haai! Moenie dai water drink nie! Dis vol skaap kak!" The man looks up and says "I'm sorry, I'm English. Could you please repeat that in a language I'm more familiar with?" The woman replies "Oh! Sorry! If you're very thirsty you should be drinking with BOTH hands." t It's the year of the Pig.
  14. Tonto

    Smoke or clear goggles

    Eye contact is worth a great deal. Clear works better on a sunset load - especially if you get a hold. Not being able to see while skydiving is never cool. t It's the year of the Pig.
  15. Now this "Lady flier body" you refer to. If I measure a jumper - any jumper - and I send those measurements to any wingsuit manufacturer - I'd like to think they build a suit to fit that body. That's why I measured it, right? Then they'd put the wings on it, just like you do. So what's the point of a "lady flier?" t It's the year of the Pig.