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  1. Tonto

    Smoke or clear goggles

    Eye contact is worth a great deal. Clear works better on a sunset load - especially if you get a hold. Not being able to see while skydiving is never cool. t
  2. Tonto

    Chest strap and canopy flight

    I think these issues are unrelated. t
  3. Tonto

    Why did you...

    I became a(n) Tandem Instructor because I wanted to work as a skydiver and needed multi-ratings. I never really liked the concept of Tandem, and found it made me dispondent that so many "That was the best thing I have EVER done!" people never, ever wanted to do it again. I felt like I was digging a trench that some invisible force was filling in behind me. Lots of work, money, no result. I'm no longer a Tandem instructor.(750 Tandems) AFF Instructor because I struggled as a student and wanted my students to learn a better way. Considering that some of my former students now mentor me in disiplines unheard of when I started jumping - the reward is massive. I love AFF. Nothing beats seeing that penny drop and watching someone really fly for the 1st time. (2100+ AFF dives) PRO because I wanted to do demos. I have done capacity 70 000 seat stadiums, and primary school fetes, and just about everything in between. Demo's take too long for me, and rob me of jump numbers. I no longer do demos, but maintain the rating and leave them to the professionals. (93 demo jumps) I have never wanted to be a rigger. There are no worse jobs in the world than being ground bound, packing and sewing. They can name their price, and I will pay it. My respect for them is huge, their responsibility emense. (I have 20 cutaways - so, Thanks! Again!) t
  4. Lets continue this discussion in one of these threads for swooping gear and use this one for GL.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread;search_string=protection;#454969;search_string=protection;#2464313;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread t
  5. It would be more fair to say Polarised lenses don't work with instrumentation. While my neptune is affected by my polarised lenses, so is my Garmin GPS, and even the window tinting on my car shows up with polarisation. t
  6. Tonto

    A weekend with Rolf Brombach

    Are you coming to Germany?
  7. Like it needs more energy to drive it down than a regular slider? t
  8. Tonto

    closing pin scratched

    I don't think it's normal. I've had several rigs, some with 1000's of dives on them and have never noticed pin/grommet wear. Are the grommets stainless or brass? t
  9. Info needed. DOM of Harness DOM of Reserve DOM of Main No of repacks on Reserve No of uses of Reserve No of jumps on main No of jumps on lineset $2500 sounds a bit steep to me. Maybe $1000 for harness Maybe $500 for reserve Maybe $500 for main Edit to add - Is this the Peter Carides origionally from Zimbabwe? t
  10. Yup. Have a few things to do tonight, and will be there early tomorrow till Monday pm. t
  11. Tonto

    UPS found my S6!!!

    Spread those legs, Steve! Congratulations on the new suit! Can't wait to fly with you! t
  12. Tonto

    Javelin RSL Issue

    I think it's been very poorly handled. Most of the Javelin users at our DZ have just ignored it completely and left it for the rigging community to fight it out. t
  13. Tonto

    effects of height and mass

    So... how many 160lb flying snakes, or squirrils are there? A. Zero It's easier to get smaller things to fly than bigger things. You can argue that as much as you like, but I think we all know it to be true. There are millions and millions of flying creatures that weigh under 1lb, and none - not one - that weighs over 45. Argue all you like. It won't change that. As for birds not being "particularly strong" well, I guess it depends on how you define strength. They can't bench press much, but then no Olympic weight lifter has flown across the channel under their own power. They seem strong enough to fly unaided, and I'm not strong enough to do that, so I think they're stronger than I am. t
  14. Tonto

    Swoop pond?

    No. Currently there are "swoop ponds" at 3 SA DZ's, none of which are full time. Only one of these ponds meets any kind of international standard, the others being long, thin gutters in which to trail your foot. This thread covers some of the 1sts at the pond at JSC (;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread t
  15. Tonto

    Opinions on this set up?

    What do you weigh? t